Falling In Love Again (Part 26)

Dadi went to MM and Bulbul, Aliya went to college with Purab.
On their way to college. Purab was glancing at back mirror in the car to see Bulbul.. He adjusted the mirror.
Purab- Don’t be worried Bulbul.. Your Di is fine now and out of danger.
Bul- Yes… I was so worried when she met accident.
Purabh- Bhabhi is strong. Nothing can happen her.
Bulbul- yes.. She always have been strong and my strength.
Purab- You are right.
Bul- How do you know I’m right !!?
Purab- You said now..
Aliya- Ahhemm ( cleared her throat)
Aliya was quite and just listening to their conversation. Purab gave serious expression and concentrated on driving. Bulbul looked at Aliya and then looked out of car in order to avoid eye contact with Aliya.
Aliya (In teasing tone)- Yessss.. Bulbul .. Bhabhi is fine..now😉
Both kept quite for sometime. Aliya knew what Bul wants to say but couldn’t say..
Aliya- Purab do one thing.. Today we are having only lectures and that will be over before 12:00 pm. So can you please pick us up.
Purab(seriously) – Ok
Aliya- Actually we both want to meet Bhabhi.. So after college can you take us to the hospital ?!
Purab- Ok..
Bul- Yes Aliya you are right.. I also thought so…
Purab- No worries I’ll pick u up and then we can visit Bhabhi..
Bul- Ok
They reached the college.
Purab- Here comes your college.. I have some work nearby. So you can call me when you are free and I’ll join you.
Aliya- Ok
Bu-Ok.. Bye
Aliya -Bye Purab
Purab- Bye Aliya.. Bye.. Bulbul.. Byeeeee..
Bul, Aliya went inside the college.
Abhi was sitting near unconscious Pragya and looking at her face without blinking.
Abhi- Pragya you know.. You look like a cute little baby while sleeping. You should see your self sleeping like this.. But how can you see yourself sleeping ? Idea- you stand in front of mirror with your eyes closed.. Then you can see….!! Actually a bad Idea. What can you see, when you can’t see ??! How can you with closed eyes.. Stupid Idea.

Abhi sat like this for long and kept on talking with her. But she couldn’t hear as she was unconscious. He felt very tired and laid his head on her bed while sitting on side chair.. He dozed off to sleep.

Screen shifts to MM
Dadi sitting in mandir.
Dadi- Thanku God you saved Pragya. She is now dear to this house and we can’t see anything happen to her.

Dadi wanted to meet and see Pragya.

Dadi- Rony… Rony…
Rony came running to Dadi.
Rony- Yes Dadi g.
Dadi- Take me to the hospital.
Rony- But Dadi.. Abhi sir said you should take rest..
Dadi- I had enough rest.. It’s been 3 hours I’m taking rest. Now I want to see my Pragya.
Rony- But Dadi.
Dadi- Quite. Take me to hospital without any further argument.
Rony- G dadi
Rony went to outside thinking- Rony Beta you are gone now..Abhi sir will take your class if Dadi goes to hospital. And If not Dadi will take your class.. Be ready to be scolded beta..

Here when Aliya and Bulbul were free from their class.
Bulbul- We are free. Now we can go and meet my Di..
Bul- Aliya, you call Purab and ask him to come.
Aliya put her hand in her bag and looked for her phone to call him.. But couldn’t find her phone.

Aliya- I think I didn’t bring my phone.
Bul- What. !!? How we will call him now..?
Aliya- You have your phone, right…!!!
Bul- Yes.. But what to do. ?
Aliya- Buddhu call Purab.
Bul- Oo Buddhu no. 2. How can I call him.!!?. I don’t have his contact.
Aliya patting her forehead in disappointment.
Aliya- I have his number so can you call him now…?!
Bul– Ohh.. Ok then. Tell me.
Aliya- 438********”67
Bul dialled his number. An unknown number flashed on Purab’s moblie.
Purab picked up the call.
Purab- Hello Purab Khanna here. Who’s this !?
Bul- Purab !!
Purab- Bulbul !!!!???
Bul- Yes. I’m Bulbul.. Is your work over !? Are you free now !?!
Purab – I’m always free for you !!😉
Bulbul remained silent as she did not know what to answer..😳
Purab- I mean I’m always free for everyone who needs me..!! Is your college timing over !?
Bul- Yeah..!! Our class is over now.. And we have to go hospital.
Purab- Ok . I’m coming.. I’m ….
Before he could say something else.. Bul cut the call.
Purab(little disappointed and angry)😣 – she cut my call. She didn’t even listen what I was saying.. Unbelievable. Purab I’m telling you this girl is………. Very cute…😍
Purab reached the college and took them to hospital. Three of them were silent and did not speak.

All reached hospital at the same time. They were standing outside the room and talking to each other.
In the room..
Pragya half conscious tried to move..but couldn’t.
Pragya-( half asleep)M….Mr.. Su…Sun..
Abhi- Miss Ray !!!
Where are you.. Where you have been I missed you so much..
Saying this he started crying.. Her image fainted..
Abhi-(Inaudibly) Miss Ray ?!
Abhi suddenly woke up from his dream.
He saw Pragya gained consciousness.
Abhi(little louder,audible even outside the room)- Pragya !!

Bul- I should leave now Maa must be w8ing for me.
Aliya- How will you go Bulbul.
It’s very hot outside.. And I know hiring an auto or taxi is not an task. Purab can drop you. If you have no problem.

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  3. This is awesome.. Light mood epi after emotional drama.. Keep updating.. 😍😘

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