FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 15)


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A beautiful morning with colourful environment.. Ppl busy with there own chores.. But our angel still sleeping peacefully.. Someone opens her room door and slowly peeks inside . Seeing her sleeping, takes the colour packet in the hands n starts decorating swara’s face. Slowly leaves the room.. Mishti comes to wake up swara, seeing her state, mishti starts laughing.. But our angel, instead of her mom scolding, hears her mom big laughter and wakes up immediately,, thinking something happened to her mom..
Swara: mom.. Are u alright??
Mishti still laughing..
Swara: mooooomm…wats wrong (shouts)
Mishti :(controls her laugh still laughing inside) u r asking me??
Swara: u mean??
Mishti takes her in front of the dressing table
Mishti: look at urself
Swara after looking herself in the mirror shouts
Swara: veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr..
Veer who was abt to drink water, leaves glass from his hand. Ya it was veer who coloured swara’s face. .
Veer: may be angel saw her face.. Run veer runn…
Before he could go out swara comes n stands in front of him with a devilish smile…
Swara:(with a baby voice) trying to escape from me sweetu.. (with a angry glare) this yr too, u coloured me first …. But how can u escape now..
Saying this she takes colour to apply but veer escapes from her bending down n runs from there.. Shekar starts laughing looking at swara..
Swara : dad u too were with him..
Shekar: sorry angel, ur sweetu is so sweet .. He melted me with his sweet talk..
Swara: but dad…
Keeps shekar busy showing fake anger, where as veer tries to alert him but no use…. Swara, colored shekar full face with different colours saying
Swara:bura na maano holi hai…
Saying this she rums n chases veer n shouts from back
Swara: veer stop … I will leave u easily, if u listen me.. If not iska anjaaam bura hoga.. U will have to face it..
Veer remembers the last yr incident where he dint listen her n the outcome of his stupid decision made him to suffer for two weeks..
Swara: veer stop.. I wont leave u now..
Veer keeps on running.. Where as swara gets tired chasing him n stops n smiles with a evil idea inside her mind..
Swara: sweetu last warning from angel….. giveup n come here..
Veer : (far from her) no way angel…
Swara: ok as ur wish…
Saying this she goes from there.. Veer was confused n starts to enjoy with his frnds. But suddenly he was drenched with colourful water.. Ya it was swara, she did tat.. Veer dint gave a thought for the water n started playing holi with her.. They enjoyed alot.. After the holi when he went to freshen up.. Tat was it… Tat was the evil plan of our devil…. He tried to wash off the color but it was of no use… His body turned red due to continuous scrubbing. He was tired n came out, he saw angel laughing at him.. Then he understood that it was her.. She did something.. When he questioned her, she have mixed fevicol in it….( Lol)
Swara: (with puppy eyes) i warned u already.. Its ok.. Bura na maano holi hai sweetu..
Saying this she pulls his cheeks..
He comes out of his thought n shook his head..
Veer: no.. This time no…
He shouts at swara i give up…
Swara: tats like my sweetu…
Saying this, she runs to him n colour hia face….
Swara: happy holi…
Veer: happy holi to u to angel..
Swara : i thought u wont stop, so i was starting to plan..
Veer: no angel, not this time.. I already suffered alot, plan Something for tannu n sanky. Ah ur so called new sweetu… (making faces)
Swara: aww. Mishti.. Wats the problem u have with her.. She is so sweet u know..
Veer: huh watever… Come lets go, tannu is still sleeping.. Any plan to wake her..
Swara smiles evilly.. They leave to tanvee house to disturb her.. Tannu was sleeping peacefully.. Swara enters in her room with a bowl in her hand. She colours tannus hair without disturbing her. She again takes colour packet n colors tannus face along with veer.. They both on either sideof her ear shouts HAPPY HOLI.. Tannu jumps n gets up from sleep..
Tannu: (panics n shouts) ahhhhhhh… one day i will become deaf, becoz of u guys… U guys r impossible..
Swara: awww tannu.. Instead of wishing us, u r shouting back… (pouts)
Tannu:(melts) angel… Sorry.. Happy holi…
She hugs swavee n then swara takes her down to wish all.. Evryone starts laughing looking at her.. Tannu gets doubt seeing swaras sweet behavior towards her n she stops..
Tannu: angel.. Y ma, baba are laughing..
Swara: nothing my jaan.. They are laughing at me.. See this idiot veer, coloured my face..
Tannu too starts laughing at her face, but soon she stops laughing n angryly eyes swara.. Ya she saw her face in the mirror while walking..
Tannu: swaraa.. How Dare u to colour my hair..??
Swara eyes widened.. She looks back n finds mirror n realizes tannu saw it and starts to run but tannu catches her wrist. Veer from back tickles tannu n they both run from their.. Tannu chases both of them throughout the building, atlast get hold of veer..
Swara: tannu… No.. See its just paste of colours, if u wash ,it will go.. Now leave sweetu.. Plsssssssss..
Tannu: no angell. U have to pay for it
saying this she signal somebody, n the next second swara was drenched with color water… She turns back n finds choti mishti laughing…
Swara: mishti,u joined her gang…
Choti mishti : sorry swaru… happy holi..
Swara: happy holi to u too…
The four of them applies holi to eachother n swara teases veer looking at mishti..
Swara: mishu, where is sanskaar..
Veer gets a smile on his face when swara calls mishti as mishu.. Coz only sanky calls her..
Choti mishti : swara, u r calling me mishu.. For a second i remembered my bhai.. Well, he is still sleeping..
Swara: wat.. How can he.. Come lets disturb him.. But..
Veer: but wat..
Swara: but princi will be at home na.. How can we go there..
Choti mishti : offo angel.. Dont forget u all r my frnds..
Saying this mishti takes evryone to her house. Swatanvee greets n wishes everyone there .. They all go to mishtis room.. It is the first time swara have visited their house.. It is not an apartment but indeed a seperate and a big villa.. It has been designed n decorated very well.. Swatan keeps admiring the house.. Veer is not new to the house, as he have been visited many times with sanky..
Swara: so, where is sanky’s room..
Choti mishti : there.. (pointing to the room)
Swara: come lets go..
Choti mishti : no baba no.. He will kill me, if i apply holi.. It just depends on his mood.. If he is in good mood, its ok.. But wat if he gets irritated, if we disturb his sleep.. I dont wanna take risk..
Swara: u will disturb me, not ur bro huh.. how mean mishti.. See wat i do now
Choti mishti : no swara.. I dont know, how he might be sleeping.. So dont go..
Swara: wat mishu.. I really dont understand u both… Sometimes sanky, sometimes u.. Watever i will irritate him to the hell ….
Choti: all the best.. Bring sanky, till then i will bring snacks..
Mishti takes tannu to kitchen..Swara calls Veer to accompany her but veer asks her to go.. After swara left veer smiles thinking abt them.. Swara slowly peeks into sankys room. He finds someone fully covred with blanket. She scans the whole room n understands, tat the one covered with blanket is none other than sanky.. So she slowly enters in his room. She slowly pulls the blanket but their is a tight hold on the blanket.. She tries slowly slowly, but it was of no use..
Swara: ufff.. This sanky.. Holding a blanket with this much force.. See wat i do..
She quickly pulls the blanket, with as Much as force she can apply.. She takes of the blanket n puts holi on him n shouts aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh and widened her eyes with shock…

Precap :
Its raining…
Swara: go Away sanky
Sanky: if tats wat u want.. Then, u wont see me from now on…

Was it really sanky on the bed..
And wat does the precap mean..
Is it some joke in the precap or is it serious..

Keep guessing guys.. Let me Know ur guesses in the comment
How was the epi .. Hope u enjoyed.. Sorryyyyy for the late update.. Not late but verrrrryyyyy late update.. Sorryyyy.. I think this epi was not upto ur expectations as there were no swasan scenes.. But dont worry next epi will be full of swasan.. N precap.. Isn’t interesting.. Keep commenting.. Thanks alot for ur valuable comments.. It encourages me alot.. Hope to see u all , comment again.. Comment n let me know ur suggestion..

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