Affliction & unexpected shock.
After Avantika told tej about Priyanka in laws condition it’s make him break down completely he never thought one day will come when others will decided and take decision whether he is with his own daughter or not.Kya itni badi galti tu uski he thinking.While Kunj more angry he never expect his mother will do something like this.Though they having many problems issues lots of arguments fight but nobody did this from their side it’s was first time when something going to happened when others taking their decision they will decided who will come or not become part of their happiness when it’s their right to do this while not even we do with our guests and enemy in happiness we should call them whether not in our sadness.

Kunj sitting on floor in balcony and thinking about this all.While Prithviraj and lata was too damn sad they too not expected from Avantika.

Tej just lettering his eyes flow fully it was second time when he was cried before today Avantika each words action never affected him because he knows he hurt her this much her right to give him happily with full heart opened arms he accepted everything first time he cried because of his sons condition they both completely went in trauma their condition was worse that day he crying and make sure whatever life will do with him he wouldn’t reacted and show them he feeling everything because this all making his sons weak which he don’t wanted at all but today when he was happy his daughter going to marry her new beginning going to start but that shock is this he can’t go and blessed her see her when she become bride every father dream to see their daughters bride attire it’s painful moment as well but that moment he understands they will go just live her life with his parents now she going to become someone family pride and part after Shadi a girl surname change no more her father name connected with her but here totally unexpected and will never happen in this world but jo kishi ke saath nahi woh yeh hota hai.before marriage only tej all rights snatched by Priyanka new family who not become till now.

We humans did this only for our tomorrow we get ready to destroyed our today even not knowing how will be our tomorrow is Priyanka get ready to marry without her father for those who just come in her life there is any guarantee her new family her husband wouldn’t leave her ever husband and wife relationship can break at any point by two signatures like her own parents going to do but blood relation is unbreakable.Kids and parents relation can’t break in this world ever you always called by them and your existence because of them only till your last breathe.

But in their cast lott of miscommunications problem is first Avantika think about her daughter happiness and for her sake she took such big decision without even talking once even not she make her understand first but she didn’t do anything we think we can do anything but we can’t do anything itself only her intention was not bad she cares about her daughter happiness that’s it get ready to hurt others.

This mistakes they doing from since start tej didn’t tell her why?? Because she is ill and pregnant not good for health and baby but jo bhi hoga woh toh hona hi hai why wasting time yes true time heal everything but time even make things more complicated as well that we too keep in our minds as well. Just leave it ignore and space separation to ran away not a solution at all the more you running away from your problems its more and more increased.
To solve all problems lets sit and communicate and whatever is in your heart speaks and another maybe it’s hurt you at that moment but at least you will not regret and nothing is keeping under your mind and heart at you will get to know what you feel and expecting have..
All issues and problems main head is MISCOMMUNICATION..

Rudra went in tej room and see him and shocked to see his father like this he went near tej.
Pa what happened to you haan you crying he said and get tensed.
Nahi no I’m not crying bacha he said and immediately wiped his tears give him smile.
I know you crying tell me you just share with bhaiya not with me rudra added?
Areyyy Rudra kuch nahi hua hai acha you take your medicine or not tell tej asked.
Nahi he replied.
Chalo than go and take fast my good boy he said.
Okay I’ll take but you don’t cry he said tej nodded in yes and ruffles his hairs rudra went in Kunj room.

Ale bhaiya too sad what happened today he said and went near him.
Heyy bhaiya Kya Hua you sitting here sad there papa rudra added.
Ja nothing happened Kunj didn’t see him.
Acha tell me papa break up hogya hai Kya aap ki wali ne aap ko chod diya wow tell me I’ll woo her fast ?rudra said. Kunj giggles in this condition as well.

Tu pagal hai na pura kunj said.
Yep? Rudra said and hugged him.i know your are sad I know how to make you smile bhaiya Rudra said.Kunj kissed on his temple.
Tera kuch nahi ho sakta hai kunj murmured.
Yeah I’m unique na he said.
Woh toh hai unique pagal kunj said rudra making frown faces.

Twinkle was worried Kunj didn’t call her back she roaming in her room here and there just in tension.
Heyy love sick puppy yuvi tap on her shoulder and said. Twinkle turned and see him.
Tu Lakad Bagha kesha hai she said.
Huh kamina yuvi said pulled her in a hug.
Kya hua hai I’m seeing since I comeback India you looking sad and tensed always busy in dreams tell me too who is jiss ke khayalo me miss Amritsar busy yuvi said.

Kuch nahi hai tu bata yeh keshe teri biwi margi yuvi she said.
Arey nahi today she went Her home so getting bored soch let’s spend sometime with my buddy after long ab tujhe toh meri yaad aati nahi hai ab koi aur handsome mil gaya hoga yuvi added twinkle making faces.

Both sits and talking normally while twinkle again and again looking at her phone screen which is noticed by yuvi.

Hehe whom message you are waiting Babes yuvi said.
Nahi woh just chinki tu bata acha kuch khayega she asked.
Hmm don’t eww things Aur sab chalega he said while laughing.
Ugh yuvi now I learned everything huh she said.
Acha kish ke liye tell me too he teasing she get blushed.hoo blushing mu good aunty come he screaming.
Shut up donkey she said and went in kitchen soon she bring snacks and yuvi favourite double cheese sandwich with coffee both sits together and having.
Wow yummy really you made or else servant yuvi said while having.

Have peacefully otherwise I’ll have it alone she said.
Nahi nahi he said.
Good boy she added..

They both enjoying there rt and leela come and smiled to see them
What’s going on rt said?
Nothing uncle and aunty I don’t know twinkle become really very good cook now she is ready for marriage kar do shadi iss ki husband ki toh nikal padi I shocked think before and you too made something for me he said they giggles

Why your avni not making anything for you twinkle asked.
Nah today she make tea for me log chai iss liye Pete hai unka headache chala jayge but meri biwi ki chai pe ke aajata hai ?yuvi said.
So mean you are huh?I’ll tell avni about you she stated.

Acha twinkle tonight Armaan and his family is coming to see you rt said and blast a shocked on her head she just moving her eyeballs.
Whatt wow maze than toh Armaan woh hi na mehar bhabhi ka cousin yuvi asked.

Yeah yeah wohi leela said.
Hayee twinkle tu bhi armaan but chalega tere liye ab yuvi jesha kaha hai iss duniya me ?kishi se kaam chala le baby yuvi said and giggles twinkle controlled her anger.
Very funny yuvi she said and went from there.

What happened to her yuvi said.
Nothing beta always she did this whenever we talked about any alliances leela said.

Why? Do she like anymore asked her uncle yuvi said.
Nahi we don’t think so rt said and get up went from there.
Acha I have to see everything leela said.
Sure aunty yuvi said and started thinking about twinkle.

Twinkle sitting in her room she try to calling Kunj but he isn’t answering her calls which making her more angry first this alliance Ahha.

Yuvi about to entered in her room he stopped toward door only.
You sadu please answer my call ahah babaji iss ladke ka me kya karu kaha busy hai she murmured.
Heyy yuvi said twinkle see and leave her phone. Yuvi went near her?

Sit beside twinkle he looked at her face can see her tears. He wiped her tears with his thumb.

Kya Hua.? Why this tears haan he said twinkle turned her eyes and wiped her tears.
Nahi toh bas woh something went in my eyes she said.
Liar you can’t speak jhoot I can see on your face bata na I’m your best friend as far as I know you sharing each and everything with me something is there you don’t want to do this alliance he said she looking at him and nodded in yes.

Koi aur pasand hai ? Yuvi said. Twinkle don’t know what to say now?
Woh mein yuvi just than meher entered in her room with a dress.
Heyy twinkle come get up get ready fast in this dress she said.
Why twinkle asked her both get up.
Because Armaan and my aunty is coming tonight to see you so get ready fast she said twinkle closed her eyes long tear drop falls down from her eyes.
See how’s it meher asked.
Hmm nice bhabhi she said with a heavy heart.
Acha you get ready fast I’ll see rest things she said and went from there.

Twinkle just looking at dress she don’t know what to do she have to talked to Kunj first but he is not taking her calls.

Mat kar if you don’t wanted Chal I’ll talked to uncle tell me kaun hai woh ladka twinkle yuvi said twinkle just looking at him and immediately hugged him.She cried yuvi never see twinkle like before what happened to her why today on this small matter she get this much emotional?? Even she too don’t know?

Shh yuvi caressing her back.break the hug.
I’m okay yuvi kuch nahi she said and went in washroom.

Kuch toh hai maybe i m over thinking Twinkle un ladkiyo me se nahi if she wanted than she can get she can tell if something is there Chal yuvi you thinking over maybe she is sad because she going to marry he murmured and went downstairs.

Twinkle started throwing badly she looking at herself.
Ahaan Babaji what happened to me she murmured and cried as well at the same time she changed the dress and getting ready.

Twinkle get ready and in her room only lost in her thoughts. Her inner feeling making her more weak today why?? She hold her head what happening to her never like before she feels.

At down Armaan with his Parents Mehar and everyone welcomed Them greeting they all sits.

How’s you Armaan abeer asked?
I’m all good bro Armaan said and what about you.
Me too abeer replied.

They talking normally about her and there Meher go and bring twinkle leela said.
Haan for whom we come here call her Neha said Armaan mom.

Meher nodded in yes and she went upstairs twinkle sitting.
Twinkle Chal everyone calling you down she said twinkle look at her it’s like floor grab her feet’s can’t moved Meher hold her hand and take her down.

Hmm don’t get shy Armaan is so handsome she said teasing twinkle while she busy in another world of hers.

Meher bring twinkle down they all smiled to see her she made her sit in front of Armaan. Armaan see twinkle and get hell happy. His parents too.
Aww twinkle become more beautiful in this years Neha said.
Haan we waiting for her hand only thanks we get Varun said Armaan father they all smiled while twinkle pLan expression on her face.

Aur beta how’s you Neha asked she not speak anything Meher swayed twinkle.
Haan she said.
Neha aunty asking you something Keshi ho leela said.
Haan I’m fine aunty she said and give smiled.
They talking while Armaan looking twinkle but she not just looking down yuvi seeing but not seeing anything noticed by abeer as well.

Let’s have dinner rt said. All nodded in yes and went towards dinning table they all settled down Twinkle serving them than she sit beside Meher while Kunj calling her she tensed she cut his call again he calling.Abeer and yuvi see this
But leave it.They all having dinner when Kunj still calling twinkle have to leave her food.
Excuse me she said and went in side.

Haan bolo kunj she said.
Why you cutting my calls I get tensed he said.
Acha I’m calling what about that she added back.
Acha sorry I was off mujhe kuch batana tha he about to speak more before twinkle cut off him.
Wait Kunj I’m not free now she said.
Why what you doing? So special more important than me kunj said.
She closed her eyes and tears filled her face fully.
Because Armaan come to see me at my house and having dinner she said.
Whattt Kunj said.
Yes acha I’m going she said and cut the call.
Hello twinkle Sun toh sahi kunj speaking he closed his eye in anger his life’s fully filled with problems everyday he have to fight with any things he throw his phone on bed and hold his head while twinkle back and join everybody.

Kish ka call than abeer asked. suspiciously?
Woh bhai chinki ka tha kuch kaam tha bas she said and having her dinner probably she just playing with food.
Twinkle take your favourite butter chicken Meher said.
Nahi bhabhi I don’t wanted she said.
She don’t feels like to have non-veg nowadays because it’s making her more nauseated.
She don’t know what happened to her before she loved non-vegetarian she denying for her favourite butter chicken but she can’t do anything if she had than she will ended up with uncontrollable vomits this days she throwing up Lott.

Yummy dinner aunty Armaan said.
You never praise my food Neha said?Armaan ruffles his hairs.
Hehe massi he will be koi na waise Armaan we all how much you love food damn foodie don’t worry our twinkle too made yummy yummy foods ?Meher said.
Hoo great?. Armaan stated.Twinkle give faint smile just they done with dinner. Again they sit meher bring jalebi and Rabdi for everyone she give them they all having and giggling.

Twinkle beta go and show Armaan your room leela said twinkle look at leela she gnashing her teeth’s.
Yeah come she said Armaan get up and she take him they went upstairs twinkle bring him in his room and showing.

Still you are pinky doll armaan said after seeing her room pinky world ?.
Hmm she hummed they come in balcony.
Do you love plants he asked after seeing so many plants keeping in whole balcony.
Haan because everyone can hurt you but they never she said and remember Kunj lines.
Very thoughtful twinkle he said and begin the conversation first.

Aur kya kari raho he asked? and taking support of balcony railings. She looking at him.
Well just modelling she said.
Yeah how can I forget that how much you love this fashion and all’s I remember still in childhood you used to take part even walking like models ?normally Armaan said twinkle giggles.

Meher and abeer study together since school their story started from school only Armaan was in same school they used to come each other’s house and had great memories.

Yeah?you still remember my god and you still flirting or else change in this years twinkle asked. Armaan ruffles his hairs and laughs out.

Kaha same sometimes ?he said.
Very great Armaan she added.They talked normally than went downstairs having smiles on their faces which their family loved it.

Bache looking extremely happy together Neha said

Yeah after all armaan hai hi itna acha leela said.
Even you are too leela aunty armaan added and give her side hug.leela smiled blessed him while Vishal and Neha give twinkle a sagun a box.

Aunty I can’t take twinkle said and deny to take.
Arey beta take we bring this for you from Spain
Neha added rt gestured twinkle.she take and thanked them and take their blessings as well.

Chalo than we will meet next week at our place right now toh Interior work is going Neha said.

It’s okay Neha leela added.
Okay bye they said and went while twinkle just standing.
Let’s see what massi bring for her to be bahu Meher said and laughs she take box from twinkle hands and see it’s beautiful bracelet inside the box.
Wow twinkle see massi pampering you from now only so beautiful meher said twinkle just look but didn’t said anything.

Armaan is good for our twinkle I think let’s fixed this alliance for twinkle rt said and break down shock for twinkle.
But papa she about to speak but stopped.
Kya hua tell me don’t say twinkle you don’t like ahan beta what you wanted I didn’t get it what type of man do you wanted tell me haan koi hai kya do you love someone rt said twinkle don’t know what to say how she take Kunj name.

Woh papa she just puzzling with words.
Say it rt said.
Nothing she said and bow down her head rt went near her and keep his hand on her head and tap.
Don’t think too much armaan is good go and spend time with him he said.
Hmm she hummed and went upstairs.
Okay bye uncle and aunty yuvi said and take leave.
Bye beta they said.

Twinkle come in her room sit down like astound.She looking at bracelet just.
Why I can’t tell you papa nobody is perfect for me than my Kunj I really love him understand me I don’t want anyone because I just want Kunj I already give him myself I don’t know anything if I didn’t get him in my life than I will die immediately kabhi nahi socha tha kishi se itna pyaar hoga Greece jana aur waha mere kunj se milna dono ki coincidence tha but that was best thing happened in my life I get my soulmate pata hai sadu hai but loving me unconditionally if I will tell him about this he will get more tensed already his life fully around with problems I’ll keep fast which maa and bhabhi talking about today if with this fast problems can solve I’ll do keep for my Kunj babaji please solve everything we can tell about us to our family sooner she murmured and went in washroom and changed come in comfy clothes and she sits on her and thinking about Kunj just.

Kunj was frustrated first this all now twinkle alliance.He went in down and went in a room completed dark he started punching on punching bag showering his anger on bag his body filled with sweat beats anger in eyes.

Avantika didn’t come home till now everyone is worried about her before Avinash called her she entered.
Finally bua is back avni said after seeing Avantika.
Kya hua you all looking worried Avantika asked after see everyone faces.
Woh where are you Avinash asked?
Woh I get work dad get busy in that only she replied.
Still informed us he said.
Sorry she said and went in her room.

Avantika went in washroom she get freshen up and come down and tell everyone Priyanka wedding date come out rohan Parents send her she said.

What about tej? Avinash asked?
She looking at Priyanka with lott of difficulties.
I told Tej he can’t come in Priyanka wedding because her in laws don’t wanted so leave it she said all shocked avni more because she don’t know anything about this all.

What uncle I didn’t get it she said and Nina said everything.
Whattt?bua they are gone mad haan how dare they keep this kind of condition avni said.
Leave avni don’t talked on this matter we already had lott Priyanka you get busy in your shoppings don’t worry tumhare shadi weshi hi hogi jaise you wanted she said.

Butt mummy without papa?how I can I marry she said.
Exactly hua Avni said.

But what we can do beta koi na Priyanka she said and caress her face. Avni and they all went in room just Avinash and Avantika.

So kya kaha tej ne he asked. She look at him with tears eyes.

Kya kahega dad he was break down when I told him I know I hurt him with this decision but I can’t do anything dad she said.

Hmm but Kunj?? He said she get up. He breaks everything he said from today I’m no one to him even Priyanka as well she said and crying.

? heh yeh you hona hi tha Ek baath yaad rakhna Avantika jab rishto me aai galtfamiyo ke javab tum khud bane lag jao na toh samj lena rishta tootne ki kagar phar hai I know tej but even I know kunj as well it’s not small thing beti ki khushiyo ke liye sab tootne ke liye ready ho he said.

Kya karu dad pata hai kuch nahi hoga humhare but Priyanka nahi inn sab me she said and went from there.

Kunj keep punching finally blood started oozing from his hands he leave the bag and shouted loudly.
Kyu mere saath hi yeh sab why I can’t live my life normally aisa lagta hai life tv serial ki tarah hogi hai every second new twist is waiting for me but I’m done babaji he said and cuddles his knees Kunj went outside and remove the gloves.

Dijaan come to him and hold his hand hey wage guru ye Kya hai Kunj baba kitna khoon nikal raha hai aap ke haatho se she said and having tears dard ho raha hoga she added.

Iss dard ka kuch nahi hai dijaan jo dard mere dil me hai uska kya karu me aisa lagta hai na hi me mar sakta hu na hi jee he said.
Nah kunj baba aisa nahi bolte she said Kunj hugged him she caressing his hairs since he born she seeing him he raise in her hands only.

She didn’t give them birth but not less they spend their whole life in her arms only.
She cupped his face so Kya kuch baba dard hi toh hai babaji hai na aap ke saath she said and take him in room made him sit on bed.

You sit here I’ll bring first acid she said.
And bring the box and sit opposite of him and seeing his hand who badly he injured them.

Kyu karte ho aisa kunj baba pata hai kitna pyaar karte hai tej baba aap se he can’t see you like she said tears escaping from his life.

Even I can’t see my pa in pain today he is because of that woman why she comes in our life he said.

She doing his dressing. Hota hai kunj baba dard toh sab ko I know you fighting from your life pata nahi kyu Avantika beta aisa kar rahi hai but she can’t get son like you in this world jo itna pyaar karta hai apne maa baap se jo bhi ladki aap ki zindagi me aayegi badi hi khush kismat hogi jiss ko aap jesha jeevan saathi milega she said and tied the bandage on his hands.

When my own fate was bad uska kya hoga I don’t know he said.
Lakho me hai mera Kunj baba she added and kissed on his forehead.

Acha I’ll bring dinner for you have please she asked Kunj nodded in yes how can he deny.

Good boy my she said and went down while Kunj went in washroom and changed his clothes he come out and went in tej room find rudra resting his head on tej lap he caressing his hairs falling him in sleep like he used to do in childhood and still as well because rudra never grown up.He went and sit beside tej he can see his father face but didn’t said anything while finding Kunj dijaan come in room and see him.

You are here she said and went near him.
Chalo let’s have today my rudra baba finished his meal and medicine as well she said and sit in front of Kunj and started feeding him while Kunj just looking at tej.With dijaan hands Kunj finished the food.

Aur kunj baba? She asked.
Nahi I’m done he replied and dijaan give him water and went from there.

Kya hua sojao it’s too late tej said.
Hmm he hummed and went near tej and rest his head on his another lap he smiled and tej caressing his hairs Kunj thinking about this all things.He resting like this after sometimes later Kunj get up when twinkle thought rang in his mind.

Twinkle he said and get up covered tej and Rudra with blanket and went in his room Kunj take his phone.Twinkle was just turning sides on bed.Just than her phone ring she immediately take the phone and she knows who he is at this time.

Kunjj she speaks and take the call hello she said.
Twinkle keshi hai tu he asked?
Hmm fine and you she asked back.
Mein bhi kya hua I mean he said.
Kya hona tha tum kuch mat karna bas she started crying she added.
Twinkle yaar please rot mat me phale hi itna stress me hi aur bhi acha sorry me kar ta hu na Yeh rishta keshe ho sakta hai tu janti hai na he said.

Me toh sab janti hu kunj koi nahi samj raha hai mujhe yeh sab nahi karna hai papa said Armaan is perfect for me keshe Kunj ?she crying.
Twinkle pata nahi kya hogya hai sab ko i m really very sorry mujhe kuch nahi karna hai me kal yehi tere papa se baath karta hu humhare bare me I will tell my papa about us and he will talked to uncle Kunj stated.

It’s not easy Kunj that much you thinking haan you know my papa ? She said.
I know everything but I’ll try my best koi maane na maane but I’ll take you nobody can’t stop me as you know he added.

Hmm aur tum bolo kya hua I told you na? She asked.
Haan you know I never thought my mother stoop so low even my sister as well Kunj said in anger.
Kyu kya hua? Kunj she asked. Kunj tell her each and everything how Priyanka in laws kept condition tej can’t be part of Priyanka wedding and his mother was ready.Twinkle listen and shock down.

Rishte uljh ne ke bajaye yeha toh aur hi ulj ja rahe hai..

But Kunj how can priyanka get ready I mean she can marry without her father haan? Twinkle said.

Sab tere jeshe nahi hote hi sab betiya twinkle Kunj said become he was hurts from Priyanka lott.

Nahi kunj even sab tumhare jeshe bhi nahi hum dono hi yeha humhare parents ke will ke bina koi decision nahi le pa rahe hai yeh she is ready I can’t believe she added.

Believe toh mene bhi nahi kiya tha but she is daughter of Avantika possible hai he said.

You don’t think lott okay she said.
Hmm Tu bata kya hua teri voice ko why it’s sounding low us Armaan ne kuch kiya he asked in anger.
Arey nahi baba he is sweet boy she said.

Whattt sweet haan?kunj said.
Hehe I mean Kunj why he will do anything ab use kuch kare ke marna hai kya tum hare haatho se she said.
Woh bhi ?he added.

Kuch nahi kiya normal talks that’s it she stated.
Okay bata kya hua he again asked.
Kuch nahi bas vomiting she said.
What you should go to dr na he said in tension.
Arey nahi baba I eat something that’s why I absolutely fine twinkle thought if she told Kunj about herself than he will get more tensed already he is so leave.

Okay but take care of yourself he said.
Haan they both talking whole night don’t know when they fell asleep.

At morning.
Leela entered in twinkle room and find her still sleeping she went near her and see earplugs in her ears still.
Yeh ladki bhi she murmured about to removed in this way twinkle sleep disturb and she wake up.
Maa aap she said.
Haan yeh kya hai earplugs laga ke kaun sota hai she said twinkle see and remember while talking they both sleep even phone still on.
Woh maa bas aise hi musoge sunte sunte she said.

Acha koi na chal get freshen up I made your favourite breakfast she said.
Hmm twinkle cuddles leela.
Kya hua ? She asked.
Kuch nahi bas aise hi maan kiya she said.
Koi na she added and caress her face.

After leela went and see Kunj snore sound is coming.
Sadu me snore nahi leta huhu ?she murmured and giggles she went in washroom and get freshen up quickly she went down and sit everyone for breakfast. They were talking about last night only twinkle holding her head.

Lagta hai papa twinkle will run Armaan as well abeer said while giggling twinkle look at him.
What but why he is perfect rt said.

Itna hot ladka tujhe kaha se milega twinkle ready for shadi teri toh nikal padi?abeer added.
Huh mera kunj damn hotter than all boys bhai I don’t want that Armaan eww she murmured but her expression telling everything abeer laughing.

They finished the breakfast quickly twinkle again went in her room she feeling lazy don’t down she get busy in work to distract her mind.

Kunj wake up and smiled brightly he went in washroom and get freshen up quickly get ready and went down he went in kitchen and started making breakfast for everyone he know his father do things to made their mood good now it’s his times.

Kunj made tej fav things and quickly went in room with breakfast.
Arey wake up pap and Rudra he said they open their eyes rudra cuddles tej.
Hmm bhaiya what is this rudra murmured.
Let’s have breakfast together I made Kunj said.
Good tej said and get up.
Even I’ll have rudra said both went in washroom and get freshen up come quickly while tej just sitting numb.Rudra and Kunj looking at each other’s faces.They both take morsel near his lips tej look at them they looking at him with tears eyes he blink his eyes and open his mouth they both together feed him he have they smiled.

Both Kunj and Rudra feeding tej with their hands and they too have while grand parents was happy to see them.

After sometimes later Rudra take tej himself out he wanted new car so.While Kunj went outside he and rahul talking with each other’s.

You do something yaar with Armaan Kunj said.
Acha don’t worry I’ll do something you don’t leave your hopes Kunj time heal everything Rahul added.

Kaha yaar time making things more complicated now I wanted yeh divorce hojaye and free my father from this things at least we can take breathe he stated after exhausted fully from his life..

Hmm just than twinkle come there.
Heyy she said.
Hi come bhabhi ji rahul said.
Hmm she hummed and sit beside Kunj he looks at her.
Kya hua hai tujhe yeh face aisa kyu he asked.
Kuch nahi tu bolo she said.
Acha twinkle tell me who is your Armaan Rahul said.
He isn’t her Armaan samja Kunj said being angry.
Acha okay saale don’t get angry he said.

Kya kar na hai don’t do anything with him Kunj twinkle said.
But twinkle than what about us ? He said.
Yeh tum sochoge humhare bare Rahul understand it’s better to leave the alone now he immediately get up and went from there.
Haan kunj till when aisa chalega haan tab tak she said now she too done.
But twinkle me kya karu kar toh raha hu me he said.
I know kunj but what about me yeh Armaan family is ready for our marriage you will do this when you lost me when I become someone wife she said Kunj get angry grab his face.

Don’t dare to speak this Tu shirt meri hai samji keshe tu kishi ke saath shadi kar sakti hai haan he said hell angry.

Gussa se kuch nahi hoga kunj do something please I can’t live without you she said and started crying Kunj seeing her face she looking so weak why?
He cupped his face and pulled her in a hug.
Kunjjj humhara kya hoga mene kya kiya hai inn sab me humne kya kiya hai sirf pyaar hi toh na she said and making his shirt wet. Kunj caressing her back.

Kyu roh rahi hai tu toh meri strong twinkle hai na you always giving me strength now what happened he cupped her face and asked.
Pata nahi me tired hu ab Kunj Aur nahi hota she said.
Mat roh I can’t see tears in your eyes you know this twinkle what I’ll do if something happened to you he added and wiped her tears kissed on twinkle forehead. Both hugged each other’s after see twinkle like this Kunj too can’t control and give up.

Both sobbing very badly in each other’s embrace Anjali and Rahul seeing from far this they were hell sad them.
I never seen Kunj before today even when he told me about twinkle I saw life finally give him happiness twinkle is perfect for them Anjali since childhood I was with him but seeing in pain but never thought this pain didn’t leave him he come with Kunj it’s like pain growing with them day by day this pain increasing in Kunj life not taking name to decreased..

I can’t see Kunj life Rahul log kehte hai yeh mera bhai nahi we are step brother and sister but I know what he meant to me he give me love more than his own sister never said anything to us always ready to fight us today we are happy just because of Kunj I’ll talked to papa about Kunj and twinkle Rahul Anjali said.

Nahiii Anjali we can’t already everything is messed up in hustle if we do something than it’s bad for Kunj and twinkle right they need support we have to give them he said.
Of course Rahul Anjali added.

They went towards them.O love birds now stop you crying session man Kunj even you started crying like Rudra his soul split into you Rahul said they break the hug.Anjali sit beside Kunj and caressing his back.
Aise rohoge toh kya hoga aaj tak you fight than litte bit more Kunj Anjali said Kunj blinking his eyes Rahul sit beside twinkle.

Aur bhabhi ji kahi nahi jayegi bhai yaar tum dono toh master mind ho kuch toh soch hi loge Rahul said four of them side hug each other’s and smiled.

Uncle aunty ka divorce rokh na hoga they can’t separate from each other’s Anjali said.
Judaa ho bhi gye toh kya hoga saath reh ke bhi konsa saathe de di Kunj said tears rolling down from his cheeks.

Aur tu twinkle will not cry samji he said she nodding in yes.Kunj get up and hold her hand.

Where you taking me twinkle asked?
Haan where you going kunj Rahul asked too?
Kahi nahi he said and take Twinkle with himself.
Kaha ja rahe hai kunj driving the car.Twinkle asked in exertion.
Trust nahi mujhe pe he said.
More than myself she replied.
Pyaar he said.
Tum se jada she said and rest her head on his shoulder he smiled and kissed on her temple.

They come to their flat she looking at him?
Here why? She asked.
I’m done if I go back home I’ll ended up fighting with anyone that I don’t want because I don’t have strength in my body anymore so socha why I will wasted my time for anyone I can’t see you in pain pata hai you suffering right now in extremely sorry twinkle Kunj said while folding his hand in front of her she held his hands.
Naha kunj please don’t say sorry you said we are one one ek team hai dard aur problems toh part of life she said and hugged him. He smiled.
If you aren’t in my life don’t know me kya karta he said.
Pata hai issliye hi babaji meet us she added they went inside the flat Kunj sit twinkle too both looking at their photos which hanging on wall they remembering their masti and laughing with tears.
Do you remember that day ?rudra reached here by following twinkle said.
Yeah how can I forget my own family behind him on me ?he said.

Kunj laughing twinkle adoring his laughs.
Haste hui kitne ache lagte ho tum she said.
Jab tere saath hota hu tab khush hi hota hu he said na pecked at her lips.

Than they went in kitchen and finding something to eat but nothing than both decided they will make something.
Cheese cake twinkle said.
No biryani Kunj added.
Arey but who will make I didn’t learn this she said with a pouty lips Kunj pecked at her lips.
Koi na darling your hero knows everything he said she raised her eyebrow like him.
I does better ?he said.
Huh she said they started making both things Kunj helping twinkle in cheese cake both gigging totally they forget there is any problems and pain in their life when they are together completely out of the world just with each other’s.

Life is not about complaining pain sorrows it’s all about thousand other reasons to be grateful and happy.We should aside everything because maybe we can’t change many things in life but we even also can’t put a comma on our life and put an end to on our happiness.

Life another name is move on we should ignore it things takes time to improve so we should give and enjoy whatever we get it in life.

It’s not a solution for one thing you should spoiled everything whatever you have in your life.It’s means you giving more importance to your problems than your happiness.
Time does not belong to anyone, it is a good thing about bad times one day it also passes.

Finally twinkle and Kunj made cheese cake and biryani.
Hmm smell coming yummy Kunj twinkle said.
Yeah after all mr Kunj sarna made Kunj said while lifting his collar he said??.
Acha bachu twinkle said pulled his cheeks.

Kunj pulled her near himself keep his hands around her waist tightly both looking into each other’s with all love and faith they have on each other’s Kunj caress twinkle cheeks bones she smiled.These days every bad and tough for them. Twinkle seal his lips Kunj too both started kissing each other’s passionately showering love on each other’s telling each other’s they will be together no matter they their love is their strength. They break the kiss and looking at each other’s the way Kunj looking at twinkle it’s make her get shy.

Hayee blushing twinkle why it’s not first time he said.
I know but when you look at me totally I get blushed she said he aww and bite her cheeks.

You never get tired of your romance twinkle said while grab his collar.
Yeah never when I meet with you know na what I felt he said she nodding in yes both together.
Feels like my last first kiss both said Kunj join their foreheads.

Now let’s have lunch mr? She said
Sure Mrs ?he said she slapped him playfully.

Both together take the plates and dishes and sit on dinning table.Twinkle served them they feeding each other’s and adoring it’s almost soothing their pains.They enjoying very much after biryani twinkle bring cheese cake and both cut together and have while romancing.

After this all they both sits and resting in each other’s embrace.

At deewan mansion.avantika sitting and seeing Priyanka wedding invitation card and caressing tej name on father.tears falls down on card.
Sorry tej extremely this time i m absolutely wrong this all happened because of us in past we hurt everyone specially our kids and destroyed their childhood in our matter and issues but don’t wanted their future life too destroyed by us.

Time is the currency of relationships if you want to invest into your relationship start by investing your time.

Avinash come there and see Avantika.He sits beside her before he never seen his daughter this much in pain.

Don’t cry it’s hurting you more we will talked to Mehta’s he said.

Nahi dad let be my image already destroyed in my sons eyes and today somewhere in tej eyes too I know always he stood beside me I never get better partner than him but dad I never wanted to hurt him in my life I was angry with him because he hurt me to hide such big truth of his life but today feels like I hurt him more than Himself how I will apologise him and Rudra and Kunj she said.

You have time Avantika correct everything once everything gone from your hand you will remain alone he said.
I already alone dad now Priyanka will go I’ll be all alone tej at least have his sons who is with him love him but what about me I don’t have anything years back my house breaks now my marriage that understanding me and tej have between each other’s that too now this divorce going to break every single Thread which connected us.
After Priyanka marriage I’ll go from here dad after this tej and my sons can leave their life peacefully till when I’m here around them people will not them leave because their questions and humiliate them. Childhood we destroyed of them snatched their all happiness just fills their life with tears and sorrow only. Now I’ll correct everything she wiped her tears she added.

Avantika it’s not a solution when you will understand your kids wanted you both together not asunder he said.

Dad he and me can’t be together now nothing is left between us she said Avinash hold her shoulder.
Look into my eyes do you really live without them haan or you can move on your life if tej is nothing to you than why not you move on in your life Avantika he said.
Dadddd I can’t give tej place anyone in my life I just love him and will too she said.

Acha Avantika than why you doing this he said.
Marriage is not 50- 50 divorce is 50 -50 marriage has to be 100-100 it is not dividing everything in half but giving everything you’ve got he added Avantika looking at him.

I know dad but here situation is totally different she said and went from there.

How I’ll understand you Avantika this all things destroying your life just nothing else I wished I can stop this divorce he murmured helplessly.

Priyanka selecting dress with avni and Nina she was sad but what she can do now..

2 and 3 days passed away everything is same to same twinkle fed up with Armaan matter while Kunj with this all other hand Priyanka wedding functions will too starts now.
From news only sarna get to know otherwise no information from family side.

Media highlighting the topic of two famous business personalities who are taking divorce after so many years of marriage.
Reporter : as per our sources we got to know that mr tej sarna and avantika deewan sarna getting divorced because tej sarna cheated on avantika with her friend jhanvi who was avantika best friend in college days.
Other reporter : ye toh wahi baat ho gyi dushman na kare dost ne aisa kam kiya hai umar bhar ka gham humhe inam diya hairs

First reporter : exactly mrs avantika must be saying this only after she was her best friend this relation become like kbhi sautan kabhi saheli. Reporters talking shit about them.
Everyone listening this news on TV.One side nina was taunting avantika
Bas yhi hona baki tha now your perosnal life is trending on news channel that’s why i was saying don’t take this matter to court jesa Chal rha hai chalne do.

But sarna’s ignoring this all things rudra went in his best friend bday party their media caught him and didn’t let him and asking him nonsense question he don’t have any answer of their questions he scared because tej and Kunj always away him from this all.

When he come back home and told tej about this now he will not go college and outside his all friend making his fun tej and Kunj talked to him anyhow this all things remove from Rudra mind.They too see in tv what media actually doing without no shame they bouncing tej name fully even not thinking what they saying. Kunj get angry but tej hold him every time.

While yash and jhavni started argument because of this in this all every time her name is come which yash family not liking and asking her questions jhavni cried lott Omkara see ans loose his temper.

At sarna office.
Tej was in meeting omkara entered in office in anger fully.
Where is tej sarna in anger tone he asked.
Sir tej sir is busy right now in meeting a man said.
I don’t care where he is bring him out what he thinking of himself haan he said gehre everyone come twinkle Avantika and Avinash abeer yuvi.

Tej come out of meeting room and see omkara.
What happened leave him he said to guards to holding him.
What happened to me haan you tell what is this he said throw a new papers on his face this shocking for them Rahul come.
Om he said.
Tej see new paper and see his and jhavni photo along with Avantika and defame them.
You see haan but how you care about it mr tej sarna he said.

Omkara calm down tej said.

You saying me to clam down haan what nonsense is this all speaking haan he shouted and went near tej and garb tej coat mean time Kunj come.
Omkaraaaa Kunj shouted fully. Kunj went near them and hold Omkara hand.
What is this om he said.
Asked this man not me what nonsense is going on he said Kunj see new paper and understands.

Om I know right now you are in anger right now let’s go Kunj said.

I wouldn’t leave this man here he enjoying doing his work but don’t care about another because of him today everyone suffering because of him my mother has to bear this all humiliation Omkara stated.

kunj can’t you see what media showing haan totally nonsense things omkara said.

but we all know na it’s not true Kunj added

but kunj this truth only na because of tej sarna and my mother we all are suffering. Because of this man my mother is suffering.kehne ko toh she moved on her life but because of tej sarna and avantika.my mother is not able to move on fully in her life still she blaming herself for all the problems omkara speaks.

mistake happens jo ho chuka usko discuss krne ka koi faida ni hai humhe move on karna chaihiye Kunj added.

really kunj ye tum bol rahe ho ask this from your self did your mother had moved on in her life did my mother moved on in her life did we moved on .Yeh sirf khne ki batein hai kunj koi move on ni karta koi kuch ni bhoolta it’s easy to say ..we are having this problem in our life because of this man he said.

Om tu ja yeha se Kunj said.
I wouldn’t Omkara said and grab tej collar. Because Of you I can’t look into my mother eyes because always I’m blaming her didn’t get that respect from this world he said all shocked .

Omkaraaa leave my papa you can’t do this leave his collar Kunj said.
Nahiiiii omkara said Kunj push omkara meanwhile there jhavni come see everything.

Omkara let’s go jhavni said.
No asked this man what he wanted from us haan Omkara said jhavni hold his hands.

I don’t want any drama here omkara go home kunj said try to hard controlled his anger while employees went from there already.

You saying me kunj not this man haan Omkara added.
He is not this man baap hai mera samja tu aur even yours too he said.
Hehe he laughs out sarcastically he is my father very lame he is not your he is just your father not me don’t try to force and try to make any relation between us omkara said.

He is just a philanderer Omkara added.
Ommmm Kunj grab Omkara collar and slapped him hard all shocked.
What did you say haan how dare you abused my father he said.
Because abused us as well he said.
You didn’t abused him you abused us directly Omkara Kunj said never was so angry like today.
Ommmm chalo yeha se please for god sake jhanvi said.

You slap me because of this haan after all he is your father who I’m nothing haina Kunj Omkara said.

Take your son jhavni Avantika said.
Hoo finally you taking side of you husband you will do this only unnecessary humiliate my mother what you both doing working together and slander my maa your mother who is denounce he said Kunj hold Omkara collar tightly.

Shut up ? enough is enough you wanted to say you can but don’t dare to bring my mother in this what she have done with you who give you right to speak nonsense about my mother and father no Omkara I’ll even forget you are my brother he said Avantika looking at Kunj.

Ho I forgot you are her son you will take her side blood wow just showing you all people you hating each other’s but you just wanted to defame others he said.

Acha ?yeah I shouted on her disrespect my mother but MAA hai meri jeshi bhi jeshe tu apni maa ke liye kuch nahi Sun sakta na weshe me bhi samja bhai hai so leaving you otherwise I wouldn’t take your son from here aunty Kunj said and leave him.

Tej just standing in shocked they all toh fighting but he never thought omkara and Kunj will do even their bond to falling prey to by this all.

I’m sorry behalf on this she said and went from there tej about to go but he about to falls down.
Papaaaa Kunj said and hold him on time.
I’m okay he said and went from there.Avantika went near Kunj.
I don’t need your sympathy don’t get happy my brother and I fight and you win nope you can’t kunj said and went from there.

They all looking at each other’s face and feel sad very much.

Tej come to gurudwara and he sits there and feeling so and remembering each and
everything happened today he feeling so bad he can’t even express how beautifully his father buildup all name and reputation in this years because of him now everyone humiliating them now they become headline everyone is waiting for them so they can become part of anyone kitty parties.

Kunj was hell angry on Omkara how he did today he never expected this things from him.
But here everyone is breaking another ones hopes and their expectations..

Kunj leave the office and come home and tell each and everything to dadi what Omkara done today she too get sad.

Other side Rahul told anjali whatever Omkara has done with tej and Kunj today In office she is disappointed from Omkara she come home.

Why you did this Omkara answer you blamed Kunj for those all things which he never done you humiliated his mother you know he always come to save our mother respect her more than his own mother still you did this haan why answer me anjali said Omkara not saying anything just bowing down his head mad tears dropping down from his eyes..

Kyuuu kiya bol na she cupped his face I know there is something is behind this all I know how much you love Kunj you never wanted to hurt him she said.
But I do di I hurt my brother he said Anjali looking into his eyes.

Phar kyu kiya usko kunj ko jissne hume humesha pyaar diya kabhi duniya ki nahi sochi omkara phir aisa kya hogya Tha Anjali said.

Kya karta me di I don’t have anything left he get up and look at yash and his sister who standing there only.
Now you both are happy I broke all relations from them now don’t dare to blamed my mother for anything you are my mother husband and give us father love in this years that’s why I m ready to do anything but meri maa ko kuch mat kehna please aaj tak kuch nahi mila hai unko us waqt aapne meri maa ka haath thama tha aaj chodna mat mere aur kunj rishte tood dege agar aap logo ko problem hai but meri maa se rishta mat tootna Anjali looking at Omkara.
Means she said and turned him.
Haan di I did this all purposely because this people torturing maa and don’t know what they saying about sarna’s and Avantika aunty.

Jab rishta hi nahi rahega hum se toh kyu unhe kuch koi bolega di sach toh yehi hai na hum hari wajah se aaj Avantika aunty aur kunj or rudra Priyanka suffer kar rahe hai aap ko pata hai Priyanka ke in laws ne kaha hai mr sarna shadi me nahi aa sakte hai kunj break relation with Priyanka aaj jo ho raha hai humhare wajah se bas di nah hum dono hote nah hi yeh sab hota galti humhari hai unlogo ko kyu koi saza milegi haan aap hi bolo kunj and Rudra gives us all love how can I forget that day when Barun leave the mandap and leave you middle of the Shadi because of our past we don’t have father kya kya kaha logo ne aaj aap khush ho aap ki zindagi me kunj ki wajah se he cupped her face because Rahul ko aap se shadi karne ke liye kunj ne bola Tha pata hai na she nodding in yes tears escaping from her eyes.

Keshe bhul jao me aap kitna rote hai duniya ne kya kya bola humhari maa bina shadi ke maa bani toh aisi maa ki beti se kaun shadi karega di woh kunj Tha who shut everyone mouths and give them answer aap ki Shadi hogi he bring Rahul in your life today no one pointing finger on your character because of Kunj onlyyy aur bua kya karne ja rahi ti she knows rohan family she tell them to break this alliance Anjali shocked she look at yash sister who standing there only.
But kyu? She said.

Kyu kiya di logo ko jada problems hai logo ki life me poke karene ki I told her from today we will not meet with sarna’s no relation with them ended here but don’t filled rohan family ears against sarna’s issliye mene Kunj aur uske papa woh sab bol diya mujhe pata hai kunj bhut gussa hoga mujhe se kabhi baath Nahi karge koi na at least people will humiliate them
Jab tak hum unki zindagi me rahenge na tab tak log aise hi bolenge unko that I don’t wanted for my brother happiness my hurt him with my words even her mother as well woh log galt nahi hai na Avantika aunty unki life koi teesra hai woh humhari apni maa aur hum di.
Today you are happy because of Kunj than it’s my right na I should think about Priyanka happiness jeshe aap uski behan woh weshe meri hai kya karta aap bhi mat jana kunj ke pass humhara rishta kishi ka mataz nahi hai humhara bond bhut strong hai na di he said she nodding in yes and hugged him.

Anjali looks at surbhi she went near her.
Why aunty I mean what problem do you have haan? I not getting kyu Priyanka rishta tootna chahte ho she said.

Ho please Anjali when that deewan’s can break my daughter alliance than why can’t I haan it’s true about that sarna’s what I did wrong in this I just said them if tej sarna will be their family become humiliation meaning they are already is she said.

Chii you stoop so low haan bua first thing your daughter alliance breakdown because of her kartut not because of my papa and Avantika aunty family Anjali said.

Don’t forget you are father bhaiya is she said.
I know everything is who is my father if he is our father than he will stop you but not to do your support she said she looking at yash who standing numb.

Aap papa even you too didn’t know how it’s feel when someone daughter alliance breakdowns You remember my time haan agar aisa humhari ziva ke saath ho toh? Anjali said yash looks at her.
Nahiii he said Anjali smile painfully.Ziva is yash first wife daughter who die in a car accident years back.
You feel na papa your daughter pain I can understand my pain you can’t feel but think about your daughter she said.
Nai beta even you are my daughter too how can you say this he said and hold her hand.

Agar me aapki daughter hoti toh you can feel my pain you wouldn’t support bua in this all but you feel more pain of ziva instead of my because is your own daughter not me she said.

What you saying it’s not true Anjali beta I love you he said and cupped her face.

It is true papa sach toh yeh hi hai na me aapki apni beti nahi hu humhari koi khoon ka rishta. Hai hai agar hota toh you will understands my pain It’s not your mistakes hota hai papa.

You will always chose and feel for ziva before me she is your own blood I’m not.But I never think this I always understand you my own papa. All relationships are can say now it’s over but only BLOOD relation is never says koi shikaayat nahi hai aap se aapne bhut diya more than we deserve it you accepted us and our mother give us all love and everything I can’t thanked in words even I’m not sad you will same for me and remain my papa she said and hold side table.

Hum bhul gye te papa sach kabhi nahi badal sakta hai chahiye kuch bhi na ho.Sach yeh hi hai humhari PAPA aap nahi hai but TEJ SARNA she added Rahul hold her hands.

Anjali sambhalo aapne aap ko please Rahul said.Yash was ashamed for this all he went near Anjali.
I’m sorry I don’t know what happened to me you all don’t need to break any relationship from them yash said.

Anjali wiped her tears no need of story aur kishi ke kehne se humhare rishta nahi toot sakta hai papa nahi tootega fit in your minds.Now you can understand how much we love each other’s when we can hurt each other’s for each other’s happiness than what we can do it for each of others as well. Humhare rishta humhare maa aur baap ki wajeh se nahi hai humhare apna ek rishta hai jo koi bhi break nahi kar sakta hai it’s unbreakable bond she added and went from there.

You shouldn’t do this surbhi yash told his sister.
What bhaiya you give them so much but still she fight for her that so called father who never accepted them as well she said yash raised his voice on his sister she went from there.

Tej come back home who slightly drank he misbalancing Kunj and lata run to him.
Tejj pap they both screamed.
You drank Kunj said.
Nahi woh galti se he said.
What you made yourself tej lata said.
Dadii aap dekho rudra ko I’ll take papa in room Kunj said.
I can go by myself I’m your father you aren’t he said.
I know papa stop act like kid Kunj said and take him in room let me go please tej said.
Papa you will not go anywhere scolding me not do drink but look at you haan Kunj said tej looking at Kunj.
Arey I’m your father you can’t scold me tej added.
I can do it anything samje zip up now he said and removed his shoes and laid him on bed sojo papa you really need sleep I know whatever happened today it’s really hurtful for you kunj added.
Why you both fight because of me it’s not good na Kunj he said.
Haan i know papa we will again become friends bhai hai him he said and sit beside tej and caressing his Forehead.

I don’t want you all siblings too fight Kunj humhe toh ladne ki aadat hai tumhe logo ko nahi because of us your bond too affected somewhere sorry tu mere acha beta hai na will you listen me tej said.
Haan papa he said and tear drop falling.
You said na kyun rishton me katti batti tej said kunj giggles painfully.
Haan papa batti kArlege hum you don’t worry he said.
I’m not good father Kunj tej said and wiped Kunj tears. Kunj hold his hand.
Nahi papa you are the best father ?sleep he said and caressing his hairs.

After Kunj went in lawn and thinking about this what happened to omkara. Lata and Prithviraj come there with coffee for him.
Thanks he said and take the mug they sat together Kunj resting his head on lata lap.

Aaj jo hua acha nahi hua I need to talked to omkara even I over reacted today dadi Kunj added.

Relations are like a thin thread which bind a family together but if any one of the members pull the thread in the wrong direction then it takes a seconds to break down to make the whole family scattered like pearls from a necklace. Now you have to balanced everything already all relationships fallings from hands lata stated.

Don’t worry dadi I’m not angry with Omkara bhai hai mera mana luga sometime this all make it go crazy I can understand totally what his mother is bearing but meri maa bhi galt nahi phar sahi bhi nahi hai dadi kya karu I’m stuck he said.

Have faith in babaji he will do something for sure Kunj Prithviraj added.

Kunj looking at sky he seeing that stars who shinning and making this darkness beautiful more he blinked his eyes..

@At morning tej get up having headache Kunj and Rudra scold him but pamper him as well while Anjali come along with her daughter to stayed for somedays with them.

Dii see papa rudra said.
Arey papa drink you will feel better anjali added.
Haan nanu than we will have Nutella with French fries mia said all giggles.
Okay meri maa tej said drink.

While from today Priyanka wedding functions will be started all busy in preparation but Avantika and Priyanka was sad.

I’ll go and called them Avantika said?
No Avantika please stop hurting them now they will not come I know you will go there ended up with argument with Kunj so leave it Avinash said and she nodded in yes.

At evening haldi function is there Taneja’s and Luthra’s too went and they enjoying nobody is happy from inside the heart just fake happiness.Twinkle missing Kunj she can understand what he feeling right now.

Kunj give twinkle a gift from his side to give Priyanka which he wanted to give but situation totally messed up right now so he wanted to give his sister though he is angry but he can’t even ignore this she is sister after all her new life is going to starts he will love to pampered and enjoy her wedding which is dream of their but can’t happen..
this is for you priyanka twinkle said.
For me thanks twinkle didi she said.
Twinkle smiled and applied haldi on her face she smiled. Avantika eyes just finding her sons and most her husband she message them they will come surely.
Mummy bhaiya nahi aaye abhi tak Priyanka said.
Aajayege she said.

They all sitting in sarna mansion.Today Priyanka haldi is there tej said.
Let’s go out and enjoy what’s say guys Kunj said.
Great idea Rahul added.
Di om kaha hai kunj said.
Pata nahi she added.
Kunj you and Rudra should go Priyanka missing you both tej said.
Papa we already talk on this matter leave it kunj said and bring games to play..

Twinkle send few photos to Kunj Priyanka haldi he see and smiled painfully.
God bless you priyanka he murmured.

They playing games and laughing just try to distract their mind.

Nicely Priyanka haldi function was done at night twinkle telling him about this all.
Good he said.
She missing you all Twinkle said.
Kya fhaida twinkle Kunj said.
Acha om se baath hui she asked.
Kaha ghar se hi nahi aaya kaha baath hoti mujhe karni bhi nahi abhi he said.
Acha take him time baby she added.
Hmm woh bhi acha mujhe lawyers se baath karni hai kal baath karte hai he said.
Okay goodnight she said.
Goodnight jaan he said and ended the call.

Anjali spending time with tej and Kunj or Rudra they feeling good after 2days later she went back to her home.Kunj try to omkara but always he get stuck any work.

Priyanka haldi and mehndi or sangeet function is done beautifully.In whole functions she waiting for her brothers they will come but they not come.She feel very bad and curse her decision why she get ready to marry this boy but now it’s too late..

Armaan meeting with twinkle she just handling him before Kunj get to know itself already her health wasn’t good this days very much.
Kunj who busy in work and all totally.

@finally today is Priyanka wedding and tej and Avantika divorce court hearing.Whole family tensed but Kunj decided its good to ended the matter.He was sad his dream going to finished today.Other hand Avantika not well today slightly.

Kunj along with rudra and tej come to court.
Mehta tej lawyer come while waiting for Avantika and his lawyer finally Avantika too come.

Tej and Avantika standing in front of us.
I wanted to tell you something my honour karan said.
Permission granted judge added.
My honour mr tej sarna who love Avantika deewan they were together since college but they break up but mr tej meet with miss jhanvi who is not here right now karan said.
Why you bring in this all Kunj said.
Oder oder judge said.Kunj sit back.
So miss jhanvi and mr tej sarna had things between each other’s but this man leave that woman as well because He wanted this only Avantika shocked he speaking.
Phar she said.
Let me tell Miss deewan karan said.

Again he come to Avantika than they marry he didn’t told her about anything he had done with jhanvi she is too her best friend is college.
They living happily having 2 sons suddenly miss jhanvi come with two kids who is belonging to mr tej sarna yes my lord they both kids is tej and jhanvi truth of that night they had and my client didn’t know about this and he didn’t tell her still. He cheated miss deewan she get to know anyhow but he didn’t feel ashamed he misbehaving with my client and tortured her all shocking what he saying.

When my client is tired she taken one decision take her daughter and Away from his life but leave her sons with him what he did he bring his kids in his life. It’s like trial separation but now she wanted to get free it’s mr sarna hobby to play with girls after all he is rich man who deny him anyone can get ready to come on bed he said.

Just shut up nothing is like it’s totally wrong Kunj shouted.

See what upbringing he given to his sons my lord what you thinking haan still do you think this man needs chance haan? He is just Lothario man that’s it karan added Avantika just shocked she didn’t said anything.

Karan didn’t give any chance to say tej lawyer he just putting all fake and shameless allegations on tej.Fully defamed him.

He is cheater my lord karan added.
Please behave yourself Mehta said.
Judge noting everything.Kunj looking at Avantika with anger he just closed his eyes otherwise he will surely ended up to do anyone murder here.But can’t take protocols in his hands.

Okay everything is clear now in next hearing finished this divorce now judge said:
Ahah again next karna murmured.

Avantika went towards tej.
Tejjj she about to say before Kunj and Rudra take him outside while outside of court media people standing they everyone blockade them.

Sir what happened what court decision reporter asked.
Mr Kunj and Rudra what you think about your father now everyone calling him cheater what you will do walk on his foot step reporter speak.
Oyy Kunj shouted but he controlled again.

Sir tell us na it’s your hobby why you did with Avantika reporters saying they even not leave rudra he scared started shivering.They started pushing them while few ladies started throwing stones on tej Kunj and Rudra covered tej. Before Avantika see this she went from there because Priyanka faint.Media and people really misbehave with them.Somehow they sit in car and went from there while Rudra who started crying after see this all.

This all flashing on tv seen by tej parents as well they too break down their family name today bouncing like tissue papers.

Lata and Prithviraj give you their all strength today when see what people doing with their son.

They come home while Rudra started breathing heavily tej and Kunj get panicked they bring him inside and make him sit.
Shh Rudra Kunj said.
Leave me alone mere papa cheater nahiiii he screaming so badly.

Kunj and tej looking at rudra who just fainted Kunj hold him and take him in room and place him on bed and called dr immediately dr come and check him and tell them it’s not good for him now it’s takes his life if he thinking and giving stress to his mind all stunned by this.

Kunj went in his room and started crying while thinking what happened in court tej sit and he blaming himself while lata and Prithviraj shouted him his one mistakes today everyone suffering.

Other side Priyanka is okay Avantika made her understand she get busy in everything she even not bothered happened today in court how they are after this all..

While media is not leaving them come around their house and started barking nonsense Kunj went outside and he fight with reporter.
Tej come and take inside.

This all happening because of you all agar mere bhai ko kuch hua na I’ll finished everything Kunj said and crying while holding his knees who sit down.Twinkle don’t know about Kunj.

Bas hogya tej ab nahi hota acha hum yeha se chale jate hai lata said.
Maa tej said in shock..

Kya kare hum tej ab bas hogya hai yeh sab aaj tak itna izzat kami humhe aaj puri meethi me mil gyi Prithviraj added they having tears in their eyes.

At deewan [email protected]
Everyone busy in wedding preparations only.
Priyanka get ready in her wedding attire she looking so beautiful.Wedding taking place in a five star hotel.

All guest arrived they all meeting with Avantika and Avinash twinkle too meet with Avantika she smiled. It’s time for wedding Avni and twinkle bring Priyanka who not less than princess tears escaping from her eyes who missing her family.
She keep looking Avantika.She promised that Kunj and Rudra come in her wedding.

Her eyes just stuck at entrance waiting for her brothers.Soon pandit ji started wedding rituals
Tears escaping from Avantika eyes well she seeing her phone just her mind wanted stop this wedding and called tej and her sons.

Tej thinking this all happening because of him only.

Now it’s right time aaj jo hua bas ab I wouldn’t stay here today my parents done with me and my sons fighting for their life bas.He take note I’m going kunj and Rudra you both stay happy and do what you both wanted take care of maa and papa bye I’m sorry even ?beta he write it down and went.

After sometimes when Kunj anger over he come down and finding tej he was nowhere he get tensed and went in his room his eyes falls down on a note Kunj read and shocked.
How can papa leave us he said and went outside tell his grand parents about this.
Tejjj they said.
Dadi papa humhe chod ke nahi ja sakte kahi aise I will him Kunj said meanwhile rudra come who asking for tej.
Woh Rudra papa pata nahi kaha chalegye hai kunj said.
Kaha hai mere papa Rudra said ?who started crying.
I need to find papa Kunj said both brothers run from there they went office and check tej there than all possible place where he can go easily than Anjali house she too don’t know tej not taking their calls as well.

Bad things coming in their mind if something happened with him or he will do something with himself as well.while crying rudra or Kunj Rahul finding.

Kaha hai papa aap rudra said while looking at sky.
Mere papa theek toh honge na rahul kunj said.
Haan don’t worry theek honge we will find him where uncle can go he said.

Maybe he went to there Kunj said.
Haan let’s try and Rahul said they went to hotel

Pandit call parents for kaniyadan Avantika looking at Avinash he gestured she went and do Priyanka kaniyadan and take the 7 vows and finally wedding is complete Avantika get happy but sad more than happiness her daughter married now but her father and brothers not here. Priyanka come and take everyone blessing twinkle having tears in her eyes. Priyanka hugged Avantika.
Mummmy papa and bhaiyaa??woh nahi aayena she murmured.
Shh Avantika console her and kissed on her forehead suddenly thunder storm started heavy wind too.

They check even mandir and Even went deewan mansion there no one was.

After everything it’s time for Priyanka bidaai.
She meet with everyone and sit in car went with her husband finally.
Avantika crying for her daughter now she is fully alone after Priyanka.Guest too started going back one by one.

Rudra entered and looking for tej there Avantika see him. Kunj and Rahul too come.

You check papa inside he come here he have work with Kapoors they stayed in this hotel Kunj said to Rahul he went inside.

Bhaiya papa is not here rudra said.
Koi na mil jayge rudra kunj said.Avinash come there.
Kunj and Rudra you are here Avinash said. They look at him and remember what happened today.While Avantika too come.

Kya hua hai she asked.
Kaha hai mere papa rudra screamed on her.
What tej kaha means she said.
Yeah kaha hai papa he come here Kunj asked while Avinash nodded in no.

Kya hua hai kunj he asked.
Pata nahin kaha chalegye hai papa kahi nahi mil raha hai aur aaj aap ne jo kiya hai na uske baad me aapki shakal tak nahi dekha na chahta hu aap ne sab chin liya hai hum se he was crying because of you just Avantika deewan one day you will cry as well karma is very bad today we faced all humiliation one you will too Kunj said.
And humare papa cheater nahi hai aap ho buri sab se jada Rudra said and pushed Avantika.

Rahul come from inside.Kunj kapoor don’t know about uncle he said he didn’t come here now what we will do everywhere we checked him no where he is Rahul said Avantika too shocked.

Yeh sab inn ke wajah se hua hai today you cross your limits right now my father is very important otherwise I’ll show you what you class is Kunj said they went from there.

Daddd tejjj she said.
Call karta hua he said try to call him but his phone coming off.
They went back home Avantika was worried about tej only. 

Aaj court me jo hua mujhe nahi pata Tha woh lawyer yeh sab karega she said and tell his father everything he was stunned.
What’s Avantika pagal ho tum woh aisa Kesha kar sakta hai haan socha hai tumhe iss ka outcome kya hoga Avinash said.

While crying tej loss his sense A truck is coming with a full speed truck hit tej who falls badly on road and Drenched in blood. After sometimes later their people started coming Kunj get call from a tej number he get happy.
Hello papa kaha ho aap he said.
Sir Jis ka yeh phone unka accident hogya hai man speak Kunj shocked.
What accident he can’t think now.. phone falls from his hands Rahul see and asked that man what actually happened they run and see there tej laying down on road and blood oozing from his body like anything.
Papappp rudra and Kunj tapping on his cheeks.
Papa wake up na you can’t do this we don’t have anyone after you they cried like two small babies. Soon ambulance come and take they take tej hospital Kunj informed Anjali who stunned and bring lata and Prithviraj hospital.
Dr take tej in icu. While Rudra and Kunj condition was very bad Kunj shirt drenched in blood of tej when he hold him.

Tears escaping from their eye lata and Prithviraj come along with Anjali.
What happened to papa Anjali asked?
Di woh papa ka accident hogya bhut bura kunj said and hugged Anjali.

Yeh sab humhare wajah se hua hai nah hi hum pap ko sunta te nah hi woh ghar chod de jate hai kunj said and crying.
Nahi nahi kunj papa bhut jaldi theek ho jayge anjali said who itself scared..

Lata and Prithviraj sit down deadening. Rahul handling Rudra who already not well now this tej how they will bear if something happened to him completely they will destroyed fully.

Dr examining tej he lost blood lot. Dr come outside.
Dr how’s my pap is they shower numbers of questions on dr..
Wait his condition not well right now we have to give him blood because he lost lott blood dr added.

Haan toh take na rudra go and give blood to papa iss ka and papa ka group same hai Kunj said.
Okay great nurse take him dr said while Rudra went along with rudra.

Soon rudra giving blood to tej he can’t see him Kunj come and stand icu room and seeing his father who laying down on bed connected with
Machines having difficulties in breathing.

Kunj feeling so bad he can’t even express right now what he going through tej this condition making him hate Priyanka and Avantika most.

Pap aaj aap ki yeh haalt sirf Avantika deewan ki wajeh se hai I will never forgive her I don’t want anything pap just wake up I wanna say so many things to you kunj speaking in his heart.

After sometimes later rudra give blood to tej and comeback Rahul bring drink for him he will feel weak right now.
Bhaiya papa theek toh ho jayge na rudra said and hold Kunj hand. Bolo na bhaiya answer Rudra saying Kunj don’t have anything because he don’t wanted give his brother any fake Consolation which later break affliction him.

Kuch toh bolo bhaiya say it na papa ko kuch nahi hoga Rudra just saying while holding Kunj shirt.. Kunj closed his eyes and cupped rudra face
Think positive rudra we will pray nothing will happen to our papa have faith on god Kunj said and wiped his tears rudra rest his head on Kunj shoulder.

Nahi bhaiya babaji always give us pain why what we have done with him he saying this..

While daijan and Anjali handling lata and Prithviraj their condition not less than rudra and Kunj for their one and only son.

They all waiting for tej when dr will come and give them good news about tej health.Rudra falls in sleep on Kunj shoulder only.He is the pampered bacha of sarna family their love never let him grown up.

Avantika was worried about tej she can’t call anyone and asked them because after today she lost all those right that humanity as well.
But her heart aching very badly like something is going to happen worse but that already happened..

Night passed in this at morning when dr come Kunj went to him..
please dr say something how my papa is?? Please tell us whatever is truth don’t hide anything from us Kunj said.
I can understands your fear and care mr sarna but he is out of danger now but we have to wait for him when he will open his eyes than we can say he said.
Kunj nodded in yes.

I should in formed maa Anjali said.
Nahi di please phale hi bhut drama hogya hai ab aur himat nahi hai logo ki humiliation shahne ki kunj added anjali nodded in yes.
They praying for tej health.

Inside in icu room tej started moving his hands with a jerked he open his eyes nurse see him and immediately call dr who come and check him have a winning smile on his face he called sarna’s
Your prayers work out your father is fine you can go and meet with him dr said they all get big relief and get hell happy they can’t express what they get today.

Can we meet with papa Kunj said.
Sure but don’t give him stress dr said they all nodded in yes.They all went together inside.

Tej open his eyes and looking at his family who standing in front of him vision was not clear tears coming from tej eyes.Lata and Prithviraj caress his head either side they stand.

Kesha hai Tu they said tej blinked his eyes.
Anjali went near tej hold his hand.
Papa now get well soon okay if something happened to you than whom I’ll demanded she said tej painfully smiled.

Phale hi life nahi kuch nahi diya hai jo hai use Kho nahi sakte papa kabhi bhi hum he chod ke mat jana specially kunj and Rudra Anjali added and caress tej hands.Tej looking at Kunj even Kunj too their eyes specking everything.

Rudra hold tej hand pa…pa aap mujhe chod ke kaha ja rahe te haan kitna dunda mene if you wanted to go anywhere you take me don’t leave me I can’t live without you he said and rest his head on tej hands.Kunj didn’t said anything they all come outside.

Di you all go home I’ll stay here with papa and haan don’t need to tell anything about this please kunj said.
Okay take care of yourself do tell me if you need anything lata said.
Hmm Kunj hummed.
Bhaiya I’ll too stay here with you rudra said.
Arey nahi see I’ll talked to dr bring papa home soon you go rest you are not well rudra now don’t do zidh he said.
Okay but bring my papa soon he said Kunj pat on his cheeks.They all went Kunj sits there only.

Afterwards he meet with dr and asking him related to tej health questions.

Twinkle worried about Kunj he didn’t call her not even message she call Rahul and Anjali but even they too answering..

Priyanka first day was good in her new house she get busy in all rituals and doing them perfectly.Tonight is her wedding reception party.
Avantika calling Kunj but he cutting her calls.

After sometimes later Kunj went in icu room and see tej waking Kunj sit beside him not saying anything nurse come with a soup.

I’ll see nurse Kunj said and take soup bowl from her hand carefully Kunj feed tej soup with his hands.

Say something tej said in low voice Kunj look at him but not say anything. He feed him soup.
You rest papa you need this only leave everything he said and went outside.

He is angry because why he can take decision itself only to leave them and they will be happy when they will understands this it’s not a solution of anything.but they all is same to same end of the day lead with blast.

Kunj see his phone and see so many message from twinkle side he call back because he knows she must be worried about him.
Kunj ka call she said and get happy immediately take the call.
Kunj kaha ho keshe ho haan kyu nahi mere call liya I was worried about you haa jo hua kal woh acha nahi tha she said nonstop.
Twinkleee me theek hu phar woh in breaking voice he said.

Kya hua kunj everything is alright haan she asked. Kunj closed his eyes.
Twinkle mere papa ka accident hogya hai woh hospital me hai he said she a bolt from the blue
After listen.

Whattt?accident keshe hua yeh sab me aati hu kaha ho tum haan she said.
City hospital me Kunj said.
Don’t worry she said and cut the call immediately left.

Quickly twinkle come she can’t wait to see her Kunj because he knows if something happened to his father he must be die almost he loved his father that everyone knows.

In hustle bustle come went inside the hospital asking for Kunj. Kunj was sitting she went towards him.
Kunjjj she said Kunj heard her voice and get up and see her who standing in front him:
She jumped in his arms hugged him with all force.
Kunjjjjj she take breathe now since time the he told him about his father.Kunj hugged him back.They stay like this only for sometimes finally they break the hug twinkle look at Kunj face she can see and feel what he feeling right now much it’s tough for him.
She cupped his face keshe hai papa ab? She asked.
Ab theek hai he said.
Keshe hua kyu nahi call kiya mujhe haan itna bhi haq nahi hai mere haan she said.They both sit in side bench. Kunj told her each and everything.
How can he take decision alone to leave us kab yeh log samjhenge humhari khushiyan inn ke saath hai nahi ki inn se dur hone me kunj said.
Twinkle ek second ke liye mene apne papa ko
Kho diya hai une ke alawa koi nahi hai hum hara thanks to babaji he is fine yeh sab unki wajah se hua hai because of her my come in hospital almost near to death how I’ll forgive myself even I to hurt him lott we all blaming him what he will do he force him do something he said.

Na Kunj don’t say this she said and pulled him in a hug he cuddles her.
Don’t think this now leave about everything just think about papa he needs you right twinkle said and wiped Kunj tears.
Haan now I’ll leave everything just my papa is important for me I’ll take him from here away tu chalegi na mere saath kunj said.
Kyu nahi jaha tum waha me ek baar papa ko theek ho jane do she said and both smiled painfully.Twinkle too see tej from window.

You can’t give up till now you fight now just little bit more Kunj twinkle said.
Pata nahi kab tak ab bas baath mere papa ki hai kuch aapne ke liye me aapne papa ko nahi kho sakta hu twinkle he stated.
Hmm right kuch khaya haa nahi na chalo mere saath she said.
Maan nahi hai mere please he said.
Nah hai toh nah sahi but I wanted to feed my Kunj samje chalo ab she said kunj thanks to
Babaji he send twinkle in his life really blessing having life partner like her she is his support system ?.

She bring him in canteen and oder tea and sandwich they sit.
Now have he making faces she raise her eyebrow like him?. Now I have to make you feed sadu she murmured and feeding him while people seeing them and smiling.
Sab dekh rahe hai kunj said.
So who care about this world I’m feeding my lovely mr not someone husband ?she added.
Hehe Kunj slightly laugh.

He have something it’s good for his health otherwise he will get ill.

Twinkle you go home anyone will come and see you here trouble for us Kunj said.
Okay you have to promise me you will take care of yourself and papa to informed me back to back she said.

Haan I’ll do he said she kissed on his cheeks and went back.While Kunj went to tej and see him who still sleeping after sometimes later rudra and Rahul visit to tej.Rudra telling tej so many things he just listening while tej just looking at Kunj his silence killing him giving more pain than his wounds.

At night Priyanka and rohan wedding reception Avantika don’t feel like to go but she have to go.Anyhow she went but in whole party she is just off off.

Very next day Kunj requested dr lot to take tej home back he will assure him that he will take care of him dr nodded in yes Kunj take tej home.
Nobody knowing about tej accident still.
Kunj see Priyanka wedding reception photos he feelings kill them they were enjoying here their father laying on bed cruel people.

At tej room Kunj giving him his medicine tej hold his hand.
Kuch toh bolo kunj tej said.
Kya bolu me haan papa kuch choda hai aapne haan kyu kiya ek baar me hum hare bare me nahi socha aapne haan phale she leave us okay now you too sab ko hum se hi dur jaana hai toh bol do na hum khud chale jayge kyu kiya aap ne tell me he said.

Kya karta me kunj meri wajah se sab aaj itni taklif me hai meri family ko yeh humiliation bear kar nahi pad rahi hai because of me today you and rudra suffering because of me meri beti ki shadi hogi me nahi dekha paya use sab galti meri hi hai toh socha agar me tum hari sab ki life se dur chala jayega toh shayad you all can stay happy he said.

Acha without you we will be happy haan papa do you really think you know me and rudra can’t stay without you still you did this you know when I get to know you leave the house pagal hogaya tha kaha kaha nah dunda mene aap ko woh call jab aaya meri duniya hi hil gyi ti kunj hugged tej:
Papa kabhi aisa mat karna please mar jayge hum humhara koi nahi hai aap ke alawa I know we hurt you lott papa Kunj said and hold tej hands tightly.
Aaj ke baad me kabhi nahi bolunga aap divorce mat lo unse Lelo I’m sorry who always forcing you to bring her in your life she is just bad she never love you today you suffering but they enjoying how can they do this. I’ll leave everything I just want you safe bas mera aur kuch nahi hum aisa karege papa we will go from here than start our new life jaha koi past nahi hoga koi problem bhi nahi hoga we will stay there happy Aur whoever hurt you I’ll not leave them specially that lawyer and those media people who put you fake allegations on you just because of that lady Avantika whom you just give love what she give you in return bola tha divorce Lena ho toh lelena yeh sab karne ki kya zarurat ti unko I’m promise papa aaj se we will not talked about them but kabhi aisa mat karna kunj said who sobbing so badly.

Tej hugged him. I’m sorry I don’t know what happened to me kunj I don’t wanted to hurt you but I do that’s why I leave you all. I’m done kunj ab nahi hota hai meri koi galti nahi hai ek hi I’m ready to pay for that but I’m not cheater I never cheated Avantika you trust me na he said.

Haan papa I trust you more than myself you don’t need to explain yourself now it’s time for someone else who will explain herself badly Kunj murmured in his hard.

Ab no more tears see your pa is absolutely fine we can play cricket as well tej said Kunj giggles with tears.
Aap bhi na I wanted my pap like this who smile always Kunj said.
Even I want my son who smiled like this just tej added back they join their forehead.
Arey Im too here rudra said who come just and jumped on bed.

Carefully idiot Kunj said.
Huh he cuddles tej papa bhaiya tortured me lott he said.

Acha bachu huh Kunj said pulled rudra hairs they again become same tej adoring them his life is totally different kab gham kab khushi pata hi nahi chalti hai.

Kunj went in living room.He called his pa and tell each and everything She understands and immediately do what kunj said her.

She went to deewan Mansion Avantika see her and surprise to see her there.
Sara Avantika said.

Yes mam Kunj sir send me here is papers she said.
What papers Avantika said and she take and read was shocked.

What is this he break partner ship she said.
Yes mam here is all compensation from his side now sarna company will not work you coming anymore she said and went without listing Avantika side.

Avantika told Avinash it was huge loss for their
Company in one second their company rank come down.

Kunj see this and get happy somewhere but not just satisfied himself.

Avantika didn’t said anything let him do it.
They randomly watching news in that news they see what media did with sarna’s after divorce all rubbished they speaking.

This people is mad dad Avantika said.
That’s why kunj reaction he added.
Avantika get call from her pa.
Haan vikaram bolo she said he told her about tej accident.

Whatt accident kab kesha hua tej ka she said all get up in shocked. She leave the phone.
Da..d tej ka accident hogya hai she said.

Whatttt we don’t know anything about this. Priyanka who just come she see her mother crying.
Kya hua mummy haan? She tell her as well.

Papa ka accident she too said.

Avantika along with Priyanka or Avinash leave for sarna house immediately.

They about to entered there Kunj come and stop them.

Stay here only no need to entered here he said and went to them.
Kunjj tej kaha hai tell me haan why you didn’t tell me about him uska accident hua hai she said. Kunj clapping and held Avantika hand and take her outside they too went.

No need to do any drama here for god sake try something else Why this crocodile tears haan it’s not work out here go away don’t dare to come here Kunj said.

Please kaha hai tej hai woh I’ll go Avantika said very soon you get to know about him Kunj said.

Bhaiya pleaseee priyanka said Kunj closed his eyes after see her.
I feel so disgusting Priyanka you are my sister look at yourself congratulations go and celebrate no need to get worried about our papa unke do bete hai abhi samje kishi hai tu shadi karli ek baar me nahi socha hoga mere papa ke liye kya beet rahi hogi unpe how do you care who he is for you nothing he said.

Papa hai she said.
Pap really do you know the meaning of this agar papa hote toh you will not do anything what people will say haan you all come to cheater house leave please he said.

Please Kunj Avinash added.
Mat karo nanu yeh sab because of this woman mere papa ka accident hua he almost to die but babaji save him ek baar bhi nahi socha inn hone court me kya kiya humhare saath mere papa ko itna defame kiya aisa kuch nahi tha he ready to give you Divorce than also you did this with him kitna pyaar kiya us insan ne aap se yeh kiya Arey divorce hi le na tha le lete yeh sab kyu kiya itni humiliation bear kar paya apne aap ko blame karne lage so he Leave the house rudra come outside and see them.

You priyanka lost your rights so don’t come here it’s good for you new marriage life itna hum se dur rahogi utna hi acha hai humhari shadi ke liye aur one more thing my pa told you everything so no need to come in our office all project over between us jo hai Woh mil jayega but remember one thing You will pay for it because you hurt my father today his condition just because of you both mother and daughter iss tarah you bounce my father name publicly same with you that I’ll do miss deewan take your daughter and grand daughter Kunj said and hold rudra hand take him inside

Avinash take Priyanka and Avantika from there now everything is finished he thinks.They come back home.
Why you bring us dad haan let me see tej kesha hai woh Avantika said.
Kya dekho gi I told you one day you will break everything today is the day everything is finished Avantika over he said.

It’s can’t be over dad she said.

Kunj take those reporters class very nicely he taste them what taste of karma.They ended up with their jobs in front of Kunj money power.

Your job is just to know about truth being a Journalist to show people not humiliating any person it’s your work to asked people questions
But in a limit media is very powerful position right now in our world but people misusing of this platform as well.

How easily they can write anything without knowing anything their one word what will do any people life.They do and write without full information but put in the end of news EXCLAMATIONS!mark why when you know it’s completed fully you are confident when you write something on someone than you should use COMMA.

Even public is same to same they can’t see different between comma and exclamation mark we are just just interested what reporter said right never think what he put in the end.

Stop act like those bossy aunties of our society who does same thing their data is more faster anything.

World don’t need to spicy news in morning with tea they need truth just.This is part of life as well.

Rudra and Kunj fully take care of tej seeing all things they didn’t told him Priyanka and Avantika come here before Uska pyaar jaldi
Hi ubharata hai (his love very quickly emerge)

Avantika always thinking about tej she try to call him but rudra and Kunj is there they even not let him touched his phone.Jhanvi come along with her husband and meet with tej normally after she went.

2 days passed away since tej come back from hospital now little stable.

Tonight is a party Mr Malhotra kept he is very famous name in business world.Kunj talked to twinkle he will talked to tej about them finally she get happy even she too they will do their best to convince their parents for their relation specially rt.

Papa wear this Kunj said.
Acha I’m old man tej added.
Who told you aap ki nahi shadi kar wade abhi Rudra said.

Pagal kunj said.They trio father and son get ready nicely looking supper duper hot they went outside lata and Prithviraj or dijan join them their relations with Malhotra’s good.

Looking hot lata said.
Acha dadi hot?kunj said.
Even you both looking s*xy rudra said to dijan and lata while pecking on their cheeks.
Tonight dadu will falls down rudra added they laughs out.

Kesha hai na rudra tu Kunj murmured.
Bhaiya ab Shadi karlo than me bhi karunga he said they all smirked. ??he looking very despo for Shadi.

Whom should worried about his marriage but he looking so carefree but look at this rudra Shadi Shadi dekh le tere bete ko tej lata said.

Koi na maa kar dege iss ki shadi bhi tej said.
But bachi ka se milegi hum he iss ke liye kunj said ??kunj said.
Ahah this bhaiya na dekhan aap se bhi beautiful life aalunga me woh twinkle di weshe he said Kunj hold his head.
Bas twinkle hi hi kam tha uske piche deewana ab yeh aur babaji he murmured ?.

After Long days they looking so happy ?.

They all sits in car and leave for Malhotra’s party.

At Malhotra’s party everything was so lavished.
They come and meet with their friends give Pose for MEDIA together father and sons?.
Than went inside greeting with everyone.

Surprisingly their Taneja’s too there Kunj pass flying kiss to twinkle she blushed she can see today kunj is damn happy.

Rohan and Priyanka bumped with Kunj who didn’t even look at them just walked out from there. Finally Avantika eyes went on tej Priyanka too they went near him who still having bandages on his forehead and hand.
Tejjj papa they said together tej look at them.
Papa come here Kunj come and take him.

Tej smiled to see Priyanka in this new way. After all she is daughter.Party was great they all enjoying

{Arey if no drama here than no maza ??}
Party without no blast incomplete ?)..

Reporter come to twinkle.
Madam why you leave modelling he asked.
I never leave it just right I’m busy with my father business she said.
Hoo but here is something else only acha madam what you models can do for their success I mean he said.
What you speaking twinkle said.

I mean what connection between you and Mr Kunj sarna he added twinkle shocked.
Lady reporter. Haan miss twinkle tell us how you woo mr Kunj Sarna it’s dream for any girls to with him but how you get this she said twinkle just looking here and there.

Other side Kunj who too getting same treetment ?..

what nonsense you all speaking abeer said.
Sir we not speaking nonsense we have proofs they said and all showing photos of Kunj and twinkle together mostly their closed photos in that they hugging each other’s cuddling pecking on each other’s cheeks holding each other’s hand they all seeing and shocked to see this while more twinkle and Kunj from where their photos comes.Everyone looking at them just.
Twinkle Kunj ke saath yuvi said.

Boliya miss twinkle aap kaam famous hone ke liye yeh sab karti ho reports said she started crying.

Haan kunj sarna you always dying but even you too having a girl in your life boliya kya rishta hai aapka inn ke saath aur aap dono just for their desires together they said.They all environ twinkle and Kunj fully.

Tej Avantika rt leela all looking at those photos which playing on screen.

Aur kish ke saath aapka aisa rishta hai haan reporter said Kunj went towards him and grab his collar.
Heyy shut your mouth in your limits kya bola tune haan Kunj said.

Haan sahi bola hai aap ameer logo kya society to kharab karna aaj kish ke saath sojye kal kishi aur ke saath he said and get slapped from Kunj.

No more questions Kunj said.
Kyu sir answers us kya rishta hai aap ka miss twinkle ke saath they all said Kunj look at twinkle who crying.
Kunj grabbing reporter collar still.
Do you wanted to know kya rishta hai mere us ke saath BIWI HAI WOH MERI SAMJE HAAN HE SAID.. as soon as this words come out from Kunj mouth all shocked completely.
Whattt biwiiii they all said together.

{ hehe pata chala ?few guess right yes twinkle and Kunj already married ab kya bina shadi ke romance ke maze lenge?}

Now you get your answer buzz off no one will asked anything from my wife she is mrs twinkle Kunj sarna hai Kunj said while holding twinkle said.
Chal yeh se he said and taking her from there.

While Rt block Kunj way.All just blinking there eyes. Rt looking at twinkle.

Papaaa woh she about to speak before Rt hold twinkle hand and take her side Kunj run behind her.
Uncleee he said.

What is this twinkle rt said leela too come one by one Kunj family as well.

Answer me twinkle what nonsense they speaking rt asked but she not saying anything.

Asked your son mr tej sarna you people life when people make fun of your but we are not like you all what he said just rt added.Tej looking at Kunj.

Kunjj yeh kya sab tum aur twinkle he said.
Woh papa me aap jo batane hi wala tha he about to speak but cut off.
Kya batane wale tha haan someone daughter imagine you spoiling haan he said.

She is not someone papa biwi hai woh meri haan meri wife hai twinkle Kunj said and get tight slap from tej side. Twinkle closed his eyes.

Don’t you feel shame doing this joke he said.

I’m not joking papa it’s true we are husband and wife Kunj added.

Twinkle say something leela said.
If he speaking wrong tell us I’ll handle beta I know you rt said twinkle look at Kunj.

Nahi papa kunj is right he is my husband she said her family shake looking at Kunj and twinkle.
What patiii are you gone mad rt said.

I’m not papa she said and crying at the same time rt about to raise his hand on twinkle but Kunj held his hand. All looking at them.

You can’t uncle he said.
She is my daughter rt said.
I know she is your daughter but even she is my WIFE as well I can’t let anyone hurt you I know right now you are angry it’s right as well but let me explain ourselves Kunj said.

Just shut up first leave my sister abeer said and push Kunj and bring twinkle away from him.
Kunjj she said.

Listen mr sarna and Avantika ji I don’t care about your family but what nonsense is this aap ka beta yeh kya mazak kar raha hai if he forcing my daughter than I wouldn’t leave him rt said.

Why I will force papa she is my wife I’m saying right we loving each other’s pyaar karta hu me us se kya galt hai usme haan Kunj said.

Kunjj Kya bol rahe ho tum Avantika said.
You don’t need to interfere in our matter Kunj said.

Chalo twinkle and stop this rubbished rt said and about to take but Kunj hold twinkle said.

I can’t let you take her uncle biwi hai woh meri ek bar baath toh sun lo meri mene koi twinkle force nahi kiya hai woh mujhe se pyaar karti hai kunj said.

Pyaar koi pyaar vyaar nahi karti hai woh Tum se uski shadi hone wali hai armaan se rt said.

Nahiii papa twinkle said leave rt hand.
Mein armaan se shadi nahi karugi kyu ki me kunj se pyaar karti hu sahi bol raha hai woh hum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte hai woh rahi baath shadi ki humhari shadi ho chuki hai please believe us twinkle said. Leela and abeer looking at twinkle.

Such me twinkle kya Bol rahi hai tu bhi they said.
Haan I’m saying right bhai and maa Kunj mera pati hai I’m his wife yeh photos sach hai yeh humhari hi hai she said and sobbing.

Itna bada sach chupaya tum dono ne leela said.
I try to tell you maa she said.

And you kunj lata said.
Ne bhi dadi batane hi wala tha but life itni complicated ho raha hai sahi Time ka wait kar rahe te hum bas he said.

Kaun sa sahi time Avantika said.
I don’t know yeh kaha se hua keshe hum hari photos Kunj said.

Me nahi manta yeh shadi samje tum meri beti toh pagal me nahi tum logo ko ki toh koi izzat nahi hai but humhari bhut hai samaz me he said.

Aap ke maane se kuch nahi hota uncle sach yeh hi hai aap ki beti meri biwi hai aur me uska pati hu kunj said rt hold Kunj collar.

Your father is mad I know this even I knew it you sons too same to same but try somewhere else not on my daughter barefaced family yours rt said Kunj about to speak but twinkle gesturing him this seen by him.

Even I can give you answer uncle but I don’t wanted to do aap meri twinkle ke father that’s why I don’t care he said.

I’ll call cops right now rt said.
Sure you call anyone I don’t mind well great you all get to know my family is here and you all too as well situation same hai filmy jeshi meri Biwi ko chahiye hum Esha kunj she giggles painfully.

So she is twinkle papa whom I loved very much and I marry with her we wanted to tell you all about us not get time waiting for right moment but this truth come out like this it’s shocking for you all but it’s truth Kunj added.

Papa leave this all let’s go abeer said and pulling twinkle who holding Kunj hand tightly.

Twinkle Chal abeer said.
Abhi I will not go baath toh suno humhari ek baar twinkle said.

Kya sune sab bakwas hai twinkle tu chal ghar ja ke baath karte hai abeer said.

Nahi bhai kuch bhi bakwas nahi hai sab sach hai HAAN PAPA MAA YEH SACH HAI PLEASE BELIVE MERI SHADI HOGI HAI KUNJ SE MAAN LOG YEH BAATH ME USKE PYAAR KARTI HU ABEER slap twinkle.Blood oozing from her lips:

Slap me bhai I don’t mind but believe us Kunj sach Bol raha hai she said.

It’s your madness twinkle right now you will forget him in some days rt said.
No I can’t papa I can’t forget him he is my life papa I really love him galti hai humhari yeh sab hide kiya aap sab se but humhari intention was good behind this all twinkle said she started shivering.

Twinkleeeee Kunj get worried about her he holding her from shoulders.

While tej and Avantika don’t know how to react they just looking at photos than twinkle and Kunj how they fighting for each other’s not ready to leave each other’s hands.

You wanna say anything tell me I’ll bear but don’t her please asked chinki even she knows about this Anjali Rahul too Kunj said they all looking at them.

Haan uncle aunty Kunj and twinkle sach Bol rahe hai woh shadi sudha hai chinki said.

Yes papa twinkle Kunj ki biwi hai yeh baath humhe pata ti start se hi anjali said.

Whatttt tej said.

Kesi upbringing hai aap ke bete ki I must say Sharm nahi hai rt said and slapped Kunj.
Papapa twinkle said.

Mr Taneja we can understands your situation right now but you can’t blamed my son for everything your own daughter is saying she love Kunj and they are married Avantika said.

Pagal hai meri beti toh aap apne bete ko dur rakho meri beti se samje rt said.Twinkle run from there.

Twinkle rukh he went behind her who started throwing up.
Twinkle kya hai kunj said she hugged him.

Kunjjjj yeh sab kya hogya hai yeh sab humhe accept nahi karne humhara kya hoga she said Kunj cupped her face.
Kuch nahi hoga me huna tu aisa mat kar yaar kuch hota hai mujhe sab tu aise roti hai I’ll see everything he said and twinkle caress Kunj cheek.
Sorry she said.
Kaha sorry pyaar itna toh chal hai kunj said.

Tu mujhe chodgi toh nahi twinkle Kunj said.
Kabhi bhi nahi tum bhi kunj we will do something she said.
Haan he added and wiped her face all come outside and see them.

Twinkle and Kunj separate from each other’s rt just went near twinkle and hold her hand taking her while she looking at Kunj.

Twinkleee don’t worry you go me hu na Kunj said.Tej and Avantika look at their son.

To be continued…
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bye love you all.
Be safe??..

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