Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #7 Orphan? Maybe Not!

As two weeks pass by, Riddhima and Vansh get closer. Late night movie and coffee sessions, having meals together, hanging out alone or with others in the group, becomes a part of their daily routine. The team #RiAnsh gets to rest after one week, as they know of their growing closeness. Meanwhile, Kabir and Anupriya, determined to get revenge, plan their next step.


Riddhima wakes up from the sound of alarm.

Riddhima: Vansh!! Wake up! It’s 6 am!

Vansh: Hmm! 5 Minutes! (aww! Vansh! You might not remember, but you are at Riddhima’s house right now!)

Riddhima: Vansh! If Sejal sees you here then she’ll tell the others and all hell will break loose! Please, wake up!

Vansh: Ya! Going!

Vansh gets up, freshens up, picks up his coat and leaves from the window. Riddhima is looking at him from her window. He is sitting in his car. Riddhima gives him a flying kiss and waves goodbye to him smiling heartily.


At Kabir’s house

Kabir: Till now, everything is going just as I planned. Get ready for your destruction Vansh! I will avenge my sister’s death! You will be behind the bars! Just wait and watch!

Anupriya: Vansh’s destruction has started already! I have leaked the information to the media! Soon it will spread like wildfire!

Kabir: Now my sister will get justice! Riddhima will help me after she knows that murderer’s truth! (Open your eyes, you fool!)

Anupriya leaves the room and calls someone.

Anupriya: I only supported you because of our relation! What you are doing is not right! Don’t do this!

Unknown person: I am doing this for our future! Please understand!

Anupriya: Okay! But please make it fast! I can’t hide you from Kabir more! He is broken and all the time, he thinks about revenge from thay Vansh!

Unknown person: All this will be over soon! Don’t worry! I will set everything right!

At VR Mansion

Ishani knocks on the door of Vansh’s room.

Vansh: Come in Ishani! For the thousandth time, you don’t need to knock! (and for the thousandth time Vansh, you are going to be married! You’ll need some privacy! Then complain to me that I didn’t give you and your wife some quality time!)

Ishani: Okay! Now onwards I will not knock! Now come down fast! Everyone is waiting for you!

Vansh: You guys have breakfast, I’ll finish some work and come.

Ishani: Don’t fall asleep! I know Riddhima woke you up at six!

Vansh: WHAT!!!?

Ishani: What what? If you are The Great VR then I am your sister! I keep records of things Bhai!

She walks towards the door to leave. Then she stops, turns and says, “Don’t worry Bhai! It’s a secret!” (haha! A secret! Which means, apart from everyone, no one will know! Amazing, Ishani! Nailed it!)

Vansh: Huff! These people won’t stay put till they get me married to her! Wonder if she can agree… Hold on! How can I even think this will happen! Oh my god! what’s happening to me!

Everyone is on the dining table passing food to each other. Sia and Aryan are engrossed in talking. Daadi and Pradeep are passing bowls. Ishani is immersed in her phone. Vansh comes and serves for himself.

Uma: Ishani! Beta, put down the phone! (Patience! Dear mommy, you are gonna get great news!)

Ishani: Two minutes mom!

Uma: This girl! She’s getting on my nerves!

Suddenly, Ishani gets up.

Ishani: Oh My God! Bhai! Everyone turn on the TV, now! I can’t believe this! Bring the newspapers!

Sia: What happened? Why are you panicking like this?

Ishani: I was checking out instagram and… and… please just see it for yourself!

A servant brings that day’s newspaper and hands it over to Vansh. His eyes widened in shock! Everyone gets worried and asks what it is. He throws the newspaper on the table. It’s front page headlines are… ‘The Most Eligible Bachelor, Taken?’

Everyone gets shocked to see his and Riddhima’s pictures in the newspaper. He immediately calls Riddhima. (You must be dancing in your head, right? So you called Riddhima so that she joins you…)

Riddhima: Yes, Vansh? What happened? Did you forget something?

Vansh: No. Did you check today’s news?

Riddhima: No… What happened?

Vansh: Better check it… It’s… umm… umm…

Riddhima: Why are you stammering? Wait! Let me check myself!

She asks Sejal to bring the newspaper. Sejal goes to take the newspaper and is shocked. She silently hands it over to Riddhima. Her jaws drop to the ground. (Dance going well, Riddhima?)

Riddhima: Va… Vansh… All this… (When are getting married, my love?)

Vansh: Please come over to my house, we need to talk. (Is today okay, sweetheart?)

Riddhima: Ya, I’ll be there in 15 minutes. (Of course! I’ll be there in 15 minutes!)

Riddhima leaves for VR Mansion along with Sejal. As she reaches there, she finds media standing outside the house. She decides to go inside from the back door. Riddhima and Sejal enter from the backside. Everyone is sitting in the living room with their backs to them. The TV is on. The media are raising outrageous questions like whether Vansh left his ex-fiance because of Riddhima, which is why she committed suicide or like does Riddhima genuinely love VR or is it just because of the money… But at the last one, Vansh stood up in anger and switched off the TV saying, “What Rubbish! How dare they!?”

Riddhima (recovering the shock): Umm… Vansh… (Why haven’t the wedding preparations started yet?)

Everyone stands up and turns. For almost 5 minutes, everyone kept staring at each other when finally…

Ishani: Guys! Cut the silence! We all know that the only solution to this is getting them married! Keeping mouths shut will not help it! Now we can’t marry Aryan Bhai before Vansh Bhai because his so-called ‘relationship’ is out in the open! (Slayed it! Amazing! Love you!)

Everyone glares at her.(Morons! Admit it! I know you all want that to happen!)

Uma walks to Riddhima.

Uma: I know Beta, we have no option, but still, being a woman, I want to ask you… Will you marry Vansh? ( I am sorry Beta! The planners were not good, so we sent them back)

Riddhima: Aunty… I can’t decide anything right now… My head is spinning! Literally! I need to go home… I’ll… I need some time… (It’s okay, Mom! Sejal will do it!)

Uma (keeping her hand on her cheek): I understand, beta. Go home, decide, and tell me. (Okay! Go home, get ready, and come back!)

Sejal: Riddhima, I know, you’ll need some time alone… I’ll stay here, you go. (Riddhima, you go, I have to plan naa, I will stay here…)

Riddhima nods and turns to leave. Vansh holds her wrist to stop her. She turns with a questioning look on her disturbed face. 

Vansh: It’s not safe for you to go alone, I’ll come with you. (I’ll come with you! I mean… I’ll drop you *winks*)

Riddhima just nods. They both leave for her house.

Riddhima: Vansh, you have come till here, stay with me for a while, I’ll come with you when you go…

Vansh: Okay, if you are comfortable with it.

Riddhima: What kind of question is thya? Of course I am! You are my best friend!

They both go inside their apartment.

Riddhima: Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be back in a minute.

Riddhima goes inside her room. Vansh gets a glass of water for himself. He then decides to talk to Riddhima. He goes towards his room and is about to open the door when he sees her crying and speaking something. He stops and observes the situation from a half open door.

Riddhima: Why Papa!? Why did you leave me? I can’t even come back to you! I don’t know if you will ever accept me! I wish I could come to you with this last letter from mumma! I wish I wish I could tell you how shattered I was when I came to know that you have married someone else! Please, Papa! Help me out! I really need you!

She was looking at a picture. There was a letter lying next to her on the bed where she was miserably crying. Vansh went numb listening to all this. He was shocked and sad. He did not know what to do. He went inside and called her name very softly. She suddenly ran and hugged him tightly, still crying. He hugs her back and tries to console her. Moments later, she pulled back…

Riddhima: My parents… Please don’t…

Vansh: I won’t tell anyone unless you want me to… But, one condition!

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: You will talk to them once.

Riddhima (shocked): Vansh… I… I can’t face them! I don’t have the strength!

Vansh: I’m with you! Okay! Another way! Give me the picture, I’ll find out about your parents… And please don’t cry! I can’t see you like that!

Riddhima sniffs. Vansh gives her a tissue box.

Riddhima (smiling): You know, Mumma wrote in the letter… how she wanted to see me walk for the first time, how she wanted to hear me speak for the first time, how she wanted to drop me to school everyday, how she wanted to… to help me… with my first breakup (her voice faltered)… how she… she wanted… to see me get married (she starts crying again)

Vansh pulls her into a hug. He puts his hand on her head. He puts his other arm around her protectively. She is crying inconsolably. He somehow manages to get her to calm down.

Sejal and Sia, who got worried and went there, was watching them from a distance. They both were shocked.

Sia: Are you thinking the same thing?

Sejal: Ya!  It’s the first time someone has managed to console her when she remembers her parents.

Sia: Exactly! She used to sit crying in her room for nights! And look at her now!

Sejal: They complete each other. You were right! They are just made for each other!


Riddhima: Let’s go, I am ready to give an answer to Aunty!

Vansh: Wait, What!?

Riddhima (shouting in his ear): I AM READY TO MARRY YOU!!!

Vansh looks at Riddhima like his eyes might pop out. Sejal and Sia are watching them, shocked, but very happy.

Vansh: Umm… Ummm… 

Riddhima: What? I am your best friend! We already spend all our time together! The only difference will be that I’ll be living with you! What is so shocking about this? I just came here to meet mumma and papa!

Vansh: Well! Umm… Okay, then… We’ll…

Riddhima: Let’s Gooo!!

Sia and Sejal laugh and then hide, seeing Riddhima and Vansh coming out.

They all leave for VR Mansion. Sia and Sejal Take a shortcut and reach first. Riddhima and Vansh arrive after them.

Uma: Beta! You arrived! We were waiting for you! ( Of course you were! They are the bride and groom to be after all!)

Pradeep: Riddhima, Beta…

Sejal: She’s ready!

Riddhima and Vansh turn towards her, shocked.

Sia: Well… We came because you didn’t and we have ears, you know… 

Ishani and Aryan burst out laughing while seeing something on the phone.

All turn towards them.

Aryan: Sorry! Actually, Bhai, Riddhima… oops! Sorry! Bhabhi, We did not know that Holi is played with ice cream!

He shows their pictures to everyone and all start laughing while Riddhima and Vansh start blushing. (They must be feeling like, “Aaaa! Hide me somewhere! Hide my face! Aaaah!!)

Uma (slowly walking towards them): So… if both of you are ready, then let’s prepare for the engagement?

Vansh: But we can’t ignore the fact that someone secretly clicked our pictures and leaked them in the media. We all have to be careful! And we have to make sure everything is double checked before coming into the mansion.

Sejal: Don’t worry, Jiju to be! I’ll be planning everything! So it is gonna be flawless!

Everyone leaves for their work but no one lets Vansh and Riddhima work. So they decide to have a walk in the garden.

Vansh: Riddhima, I need your parents’ pictures… To find out about them, I need some way to identify them.

Riddhima: Ya! Let me show you…

Vansh: Okay…

Riddhima (while finding the picture on her mobile): You know, the irony is, I don’t even know their names! I always had the pictures and I call them Dad and Mom or sometimes Daddy and Mumma… I never knew their name! See! Here it is…

Vansh takes the phone and is shocked to see the picture.

 Vansh: Oh My God! Are you sure this was the picture?

Riddhima: Ya! Why?

Vansh: Wait till Dad sees this!

Precap: Vansh says, “Riddhima, your parents are…” Riddhima to everyone, “ My parents are alive.” Vansh says,”Ya, you guys won’t believe me! She is the daughter of…”

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