Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – Nagesh’s Follower

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Chapter 17: Nagesh’ Follower

Samar’s apartment 

Angre: Alohomora

The door bursts open , Angre walks in

Aryan: Where is Vansh?

Angre: He is in the car with Ridhimaa, he called you there

Aryan: Okay

Aryan rushes to the car

Vansh: Hey Aryan

Aryan: What happened, why didn’t you come up?

Vansh: Ridhimaa is sleeping, you take her home, Ill come there later

Aryan: Okay done

Aryan leaves with Ridhimaa. Vansh runs inside. Samar is tied to a chair

Vansh: Samar tell me where Kabir is

Samar: Ill tell you but you will all die before him

Angre: You..

Vansh stops Angre

Vansh: Why do you say so?

Samar smirks and : The master of darkness Haden is with them

Vansh and Angre are shocked and in unison: Haden?

Samar laughs and : Yeahhh Haden …kyun dar gaye?..Ridhimaa will die in Kabir’s hands for sure. He will attain power

Vansh extends his wand and : Peditto (Crucio)

Samar falls on the ground groaning in pain

Angre: Vansh…stop…

Vansh: Why ? Why should I Angre? He mentioned Ridhimaa’s demise

Angre: Dont let your love blind your actions..stop it..we have to trace Kabir..I said stop it

Angre pushes the wand off Vansh’s hand

Vansh’s mind goes to the curse : Strength will become a toxin

Vansh in mind: So..this is the curse….thats what the curse means..I should be able to conquer my weakness as a strength..love cannot be a destructor..we wont be really separated…the clue means that if my love for her is true I should not use it as a destructor 

Angre notices a blank Vansh and jerks him

Angre: Bhai..

Vansh hugs him

Vansh: Thank you Angre for guiding me.

He walks to Samar and : Angre give me the truth potion, we have to find where Kabir is..

They force feed Samar with the truth potion

Moments later 

Samar: Kabir…Kabir is in the jungle on the north side of our magic school

Vansh: Great..

He calls Veer

Veer: Vansh?

Vansh: Thank God you didn’t become an eagle yet..Veer I got an information that Kabir is in the jungle on the north side of the school. Better have an eye there while going to other jungles

Veer: Ill definitely do it Vansh..dont worry the curse will find a break soon

Saying this the call disconnects 

Angre: Why didn’t you confirm Kabir’s presence there ?Samar..

Vansh: Haden is the boss Angre he will definitely know that we will capture Samar so do distract us he may have given a wrong information to Samar..now Im leaving for Ridhimaa’s house you take Samar to our place and lock him

Vansh walks out and takes his mobile

Vansh: Hello Chandrika ji..

He narrates his realisation to her

Chandrika: Brilliant Vansh..so this curse is dependent on your heart control and not chemicals..so Roshini 

Roshini gets the mobile: Vansh I realised the same in the morning after I started to work on the clue but I continued my work and found something useful with the help of Preeta

Vansh: Whats it Roshini?

Roshini: The Ares potion

Vansh: You mean war potion?

Roshini: Exactly

Vansh: But none of the living person has its procedure

Roshini: While working on the clue and curse I found it Vansh

Vansh: Great then..now its time for the destruction of the evil forces. 

Roshini: Exactly..and Aman has..

Vansh: I know and he will be successful don’t worry 

Saying this he disconnects the call. The scene freezes 

Unknown cave

Aman and Karan enter the cave with their wands

Karan: Aman We will get a clue about Nagesh’s follower here. 

Aman: But who is the follower?

Karan: Haden

Aman: What ? Haden? He..he..

Karan: Even I was shocked like you.

Aman: None of our teachers know it?

Karan: Gaurav ji knows it

Aman: Then why didn’t he ?

Karan: He has his plans mate. He even knew that Roshini will end up finding the Ares potion and Vansh himself will find the solution for the curse after the secret came out

Aman: How did he? How do you?

Karan: Do you remember the demon attack at his place when you were there?

Aman: Yes I do..but he sent me to Maya ji’s soon after the attack

Karan: Thats when he called me 

Aman: And then..

Karan: As I am an Auror I followed the demon traces and..


Karan follows the demons to a deep jungle. In the middle of the jungle was a huge mansion. Karan hides outside and peeps inside the window to see

Kabir: Im sorry sir

Man : Why did you leave the jungle ?

Kabir: Its too hard there sir

Bald man: Haden please understand 

Haden holds Kabir’s collar in anger

Haden: Unless you kill Ridhimaa you have to remain in the jungle..get put

Bald man: Haden even your demons could not

Haden: Alga ji its again your plan to send the demons in search of her and unfortunately she was in that Gaurav’s place . You guys are fit for nothing. Now get out to the jungle return only with Ridhimaa…her mom’s power arghhh…get lost

Kabir: But why to kill her the curse..

Haden: I know  about the curse than you..after all I am Nagesh ji’s immediate follower. You get lost  Ill employ Shivaay for it


Aman: My goodness..but why didn’t Gaurav ji tell us?

Karan: You had other important things mate..now come lets go to find Shivaay

The scene freezes 

Next morning, Ridhimaa’s apartment . She slowly wakes up and is shocked to find Vansh lying opposite to her and watching her without blinking

Vansh: Good morning Sweetheart..

Riddhima is totally confused, she gets up and starts to think hard

Riddhima: Vansh ..woh..we..

He gets to her and puts his hands around her

Vansh: We were coming back from the cave and you slept in the car..so I took you to the office with me and when I came I brought you here

Ridhimaa: So you stayed with me

Vansh: Whenever I want to leave you stop me..what will I do?

Riddhima: So you stayed as I stopped and not because you wanted to

Her faces becomes small, Vansh starts to laugh

Vansh: Oh my angry bird If my wanting is considered Ill never leave your side and keep you with me always..but now..I have to go home right..I just wish going home means going to you

Ridhimaa: It will be after our marriage 

Vansh: Hmm…Marriage..but I don’t want to marry you

Ridhimaa: What? So Am I a time pass to you?

She pushes him away and gets up. He holds her hand and pulls her and she falls over him. He locks her with his hands around her waist

Riddhima: Leave me..Im just time pass na

Vansh: You didn’t let me  finish sweetheart 

Riddhima: What else is there?

Vansh: I wanted to say that I dont want to marry you before freeing your parents..I have lost mine so I at least want your parents to be present 

Riddhima rests her head on his chest

Riddhima : Sorry I overreacted 

Vansh: Its okay sweetheart..it shows your love on me.

Just then his phone rings. The scene freezes 

Hope you guys liked it. I’ll meet you with

Next Chapter: Hunting the werewolf 

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