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𖣘life uncertainty or perplexity::

After loving hot passionate session Kunj and twinkle done.

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Abeer was waiting for twinkle it’s quiet late she didn’t come back..
ahaan what happened to this twinkle she knows it’s too much late but still she is outside abeer said.
Don’t worry abeer she is with her friends only Mehar said and take him in the room.

Kunj it’s late let’s go na bhai must be waiting for he will not sleep till when I didn’t go Twinkle said.
Acha why mere saale ke pass itni hot biwi still keeping eyes on my not good he said lastly kissed her.She pushed him.
Today you tumefy my lips enough she said.. pulling blanket. Kunj wearing his lower:.
Acha good na see you will look extra beautiful tomorrow for sure Twinkle he said and laughing.
So shameless you are Kunj she said.
Acha why you hiding haan I already have seen everything more and more so no need of this think something doesn’t dare to fix any alliance with anyone he said.
Think about yourself she said and went in washroom get freshen comeback. They went down sit in the car and left.
you going to drop me, baby, she said.
Hmm, it’s late na that’s why he added she resting her head on his shoulder.
Today I m tired she said.
Acha why?? What you did he said..
Huhu you are so bad didn’t leave me Ahah so lazy you showed your all energy on me Kunj she said.
Hmm🤣🤣since long time store kar ke rahki ti nah mene 😝he said.
Hehe shame karo kuch toh you know bhabhi started doubting on me she asking so weird questions now see tomorrow her all questions showering on me she said.
Hmm composed yourself be conscious he said.
I told you don’t bite but see what you have done with my body and neck she said and showing him he really reddish her name with love bites.
Koi baby wears something which hides my love marks he winked him he said..

Soon they reached. Here is sasural Kunj said.
Okay bye goodnight take care of yourself she said.
Yeah goodnight bye love you he said and they pecked Twinkle went inside while Kunj left for home..

Twinkle went inside before anyone caught her..
she entered the room and closed the door went in the washroom after the shower she comeback wear her nightdress and standing in front of the mirror and looking herself.
sadu she murmured put lotion on her body than she went to bed..
She thinking about Kunj and her moments than she gets Mehar message she messaged her she comeback and sleeping.Mehar tells abeer than he sleeps.

Kunj reaches he runs in his room he gets freshen up and laid down on the bed.
Pagal hai Twinkle than he called her and both talking with each other till the early morning after that they sleep..

Next day in the morning..
Kunj was sleeping on his stomach just than Rudra entered in the room and teasing him.
Why you entered in my room didn’t you went college Kunj said.
Nope, today is Sunday bhaiya Rudra said and cuddles him.
Acha what about you last night you come late with whom you are busy Rudra said and Kunj open his eyes..
Kyu stops asking me questions he said and get up rubbing his eyes.
Kunj went in the washroom while Rudra checking Kunj phone but just can’t see anything having passwords.
Ahah bhaiya having secrets ahem ahem let me find out soon he murmured went downstairs..

Kunj get freshen up and went down they all sit for breakfast in the garden and having.
Pa let’s enjoy Sunday together Rudra said.
We will do first you go college you having classes today fast I don’t want to hear anything in roar voice Rudra have his bf immediately left. while Kunj giggling
You going office today tej lata asked??
Yeah having some work acha Kunj you please come office after sometimes I have to discuss things with you Tej said.
Sure pa he added and tej too leave.
Acha did you see photo lata asked?
Kya dadi I don’t like that girl Kunj said.
Acha why do you have anyone tell me she said.
Hmm, I’ll tell you don’t worry I’ll marry but when my both parents will be together you know conditions he said.
That’s can’t happen you know Avantika Prithviraj added.
Let’s see a dadu acha I’m going to meet with Anjali di Kunj said.
Okay, give her our love lata said Kunj finished with breakfast he sits in his car and left.

Twinkle was sleeping fully dreaming about Kunj and herself..she was running behind many things and they were so cute just than Leela entered in the room and break down her dream.
Aha? Twinkle get up its too much late leela giving her voice twinkle open her eyes.
Maa always wrong timing she said and get up with the muffed face.
Acha where are you last night haan it’s not good to stay outside till late Leela said.
Maa I was with my friends after many days I went so leave it she said and cuddles her.
Okay now go and get freshen up quickly she said and arranging the bed while twinkle went in washroom get freshen up.
Twinkle comes after the shower and gets ready she wear Indian clothes and went down have breakfast abeer and rt was in garden Mehar asking her questions.
Today looking extremely pretty sister in law what you applied it Meher said twinkle remember Kunj words and blushing just.
Kuch nahi bhabhi my one of friend bring a toner for me that’s it she said.
Acha gives me that name or toner she said Twinkle hummed than she went in the garden and playing with abeer cricket happily..

Kunj reached
Rahul and Anjali house he humming song a little girl come out holding her pooh in her hands.
Heyy Mia he said and takes her in his arms..
Heyy mamu she said. Kunj kissed on her cheeks and went inside Rahul and Anjali having coffee. Kunjj Anjali screamed and he went towards her side hug her.
How’s you di he said.
I’m fine how are you you coming now huhu she said.
Sorry get busy I meet with your hubby last night kunj said.
Acha after that where you lost bro Rahul said and winking at him Kunj making puppy faces..
He sits and having coffee.
Mia, you go and play Anjali said and went.
Aur tells me something about you Anjali said.
What I’ll tell you to tell me only..

Anjali is Kunj sister who married with his bestie friend Rahul they happy and having 3 old daughters Mia.
Do you know where is om??? I’m calling him but he not answering my calls Kunj said.
You know how he is again he and maa have arguments Anjali said.
Why everything is fine jhanvi aunty Kunj asked.
Haan maa is fine Avantika aunty call maa and they having a small argument between each other’s Anjali added Kunj hold his head.
many times I have told mummy why she having problems with jhanvi aunty whatever happened leave it na now Kunj said.
But Kunj somewhere I find Avantika aunty is right Anjali said.
Means di?? Kunj get confused
I mean to see if anyone get to know that her husband having another relationship with anyone woman that’s not good Anjali said.
You saying this di my mother thinking too much everyone knows how pa help jhanvi aunty in what circumstances she just blaming my papa without any reasons he said.
But somewhere we are responsible for your parent’s separation Anjali said get up having tears in her eyes..

Kunj went near Anjali and take her hands in his hands
Di look into my eyes ever you find that you aren’t my sister haan? Tell me Kunj said.
Nahi I know you love me and Omkara fully Anjali said.
Kunj cupped her face two things can’t change in life that you are my sister and Omkara is a brother for me I love you both extremely so don’t think about anything leave everything acha I wanna have biryani make by you so be ready tonight I’ll have dinner with you people Kunj said.
I would love to make for you my brother she said and kissed on his forehead. They settled down. chit-chatting normally in between this Rahul teasing Kunj fully..

At office.
Avantika went to Sarna office company name is trending ocean.
Avantika having a meeting with tej they all went into the conference room and attending the meeting.
After meeting tej about to going.
Hey, tej Avantika gives him a voice.
Yes, Avantika tej said.
I wanna talk to you she said.
Sure come he said and they went in tej cabin.
They sit tej oder coffee for them..
what happened tej asked.
Nothing happened it just you should tell your son to be in his limits Avantika said.He gets confused.
Means tej asked?
Do you know what Kunj did yesterday he misbehave with m my dad how dare he raises his voice in front of me you teaching them this ?? She said in anger tej get shocked.
I don’t know about this he is angry because of Priyanka sudden alliance tej added.
That I can understand but he has no right to say anything to my father he wasn’t here why should I tell anyone like Kunj and Rudra is your responsibility and Priyanka is mine matter is clear Avantika said and get up.

This isn’t the way Avantika they are our kids I’ll talk to Kunj but don’t say this he said.
See tej I don’t want to argue with you anymore few things can’t be changed we both finished why always ended with arguments one more thing
What you think about Kunj marriage don’t you think so now it’s high time she said.

Well we all thinking about this only but your son isn’t ready for marriage na he said.
You spoiled them very much she said.
Yup after all mere bete hai he added.
You know Rudra teacher call me about his studies pay attention to him she said and both talking..

Kunj was driving the car just then he get Twinkle call.
Yes, darling, he said.
Really honey twinkle added.
Acha bol kya Hua Teri subah very soon Kunj said.
Huhu I’m tired fully first you teased after your calls Ahah exhausted fully she said.
Acha mil Aaj raat ko than I’ll tell you exhausted ki bachi kunj said.
Where are you going let’s go for movie twinkle asked?
Hmm, great idea let me attend my meeting..
first I have to apologise for nanu because of yesterday behaviour he said tell twinkle everything.
Hmm you should apologise baby good idea acha I’ll book tickets waiting for you PVR Juhu she said.
Okay I’ll be there he added and went office he called avnisha and apologise him first then he directly went in tej cabin.

Yes, paaa he saying and entered in cabin see tej and Avantika.
Come tej said and he went towards them. And sits. Avantika looking at him.
Let’s go for meeting papa he said.
Yeah, first you come here what Avantika is saying haan you misbehave with daddy ji he asked. Kunj bow down his head.
Hmm, he hummed.
Did I teach you both haan?? Kunj tells me Tej asked.
Sorry, papa, I apologised for nanu already first tell her Kunj said.
What her?? Haan, she is your mother get it if I’m saying her anything that doesn’t mean you will get a reason to misbehave with your mother get it sorry her now he shouted.
Sorry, Kunj said.
It’s okay Avantika said. Kunj takes the seat.
Well, Kunj is here we can talk now Avantika tej added.
What papa something happened Kunj asked.
Nothing happened we both talking about your marriage what you think about yourself you completed 25 now what are you thinking marry after 30 haan? Tej said.. Kunj holds his head..
yeah, tej is right even mummy ji and daddy ji too wanted this Avantika said.
Again shadi sees I have told you, people, I don’t want to do kya Karna hai shadi kar ke haan like last time when we go any girl house for the alliance they asked their first question why my father and mother separated haan I don’t have any answer Kunj said.
This isn’t the way Kunj let them asked this is our matter tej said.
You know what pa you and mum just thinking this matter is of you two only but you don’t know you both having three kids we too part of your life don’t you think so haan? Kunj said tej and Avantika looking at Kunj..

I don’t know what relationship status of my parents what I’ll answer others haan? I’m not saying it’s wrong but it’s been years you both staying alone why?? Me and Rudra are with you and Priyanka are with her you both have divided us into two parts you never think about us we too want both mother and father love I’m not denying you both didn’t get we also want happy family frame Kunj said in sad voice..

Do you think I’m wrong in this Avantika said?
That I’m not saying Kunj said.
No, you say this only Kunj why we separated because everything is finished between us that night only Avantika said and tears rolling down from her eyes..
He brings another woman in my life destroyed my happy family Avantika said..
that was just a mistake mum Kunj said and held her hand don’t you think so papa deserves another chance you love him and him too then why you cared about anyone Kunj said.
It’s easy for you Kunj when you will have a wife she will tell you my pain what I’m bearing Avantika said..

Your father who is my husband still asked him what relationship he has with jhanvi haan who is Anjali and Omkara to his haan asked him to damn it she shouted..

You again call jhanvi aunty and fight with her why mummy leaves the past she is nothing to pa he loves you and us only can’t you see in his eyes Kunj said and cupped her face..

How can I leave that he having kids with another woman I give him everything but still he went to that jhanvi she is the reason why today we all suffering now this two saying sorry to me kunj it’s not easy for me to digest that fact he had things with jhanvi why?? Answer me she said breaks down in Kunj embrace he hugged her having tears in his eyes looking at tej with little anger after seeing his mother.

Avantika don’t cry tej said and they break the hug Kunj wipes her tears..

And you kunj having a good bond with Omkara and Anjali why because of them you to suffering Avantika said.

Nahi maa, they are innocent soul what they did like us mistakes done by them jhanvi aunty and papa did na everything why you spoiling your life haan jhanvi aunty is happy in her life with her husband and kids why you and we suffering haan their father forgive jhanvi, aunty, why not you papa he bear lott mum Kunj said..

I can’t kunj he played with my feelings she said..
I know but at least try for me and for us think about your babies pa love you kunj said..

What you will change Kunj that Anjali and Omkara isn’t Tej kids haan? Avantika said.

Haan, they are my kids okay Avantika what you will get nothing and me also I told you jo Hua galt tha I told you everything she just needs me I don’t know this will happened this I told you and Yash numbers of time he understands his wife why can’t you Avantika we didn’t separate because of me and jhanvi we separate for our own reasons they both kids didn’t consider me as their father Yash is their father even I don’t have any feelings for jhanvi tej said.

If you don’t have any feelings for her than how could get ready to sleep with her answer me I’m your love and wife than why she entered in our life in yours tej she said..

Pata nahi keshe but hogya after our break up I don’t know Avantika I meet with her things happened between us after that day I didn’t meet with her mujhe bhi nahi pata nah we will again meet and marry Avantika try to understand na tej said..

Okay I understand everything but ever you try to tell me that you and jhanvi had things with each other’s Avantika said..
He went near her and take her hands in his.
Look Avantika I’m sorry I know I’m wrong completely I don’t know she is pregnant with my child how would I know after that day she never meet with me or else I mujhe bhi nahi pata na we again come together.I just love you only will always whatever it’s not in my hand when she come in front of me I was shocked
I don’t know how to say anything than I don’t leave it because you are pregnant with Priyanka Avantika I was worried about your health that’s it he said and went in side having tears in his eyes.

I don’t care about anything you and me can’t be together now not because of jhanvi but because of you she said went from there.

Maaaaa Kunj calling her but she went. Kunj went to tej and rest his head on his shoulder.
Pa I know mummy is angry with you but she never understands you acha leave you go home and spend time with dadi and dadu He said.
Hmm you leave this dream me and your mum come together again he said and went.

I know papa our life is fully messed up but I’m sure I’ll bring you two together again he said and smiling painfully..

He went in conference room and finished his meeting with clients and send all details to tej.

While twinkle come to chinki place both went to cafe and chit chatting with each other’s..

Acha aur Madam looking pretty today chinki said.
Thanks I know she said.
Aur after dance you went last night she asked.
Hmm you know na Kunj come he didn’t leave me that’s why she said.
Ahem ahem I know kamini for him you went Scotland twice uncle and aunty don’t know chinki said.
Yeah you know I can’t stay without him she said.
So last night toh tu aur woh ahem 😛😛she teasing her.
Bas na chinki even you are shameless like Kunj twinkle said.
Acha kunj too what he doing 😝😝she said and both laughs out fully..
Kamini shut up she said and both having sandwiched..
Kunj finished with his meeting he checking other work and thinking about Avantika and tej..

At sarna mansion.
Tej sitting with sad face there lata come and sit beside him.
Kya hua tej puttar she asked.
Kuch nahi maa he said and wiped his tears
I know Chal bata she said and he rest his head on her lap.
Bas aise hi I’m done with my life I don’t know what to do my life is scattered down in this my kids suffering he said.She caressing his hairs.
I know this tej puttar if you haven’t done anything like this today maybe we all staying happily she said.
Hmm I know maa how I’ll made Avantika understand there is no connection between me and jhanvi whatever happened that was in past but she thinking I played her her feelings he said.
Hmm she is right at her place tej when jhanvi and yash staying happily why not you and Avantika give one try at least for your kids she said.
She will never come to me back he said and went in his room..
I don’t know what babaji written in my kids destiny she murmured and feeling said..

Twinkle message Kunj meet with him in rock lounge he message her okay he will be there in sometimes.

After finishing his work Kunj reached rock lounge he finding twinkle just than his eyes went on Omkara who sitting and having drink.
The lounge area was fully opened..
om kunj said and he went towards him.
Heyy om he said and sits beside him.
Kunjj tum he said.
Yeah I was calling you why you aren’t answering my calls he asked and wiped his face.
Aise hi he said and Kunj throw the wine glass in side.
Stop even in morning as well you drinking acha how’s you kunj asked.
I’m absolutely fine bro Tu bata you come and didn’t come to meet with me he said.
Acha sorry I get busy Aur suna kya chal raha hai you sitting here alone haan he said.Just than there Rudra come.
Bhaiya aap yeha haan he said.
Yeah I come what about you he said..
me and o come together rudra said and trio brother sitting and chit chatting laughing like anything.slowly slowly people started coming there while twinkle stuck in some work she message Kunj he said he is there only..
Their other’s friends too meet with them just than twinkle along with her Gang she too reached she find Kunj with his brothers didn’t went near him just gesturing him.

This trio brother is totally different I mean how can anyone say that Omkara is Kunj and Rudra stepbrother Aditi said twinkle friend..

Hmm twinkle hummed and admiring their bond..
acha boy’s now go back home Kunj said.
See o I told you na bhaiya have girlfriend that’s why he spending his time out of the house most Rudra said little drank..
Hahah Omkara laughing fully.While Kunj making faces and slap playfully on their cheeks.

Twinkle didn’t disturb Kunj she get Rahul message and went.while Kunj finding after he
Send Rudra and Omkara home and get Anjali message.
I’ll see siyappa queen tomorrow now have to go di house Kunj said and left for Rahul house.

Kunj went inside and finding Anjali and Rahul.
Finally saala is back Rahul said.
Same to you kunj said.
Don’t start again Anjali said just than twinkle come with a bowl Kunj see her and get shocked.
Twinkleeee he said.
Yes twinkle too Rahul said Kunj making faces. Haan after all meri bhabhi hai Anjali said making Kunj and twinkle laughs out..
Kuch bhi dii😝😝kunj murmured and they settled down and started having dinner.
Yummy Kunj said.
You are with om and Rudra Anjali asked.
Haan both passed out send them home back with driver Kunj said.
Whattt Anjali said.
Yup I m always sober 😎Kunj said.
Really sadu Twinkle said.
He doesn’t need of drink twinkle ka Nash hi nahi utarta hai kunj ke shar pe se Rahul said both husband and wife started laughing..
They finished dinner happily than they sit and chit chatting about here and there.
Acha you all sit I’ll see Mia Anjali said.She went in room Rahul too went behind.. twinkle and Kunj sitting.
Aur Twinkle ji kunj said and pulled her closer to himself.
Aur kya she said.
I was waiting for you.you come here he said.
Haan you are busy with your brothers so Rahul message me so come here do you have any problems Twinkle said.
Nah but careful Kunj said.
Hmm she hummed.
Movie twinkle said.
Tomorrow paka he said.
Wait I’ll tell di we are going Kunj said and they went in room.
Diii we are going Kunj said.
Arey sorry we get busy in mia Anjali said..
it’s okay Anjali di Twinkle said..
Bye thanks for dinner Kunj said and they went down.Outside Kunj bring his car..
I’ll go home kunj Twinkle said.
We aren’t going home jaan he said and take her with himself they come beach side no one was there Kunj and twinkle sit on grasses Kunj resting his head on her lap..
kya hua aaj twinkle asked..
Kuch nahi yaar today mum and papa he said her everything.
Hmm Kunj so sad twinkle said.
I don’t know yaar why can’t maa didn’t understand my papa Kunj said.
Kunj tell me one thing Kunj get up he looking into her eyes.
Yeah Kunj said..

you saying mumsy is wrong but how can she is wrong think about herself I mean see na if I get to know you have something with another girl I’ll die Kunj I can understand uncle accept his mistakes but still Avantika aunty hurt lott by uncle twinkle said.
I’m not saying he is right but that was his past my mum isn’t agree because of jhanvi aunty he accepted everything why can’t she forgive him mummy said even she had past before marriage she told papa but papa don’t care kunj said.
I know but mumsy told before marriage na why can’t uncle haan twinkle said.
Pa don’t know na jhanvi aunty pregnant with his kids Kunj said.
Tell me one things if you get to know I had things with another man Twinkle said Kunj immediately get angry his eyes turned into reddish.
Twinkleeee Kunj shouted don’t say anything kunj said.
See Kunj you can’t even listen think about your mum pain I know uncle is right he love aunty lott Twinkle said..
Kunj cupped Twinkle face you look into my eyes can you see love for your in my eyes Kunj said.
Yeah I can see Kunj she said..
even my papa have love and guilt as well nobody knows why my papa didn’t tell mum because she having complications in her pregnancy stress wasn’t good for her health otherwise papa will tell her itself only.now what my mum doing because of past she destroying our future and present as well.Thanks to god we have dadu and dadi or dijan who taking care of us nicely didn’t you think we didn’t missed her every night we missed her lott but can’t leave my dad alone at all although I know I can’t bear things you had things with anyone but at least I trust you more than myself if something happened maybe something is there that moment my Pa had things with Omkara mom that time mum and papa apart from each other’s Kunj said..
hmm that’s true Kunj but now what will do she said and rest his head on his chest.
What you think about ourselves when you will talk about us to your parents and come to my parents for my hand she said.
Soon don’t worry na twinkle we have mutuel understanding nothing will happened Kunj said while twinkle cupped his face.
You are right always but Kunj you know ek ladki sab kuch bardash kar sakti hai phar kishi ke saath apne pati ko nahi bat nahi sakti she said.
Means you are in mother indai team 😝😝Kunj said twinkle giggles out and sealed his lips gently they kissing each other’s and break afterwards..
So forget about my history because when I’m with you I want to change Kunj said
Really really..twinkle asked again..
He pulled her nose and both smiling like anything.
See I told you know my first and last motive bring my parents together Kunj said.
I know my family as well you know she said.
Haan aur you do something if that yuvi is near you I’ll kill you he said.
Huhu so do fast something before my papa made me his wife she said.
Never said this you are my only get it he said.
Yup sadu she said..
Now what twinkle said.
What 😝Kunj in naughty tone..
Huhu because of you today chinki teasing me she said.
Acha by the way today looking pretty he said and bite her cheek.she drenched in shyness.
Now you getting shy why twinkle 😛 he asked.
Aise hi samje she hide her face under his chest he laughing loudly..

After they went home with happy faces.

At Taneja mansion.
After changing twinkle sitting in living room chatting with Kunj there abeer and Meher come and sit.
Heyy sister abeer called her..
Haan bhi she immediately leave the phone.
Meher give her coffee mug..
what happened sister always busy nowadays what’s going on abeer said.
Nothing is going on??🤨she said.
Acha bachu I can sense he said and pulled her cheeks..
Acha Sun twinkle Yuvraj is comeback from london abeer said and twinkle chocked..

Arey aram se bhen abeer said and caressing her back.
I’m okay she said.
I’m happy yuvi comeback now shadi hehe abeer said twinkle making faces..
Goodnight bhai and bhabhi she said and went from there.
Abeer I think Twinkle like someone she isn’t happy with this alliance meher said.
Why you thinking this my dear wifey abeer asked?
I just feel maybe she having someone in her life she said.
I don’t think so if she liking someone than she will tell us abeer said.
Hmm she hummed..

Deewan mansion..
Avantika sitting and thinking about everything there Priyanka come.
Mum see this dress papa bring for me she said show Avantika.
Hmm nice she said..
mum I wanted to asked you something priyanka asked..
Sure she said.. she hold her hand.
I wanna go dadi house can I go tomorrow priyanka said.
Why you asking me you can go there it’s your house Avantika said.
Aap bhi chalo na mera saath kya hun waha nahi reha sakte hai kya ?? She said Avantika surprised didn’t have anything to say.. tears escaping from Avantika and Priyanka eyes.
I didn’t like mummy to stay here maami always taunting on papa I don’t like when anyone say anything about my papa she said and hugged her mother..
Avantika caressing her back.
Shh you don’t need to worried about anything you don’t cry she said and cupped her face and wiped Priyanka tears kissed on her forehead.

Priyanka resting her head on Avantika lap she caressing her hairs..

Rudra and Kunj hitting each other’s with pillows both laughing loudly.. there tej come and admiring them.
Pa do you know bhaiya having girlfriend Rudra said.
Acha 🤨tej looking at Kunj.
Pagal hai pa kunj and Rudra pulled tej and both cuddle tej fully.
Pa whom you love most Rudra asked.
Pa love me most you idiot Kunj said and resting his head on Tej shoulder.
Not me rudra said.tej wrapped his arms around his both sons..
I love you both same to same my dear sons tej said and kissed on their temples..
what about O Rudra asked?Tej and Kunj looking at each other’s face.
Aashiyan song play in bg☻☻
Pa love his all kids lott Kunj said.

We aren’t three siblings but 5 Rudra said with all excitement tej looking at his sons..
I never get it why you both love me and them ?? Tej said.
Because O and di is the best pa.when police arrested me because of my driving licence that time om bhaiya come and save me rudra said
Itna kamina hai na see papa Kunj said.
Don’t do this rudra afterward your mom scolding me tej said.
Papa mother india is too much I don’t know why she always give angry look rudra making faces Kunj and tej laughs out fully and trio laid down on the bed.

fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man•

Let’s have something I’m hungry rudra said.
Chalo today I’ll made something for my sons tej said and trio went downstairs goes in kitchen..

Tej wear chef hat started cooking while Rudra and Kunj cutting veggies.trio up side everything in kitchen there dijan come and hold her head.
Yeh allah kunj baba and Rudra Baba what is this she said.
Heyy dj see my dad cooking for us Rudra said and pulled her dancing with her..

Finally tej made and they went in living room.
Smell coming awesome Kunj said..
let’s have dj Rudra added..
Tej take spoon Rudra and Kunj like a small babies they open their mouths tej smiled and he feed them one by one.they making tempting faces.

Fabulous papa tarte Tati Rudra said..
yeah papa how you learn this Kunj said.
Avantika used to make this she loved this French dessert on my birthday she made always she made fabulous he said in sad voice while remembering that moment they can see..

don’t be said papa Kunj said and feed him.
Haan papa I never knew mother indai loved dessert otherwise I thought she just love mirchi always ahah 🤪😃Rudra said.

Since start she is like this only but really nice I’m her culprit who breaks down her tej said with sad voice..

Again you blaming yourself papa why leave don’t spoiled our moment Kunj said..

Haan tej sir dijan said..
They feeding each other’s and enjoying each other’s company.. this seen by dadu and dadi somewhere they feel bad but can’t do anything thanking to god at least tej have sons who loved him like anything..

Mehra mansion..
Omkara standing and looking at moon with sad eyes there jhanvi come.
Kya hua om did you have your dinner she asked.
Omkara look at her with red eyes he took drink bottle from side and take sip.
Ommm again you started drinking it’s not good for yourself jhanvi said..
I’m okay maa he said and went in his room..

Babaji I don’t know what you have written my Destiny ek galti ki saza aise milegi yeh hum dono ke bache suffer kar rahe hai inn sab me Jhanvi said and having tears in her eyes..

She went in her room and sit lost in her thoughts there yash entered..

Kya hua jhanvi yash asked her and sit beside jhanvi..
nothing yash.she rest her head on his chest he caressing her hairs.
Don’t be sad omkara did something he asked.
Woh kuch kehta hi toh nahi yash she said.
Hmm I can understand I don’t know what he wanted I try my level best to make him happy yash said.
It’s not your fault yash it’s mine because of me my son suffering I never knew this truth come out like this she said and having tears in her eyes.
I told you na don’t cry I’m with you always jo Hua we cant changed it at least dong spoiled our present and future he said.
She smiled I can’t understand you after this all still you are with me yash said.
Because I love you he said and kissed on her forehead.
Love you too jhanvi said..

After sometimes later Priyanka sleep Avantika went down and making coffee for herself there Avinash comes
Kya hua didn’t you sleep till now..Avinash asked her.
Nah dad just making Priyanka sleep she said.
Kyu she is okay?? He asked in tension.
Hmm she wanted to go sarna house that’s why what bhabhi tell her she said.
I don’t know should I call raj and asked him what Nina said Avinash said.
No need of this dad I’ll asked itself to Nina what problem she having with my daughter we all know how sensitive Priyanka is still she taunting her about me and tej she said..

You don’t need to feel bad I’ll talked to her tomorrow it’s your house Avantika he said.

Hmm dad don’t know when my life will be happy we divided in a pieces here priyanka missing tej and family I’m stuck what to do kya me Priyanka ko woh sab nahi de pa rahi hu dad she said..
nah Avantika beta you are perfect mother you giving everything to Priyanka fark yeh hai bas bache ko apne maa aur baap dono ke pyaar ki zaroorat hai she missing tej we all know this ab hum kar bhi kya sakte hai he said.
I know still I feel bad I handle till when they are small dad but now it’s getting worse that’s why I’m thinking kyu na Priyanka ki shadi kar de woh apni life me settled hojaye than she will be happy my bad fate didn’t falls down on my daughter she said.
Acha it’s a solution than what about Kunj and Rudra he said.
Unka kya hai dad they are happy with their pa she said.
You thinking this but even they too suffering like Priyanka Avantika it’s been 18 years to you and tej separated from each other’s..

I know Kunj and Rudra they need even their mother like Priyanka if she suffering for father love they too understands this leave everything Avantika go back to your kids he said.

How can I I can’t when I closed my eyes I remembered all things she said.
You feel bad because tej didn’t told you about his and jhanvi or jhanvi is mother of tej kids tell me he said she wiped her tears turned her face.

No one can understand me he breaks down my trust I was so happy that day when I get to know this Omkara and Anjali is tej kids I was scattered down I give her everything dad sister love my time treating her like my own sister what she did with me she having relation with my husband think about me what I feeling that moment bura iss baath ka nahi hai yeh ka koi rishta tha jhanvi ke saath bura iss baath ka hai usne ek bar bhi mujhe batana zaruri nahi samja dad he said he loves me Than kaha gya uska pyaar mere liye past sab ka hota hai I know this I can understand as well but apne past ko apne kal aur aaj pe havi nahi hone dene chahiye agar woh mujhe bata deta aisa kuch hai toh aaj waqt aur situation kuch aur hoti hai he said he don’t know she is pregnant with his kids okay Fine does he try afterwards too when jhanvi come that Avantika humare shadi ke phale uske jhanvi ke beach me yeh sab hua tha nahi na dad how can he and Kunj excepting me use maaf kar du.
When I look at Omkara and Anjali feel bad as well my own kids treating and saying they are their siblings but they don’t know both their step brother and sister because of them today they suffering we separated because of tej not because of jhanvi she is happy in her life what mistakes I have done nothing dad rishta sach aur bharose phar tika hota hai tej ne sab toote diya she said..

He is guilty Avantika he didn’t look for Omkara and Anjali he just love you and your kids only he said. She turned.
I know this dad what Kunj doing he calling Anjali and Omkara his siblings when he knows how much I hated them she said.
They are innocent in this all Avantika try to think leave everything he said.

True love always grows with trust, patience and sacrifice I can’t dad she added and went in her room.

Tej and Rudra sleeping peacefully while Kunj admiring them.
each and every hard days.Either to test how strong you are or to increase the Antibodies for being strong.
Yeh hai zindagi ki kashmakash aankho me kuch hai dimag me kuch zazbaat kuch kehte hai or dil kuch..
Kab woh din aayega jab maa aur papa ek saath hone happily Keshe kya karu me I’m not getting anything apne papa ke guilt ko jab dekhta hu aisa lagta hai he really loves my maa but when I see my maa tears that moment somewhere get angry on jhanvi aunty and papa too agar he didn’t love maa than he will be happy I know how much he suffering for maa he thinking in his mind and went near Rudra and sleep beside him leave all thoughts and tension aside..

Next morning..
Twinkle come down wearing her gym clothes looking stunning.
Where you going rt asked her.
For exercise papa she said.
Okay go today yuvi is coming don’t go anywhere he said.
Hmm she hummed and went for gym..

At gym..
twinkle come to gym and went to her trainer he give her all tips she went to cardio.doing cardio.There Kunj come he looking at her..
hi she said.
Hi he added both doing cardio than twinkle doing other exercise Kunj looking at her.Her body extremely in shape looking s*xy..
she went near him.

What happened why you looking at me like this she asked.
Aise hi can’t I see my love he said..
yeah you can my dear sadu she said both laughs out.. there Rudra come twinkle and Kunj alert didn’t talking with each other’s.
Heyy bhaiya dono or not he asked.
Nope he said rudra looking at twinkle.
Arey you are that model only who xyz magazine cover page face Rudra said.
Yeah twinkle said.
I love your all photos you looking amazing Rudra said Kunj arching his eyebrow 🤨…

Thanks she said.
One photo please rudra asked.
Sure she said and Rudra come near her click photo with her while twinkle showing Kunj..

Hogya Rudra Kunj said.
Haan bhai he said.
Than go and bring car I’ll come he said. Rudra went from there Kunj pulled twinkle in side and went her in corner.
Kya hua kunj she said.
Bade famous hogi hai tu siyappa queen he said.
Now don’t be jealous in this your bother only taking photo with me baby she said.
Hmm I never knew my own brother is fan of yours?? He said.
Haan after all I’m twinkle Taneja.
Correction Kunj said😛.
Haan she said.. pulled his cheeks. Than they went in lift.
Acha one morning kiss he said.
Pagal ho kya she said before twinkle speak more Kunj pinned her against lift wall and started kissing her first she moving her face than give up and both kissing fully.Just than oder open Kunj leave her she making faces he smiling shamefully..
nice taste Kunj murmured they went towards their car.Both sit in car and left..

At sarna mansion.
Rudra and Kunj come down after get freshen up.they join everyone for breakfast.
Papa today having meeting in my college so
You and maa have to come principle told me rudra said.{ rudra was in deewan college only Avantika and Avinash is main-head of college)

I don’t know why you send me in that college ahah rudra added.
Why it’s good na you feeling like a home👅Kunj said.
Kya bhaiya aap bhi na when my principal come that day huhu I don’t know problems she have with me rudra added.
Yesterday Avantika told me that your principle call her why you not doing well rudra it’s about your future tej said..
I don’t like when anyone say this she is my mother but he stopped..
but what rudra Kunj asked.
In sad voice that mere papa is Cheater Kunj said they all stunned..
acha who said this today I’m coming in your college Kunj said..
hmm rudra hummed and went for college.
Leave na Kunj why you raise the matter tej said.
How can I leave papa haan.nobody has any right to say anything about you Mere papa cheater nahiiii Kunj said in anger and went from there..
kunjjj tej called him..
because of me this all happening I’m thinking right to go away from Rudra and Kunj life tej said and they rest shocked..
To be continued…
Well don’t know how was the episode??
Sorry because of some reason I deleted first episode thought maybe people will not like the story because of timing little busy I wasn’t going to write and post but after see your comments I have to 🙈🙈.Thanks for all love 💕.Story is not too much big just small story about how to deal in life with all situations and issues how a companion understands each other’s their mutual understanding work??
That’s it upto you all I write again for you
So bye thanks for you comments..
💕💕milte hai next episode me😈

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