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Twinkle glanced down at the paper in her hand and back up at the door in front of her. Kunj Sarna had scribbled down his address after their deal had been made but his rushed handwriting made it very difficult for her to make out the door number. She had already knocked at the wrong door once before and to say that the whole situation was embarrassing would be an understatement.

She knocked on the door in front of her before she had a chance to contemplate her actions any further. No one answered. She knocked a little harder this time and held her breath as she heard footsteps approaching on the other side. The door flung open but it wasn’t Kunj Sarna that was looking at her rather questioningly.

Ugh! Twinkle cursed him in her mind. Another awkward encounter because Mr. Kunj Sarna wasn’t capable enough of writing out an address like your average human being.

“Rules are rules, no morning afters… no matter how pretty you are.” Said the guy standing at the door, snapping her out of her thoughts. She gave him a puzzled look before her eyes narrowed realising that he was checking her out. Seriously this guy was weird, how can you possibly check out a girl clad in denims and an oversized hoodie?

“Excuse me?” Twinkle replied accusingly, not appreciating his lingering gaze.

“You know the drill. Casual s*x, no morning afters, they just make things messy.”

“What?!” Twinkle was dumbfounded by his assumptions. He thought she was a casual hook up who had returned for something more. What on earth?! Disgusted by his lack of respect and annoyed at her current predicament, it took a great deal of effort for her to hold herself back from punching this guy in the face.

“Does Kunj Sarna live here?” She managed to get out through gritted teeth.

“Kunj? You don’t look like his type” He replied glancing over her once again.

“Does he or does he not?” Breathe, one, two three, four… she calmed herself.

Luckily for him, the guy just turned into the house and shouted something up the stairs. Twinkle heard footsteps descend and there stood Kunj Sarna.

Noticing Twinkle’s annoyed face and her arms firmly folded across her chest, Kunj let out a groan and raked his hand through his hair before turning to his friend.

“Please tell me you didn’t say anything stupid to her Cherry?”

Ahhh, so this douche was called Cherry. Twinkle noted to herself.

“Just that we don’t do morning afters, though I’m sure you already told her that” Cherry responded.

“Bro! She isn’t a hook up. That’s my tutor!” Whom I managed to convince after so much hard work and effort and now she might change her mind because of the fact that you’re an idiot. He continued in his mind.

“How was I supposed to know?!” Cherry defended himself, shrugging, before leaving the two at the door.

“Look Twinkle, I’m sorry about Cherry, he’s not the brightest of the bunch” He apologised.

“He thought I was one of your one night stands” She accused, tapping her foot in annoyance.

“I just apologised for that. Besides you’re not really the one night stand material”

“What?” Twinkle asked in astonishment of his audacity.

“You seem like the kind of girl who wants something serious in life. No other girl has turned up at this doorstep rocking a hoody that’s two sizes too large” He giggled.

“It’s comfortable” She muttered, unable to stop the sulking pout.

“Huh?” Kunj asked unable to hear her words.

“Nothing. Can we just get this over and done with please?” Twinkle sighed, walking into the house following Kunj’s lead until he started to make his way up the stairs.

“What happened?” Kunj asked when he realised she had stopped walking.

“Why can’t we work down here?”

“I live with 3 other guys Twinkle, Unless you want to witness them walk around naked or be constantly disturbed by them shouting at each other over the Xbox, I’d suggest we use my room.” He reasoned, understanding her discomfort.

Twinkle let out a sigh before replying “Ok fine.”


“I need to see your mark sheet” Twinkle told Kunj as she seated herself on his bed with her legs crossed. His room was much tidier than she had expected it to be. You weren’t drowning in heaps of clothing on the floor and it didn’t reek of sweat either. Atleast she could concentrate on studying, she thought to herself.

“Why? I only need help in that one subject, my other classes are fine” Kunj answered.

“Considering I’m the tutor here Mr. Sarna, I shall be the decider of that”

“Whatever” He replied as he pulled out a piece of paper from his desk drawer and handed it to her awaiting arms.

Twinkle’s eyes widened in surprise. He was right. He really was doing really well in all his other subjects. Heck, he was doing even better than her in some of them!

“What?” Kunj asked eyeing her suspiciously.

Ermm… nothing. It’s just that you’re actually doing well…” Before she could finish off her trail of thoughts, Kunj let out a laugh.

“Sports players do have brains Twinkle, we’re not all the dumb jocks’ you assume us to be”

“Nice to know. Shall we start? What part do you find the most difficult?”

Their study session went better than they both expected. Turns out Kunj understood the content pretty well but was finding it difficult to interpret the facts into worded paragraphs. His essay structures weren’t the best and Twinkle was able to provide effective solutions to his problems. They concluded the session after an hour because that was the agreed duration but they were both satisfied with the outcome themselves too.

“So same time tomorrow Mr. Sarna?” Twinkle asked, making sure to keep her calendar free.

“You know it Miss. Taneja” He said, throwing her a wink which wasn’t received well, he chuckled as he led her out the room.


Walking into the living room, they were both greeted with fighting and yelling over the Xbox. Yup, Kunj wasn’t joking. Twinkle recalled Cherry from earlier and she recognised the other guy as Yuvraj Luthra. Kunj Sarna’s partner in crime apparently, so she had heard.

Noticing Twinkle’s presence in the room, they both stopped fighting and gave her their full attention which was kind of awkward and intimidating.

“So you’re the tutor?” Yuvi asked, glancing over her, though in a more sceptical manner than sleazy.

“Yup, that would be me. The tutor.” She replied bluntly, not like she had a name or anything. Watching Yuvraj stand there silently watching her, she decided it was time for her most awaited exit. “…And I am out of here now.” Turning on her heels, she saw Kunj give her an appreciative nod before she left the house without glancing back even once.

“So that was your tutor?” Yuvi asked again, this time to Kunj.

“Yes dude, that was her. Her name is Twinkle Taneja by the way.” He added, not knowing why he was irked at their reference of her as just a tutor, which was what she was.

“I’m not liking this Kunj, she’s trouble” Yuvi plainly stated.

“What? Twinkle is the least of our troubles bro, I assure you” Kunj replied defensively.

“Dude, she definitely ranks a high 9 on my scale. Tutor’s aren’t supposed to be that hot” Cherry chirped in.

Watching the accusatory stance of both of his friends, Kunj couldn’t help the frustration. They thought he was going to hook up with her. Ugh! Running his hands over his face, he let out an exasperated groan.

“I’m not going to sleep with her. She’s my tutor and I NEED to pass this class” He emphasised his point. Passing this class meant as much to him as it did to them.

“Does she know that?” Yuvi spoke up breaking the silence.

“Believe it or not guys, Twinkle does not want to sleep with me either. She likes someone else and I promised to help her out in getting him to notice her. That was the deal we made.” He told them honestly.

“Seriously?” Cherry asked titling his head to the side a little. “That must’ve really hurt your ego. There’s actually a girl that doesn’t want to sleep with Kunj Sarna. Ha! Never thought I’d see the day” He laughed as he headed for the stairs, sympathy patting Kunj on the shoulder before leaving.

“I just don’t want a repeat of what happened with Anand and Nicki last year. He almost cost us the game because of his complicated relationship drama. I can’t risk that with you Kunj” Yuvi spoke once Cherry was out of sight.

“It won’t happen Yuvi. I only have two priorities in life right now and that’s sport and studies. You know that.” He reassured his best friend.

Yuvi sighed and swung an arm over Kunj’s shoulder. “I know bro, just please… don’t fall for the tutor.”


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  1. Very good start of storyy… I m loving their personalities 😎❤️
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  2. Amazing story…Tashan between them…there attitude towards each other is amazing…it’s up to u if u are comfortable in posting it then i have no problem…I will give the same love i am giving to this episode 😊😊… loving it yrr…plzz post soon😊😊…take care and be safe😁😁

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    1. Presha

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