Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #9 Wedding Or Not?

7 PM

At the VR Mansion

The Raichands have reached the VR Mansion. While the elders know  this dinner has been planned to discuss the marriage, the children are neglecting the fact that they have been together almost all day and now they are going to have dinner together.

Sejal and Aryan are in the garden. Rakshit, Ridhhima, Vansh, Sia and Ishani are in Vansh’s room.

Sejal: Aryan Bhai and Sejal are having a walk in the garden. I mean, that’s what they told us… who knows what they are doing…

Ishani and Rakshit chuckle.

Riddhima: Sia! She’s your younger Bhabhi to be! You shouldn’t be talking like that about your Bhai and Bhabhi!

Sia: Riddhima… I know you both are going to be our Bhabhi but you both were my friends first… So I am talking about my friend!

Vansh: Shut up, Sia! Stop irritating!

Ishani: Why? We will not stop irritating!

Riddhima pulls both their ears. Vansh and Rakshit start laughing.

Sia: Ho! Bhai! You switched sides already! Not fair!

Ishani: Yes! Bhai! Not fair! You are taking Riddhima’s side? You are our brother naa!

Vansh(very irritated): What isn’t fair? You both just now said that Riddhima is your Bhabhi then I can take her side na!

Riddhima looks at him startled and takes her hands back. Vansh realizes what he just said and makes a ‘I am an idiot’ face.

Sia and Ishani pinch Riddhima.

Riddhima: You!! You both wait! I’ll see you!

All of them start running. They reach the garden.

Sia (panting): Stop! Now I can’t run! Sorry!

Riddhima: Ya! Me too!

Rakshit: Guys! Now smooth okay?

Ishani: Ya! Let’s play Antakshari!

Vansh: I’m okay if everyone plays!

Everyone agreed so they played Antakshari. Meanwhile, in the living room…

Deep: Pradeep, Bhabhi, Aunty, I wanted to talk to you all regarding something…

Tara: We don’t have any problem with Sejal and Aryan’s relationship…

Deep: But, in Riddhima and Vansh’s case, we don’t know anything!

Pradeep: I know… I’ll tell you what happened…

So Pradeep, Daadi and Uma narrate all the recent incidents.

Pradeep: Then, Riddhima and Vansh came and they said that Riddhima’s parents are alive and that Riddhima is your daughter.

Daadi: So we called you all here… 

Uma: Then, you both know what happened next…

Daadi: But, I have one request, please consider the alliance… Riddhima and Vansh have already agreed and I have seen Vansh this happy after a lot of time… You both know na, after Ragini…

Tara: Aunty, we don’t have any problem! We were just curious how the events led to marriage! Because Riddhima said that they both were very good friends… then there was the news… we were confused… we never thought of breaking the alliance.

Deep: Yes! In fact, I am very happy for both… but I am sad thinking my child will leave so soon… So I was thinking if I should shift…

Pradeep: Good idea!

Uma: No!!!! It is not a good idea!!! It is the best idea!

Daadi: Yes! You all can meet Riddhima too!

Deep: It’s done then! We’ll be shifting next month! But…

Pradeep: I know, till then, we will postpone marriage.

Deep: Thanks for understanding!

Uma: But then engagement should be earlier!

Daadi: How about after a week?

Tara: Ya! It is enough time for preparations also! I’m okay with it!

Deep: Okay! Done!

Pradeep: Good! The engagement is fixed then!

That’s when the others walk in…

Aryan (excited): Who’s engagement?

Tara: Riddhima and Vansh’s… you’ll have to wait a bit longer…

Deep: Why? They can get engaged the same day!

Pradeep: Good idea!

Vansh: Wait! Wait! Wait! Guys! Slow down!

Riddhima: Ya! When was the date decided and… we were here to have dinner… Oh!!!! So this is why we were here! Come on, Maa! Dad? You both never told us!

Rakshit: I swear , Di! I wasn’t involved!

Sejal: I hope so! Because if we find out that you knew about this, we’re not gonna spare you!

Riddhima: You do whatever you want! I’m not going to punish my baby brother.

Saying this, she spoils his hairstyle.

Rakshit: Di! You gave the punishment to me! Aap baal mat bigado! And I am not a baby!

Vansh: Guys! Guys! Leave some love for later… Right now we have to discuss the engagement…

Daadi: We did all the discussion! Now only arrangements and announcements are left!

Uma: Yes! The engagement is in a week… And we’ll announce both the good news in media tomorrow

Ishani: Both?

Sia: Dumb! The engagement and the Raichand family reunion!

Aryan: Can we have dinner then? I’m very hungry!

Vansh: You guys have dinner, I have work and no one will stop me!

Everyone has dinner. Riddhima takes a plate and goes to Vansh’s room

Riddhima: Hey! You finished the work?

Vansh: Yep! I’m gonna sleep now… I guess.

Riddhima: Eat first!

Vansh: I am not hungry and anyways, my hand is hurt.. I can’t eat.

Riddhima: Then I’ll feed you!

Vansh: No need!

Riddhima: Shut up! And sit! I’ll feed you.

Riddhima feeds Vansh while he keeps looking at her. Deep and Tara were finding Riddhima to leave. Deep spots Riddhima feeding Vansh. He calls Tara there. They both silently look at them and smile.

Riddhima: You are staring, Vansh!

Vansh: Well… Can’t I stare at my fiance?

Riddhima blushes at that. She finishes feeding Vansh. They both clean up. Vansh tries to change his bandage. He struggles with it. Riddhima helps him. Deep and Tara are still looking at them. Rakshit comes there.

Rakshit: They both are just made for each other, aren’t they?

Deep and Tara break out of the trance. Riddhima finishes bandaging Vansh. She wishes him a good night and leaves the room. She finds everyone there. They all leave.

Precap: Kabir is watching news. Tears start flowing out of his eyes. The mysterious person and Anupriya have a talk.

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