Heya guys, wassup?? So had fun in last chappy?? So now here is the promo

PROMO – 11

Manan were in Manik’s cabin. Nandini started

Nandini: Good Morning sir
Manik(irritated): yaar Nandu yeh sir kya hota hai?
Nandini(understanding his point): sir, I am ur PA so I can’t call u by ur name.
Manik: but still
Nandini: leave that sir, do u have any work for me?
Manik: oh yes, I have.
Nandini: what is it, sir?
Manik: for our new album, v have called a classical singer, he vil come here by 2pm, so I want u to welcome him.
Nandini: k, sir as u say.

Nandini came out of the cabin n was going towards her cabin when her phone started ringing. She received the call

Nandini: kaisi hai?
Twinkle: mai thik ho, tum kaisi ho?
Nandini: I am fine, aur Nana Nani kaise hai?
Twinkle: woh bhi thik hai, aur konsi office me Bhai ki PA ho tum.
Nandini: Music Company.
Twinkle: acha
Nandini: acha, I vil talk later.
Twinkle: k bye.

After this call session, Nandini informed the peons what they should bring for welcoming, it was almost time of his arrival. Everything was ready, Manan were welcoming the person together so they were in cabin. The person arrived n was impressed by arrangements of his arrival, the manager took him to Manik’s cabin. Manik was seated on his chair n Nandini was standing beside him. As the person opened the door of the cabin, Nandini was shocked to see the person as it was none other than our “behated Pundit”.

Toh guys, shock laga?? I know tum sab got clue at start but point was Pundit, so liked his entry?? What vil Nandini do?? Any guesses?? Waiting for response……
Lots Of Love ❤️❤️️❤️️

  1. Dear your story is getting excited day by day superbbb promo naaz

    1. Naaz21

      Thanks Piya

  2. Di shock tho lagi ha 4000 voltage ka iss promo sa

  3. anushka shetty

    Pandit tho gaya….I know aur manan will make him see d hell…hahahha…..Nc promo dear

    1. Naaz21

      Hell ka toh pata nhi par Manan aren’t gonna leave him

  4. di mai bi badaam kaogi dakata sahi kya hoga

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