Faasley – A twinj FF Intro and Chapter 1

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Summary of Story – This story revolves around three individual Kunj, Twinkle and Mahi. Twinkle is an independent, bold, Businesswoman who is very happy in her married life. Her Sister-in-lawΒ  cum best friend Mahi is committed with Kunj who is a famous Businessman. But the sudden death of her husband turned her life upside down and change the meaning of relations?? What happens when she vows on avenging her husband’s death? Is her revenge going to destroy three lives? Read it to know about it.


Main Characters –

Jasmine Bhasin as Twinkle Yuvraj Luthra

Sidhant Gupta as Kunj Sarna

Zain Imam as Yuvraj Luthra

Shritama Mukherjee as Mahi Luthra

Jannat Zubair as Kriya Sarna (Kunj’s sister)

Kunal Jaisingh as Kabir Sarna (Kunj’s brother)

Krishna Kaul as Karan Sarna (Kunj’s brother)


Chapter 1 – Fire and Ice

That huge and beautiful building in the middle is the main reason of attraction there. ‘Luthra Industries’ is engraved in the shining letters on the top of it. The building was a mixture of classy and modern. It was secured by all around, there only V.I.Ps can go. It belongs to one of the most influential people of the city – The Luthras. A black colour Car motioned inside after the security guard opens the huge gate for it. A lady dressed up in a white pantsuit come outside, her hairs are perfectly donned in a high ponytail and her eyes are covered from black shades. Walking down inside, her heel makes a clicking sound when it hit on white marble. “Good morning” She replied with a pleasant smile to everyone’s greet before moving toward the lift.

A girl hurriedly runs toward her and greet her. She nods her head in response. She pressed the lift button after moving inside. “What is the line up for meeting? ” Twinkle asked to her while taking her shades off. “Mam, You have a meeting with Malhotras. We seriously need this tender as our stocks are getting little lower” Pia, her secretary suggests over smartly and earned a penetrating gaze in return. “Twinkle Luthra never lose any deal” She replied moving outside the lift while Pia follows her. Twinkle entered inside a cabin while Pia waits outside.

“Mom, I told you not to skip your medicine. You get forget this time too” She asked in a calm voice and open drawer of a desk. “I intentionally did that because I wait for you to give” Anita jokes while she chuckled while keeping medicine on her hand. She gulps it and drinks water. “Why are you looking worried?” She asked while she lies in reply “You are mistaken. Where is Yuvraj? I see his cabin was empty while coming here” She tried to divert the topic. “He was here only. Don’t know where he had gone? ” She said. “I will check.” She replied before walking out.

“Mam Here is your schedule regarding the deal,” Pia asked to her. “Yeah, Keep it over there” She replied signing toward the glass table of her cabin. She dialled a number while sitting on a couch. She throws the phone over the frustration of not picking up. “Useless” She muttered while calming herself. Pia who was shocked by her behaviour standing there stiffened.

That’s how Twinkle Luthra was – Unpredictable and Undefeated. She was like a memory of past which hurt while reminding but still give peace. She is like the cool breeze which can soothe you some time and on the other second, it can send chill in your spines. Regaining her composure back, she moves toward the table and gives a glance to schedule. “Get this mess clean and Be ready, we have only half an hour,” Twinkle said to Pia while moving toward the coffee machine. Pia nods her head as she is habitual of this.

That was common for him seeing his siblings fighting over stupid issues. “Bhaiya, Save me from this devil ” Karan muttered hiding behind him who was standing there. “What’s going on?” Kunj asked while showing his hands to Kriya for getting stop who was trying to reach Karan. “Kunj Bhaiya, He just messed up my whole room which I cleaned a few minutes ago” Kriya replied annoyingly. “Bhaiya, She is such a liar. She is doing drama for gaining your sympathy” Karan replied while making a serious face while Kriya looked her jaw dropped. “We know how much innocent you are?” Kabir said twisting his ear from behind. “Ouch, What are you doing ?” He tried to remove his hand.

“Guys, I am getting late for a meeting. That’s a very important tender” Kunj said on which Kriya annoyedly pout. “Don’t worry, I will solve your fight and will punish this duffer after coming back?” He said caressing her hairs and lightly hit Karan’s head. “Am I a punching bag that everybody keeps hitting me” Karan complain dramatically. “Kunj, You go or else you get late. I will take care of their world war” Kabir replied making him chuckled. “I hope you will be successful in solving that,” He said and picked up his coat while walking out. Being the youngest siblings, both Karan and Kriya fight like Tom and Jerry. That’s not an easy thing to solve their fight as if you support one, then the other one gets annoyed. Kunj has only patience to listen to their childish arguments or everyone else gives up.

Kunj Sarna is another name of patience and calmness. He doesn’t do the argument for proving him right on any topic, he knows that everyone will go to believe if he is right. His Siblings are a lifeline to him – Kabir who has quite similar nature like him, A man of composure and philosophy. Then, Karan who is childish to a great extent and he don’t take anything seriously as he knows his Kunj Bhaiya going to solve everything. Next Kriya who is treated like a princess by his two elder brothers. Being the only daughter of that house and youngest of them, she is loved most by everyone, but Karan is only one who loves to irritate her. Kunj’s love for his family is limitless, he was calm for everything but when it comes to the family he is like a silence before the storm.


Twinkle was sitting there with a mysterious smile. Few recognizable businessmen also present there. Some of them her business rivals. Indeed that tender is going to be very important as Malhotras are ready to invest whoever impress them. She has to get that tender by hook or crook. Kunj entered in that huge hall and apologised for being late while she rolled her eyes.

She hates people who are not punctual and who are hypocrite. Sliding down a chair and sitting on it, he greets everyone there. They all greet him back except Twinkle who was only interested in that tender not in any useless things according to her. After listening to each of them who tried their fullest to impress, Mr Malhotra said: ” I must say you have really innovative ideas Mr Kunj Sarna”. This didn’t go well with Twinkle, she tilted her head toward Kunj who smile on the appreciation.

“Well, Innovative ideas can’t become successful without experience ” Twinkle literally taunted. Sarna industries are new in comparison to Luthras, they get on top because of the hard work of Kunj. The sole reason for his success was his behaviour which is appreciated by fellow businessmen. He knows to be a businessman with morals, ethics and some rules, that’s why most people trust on him. Instead of getting angry on her taunt like other people, he smiles and replied “We will get experience after working on it. After all, Business is another name for taking the risk.”

“That was just thing for saying. If Business can be done in the name of chance and risk, then it will get drowned before starting. This field is like Chess where you have to think thousand times before putting a step ahead” She replied raising her one eyebrow. Kunj looks at her and he decided not to answer her back not because he has no reply for giving her back. He wants to tell her that everything is the name of risk only even life too which has no guarantee, it just a difference of point of view how you see it. He just doesn’t want to go ahead with that argument.

After seeing that their argument started heating up, Mr Malhotra said: “You too have great ideas Mrs Luthra.” Twinkle rolled her eyes on like that she needs appreciation, not compensation. “You can mix up the ideas with experience. That’s going to be more effective for stocks” Kunj suggested to Mr Malhotra on realising her annoyance while she looks on. “That’s a great idea Young Man, So we will going to give this tender to both of you Mr Sarna and Mrs Luthra. You can work together for this” He said while Kunj nods his head in agreement. Twinkle was here for getting that tender not for sharing with anyone else. She doesn’t want to share it but she also doesn’t want that offer get slipped from her hand.“I have no problem.” She replied controlling her frustration.Β 

“Congratulations, I will be very happy to work with you,” Kunj said sweetly forwarding his hand while she royally ignored and walked out from there. “Isn’t she has very much attitude? I swear one day this attitude of her going to be big trouble for her. Don’t mind her, she is like this only” Mr Malhotra said to him. He was a friend of Twinkle’s mother in law and she is like a daughter to him. He tried to make her understand for changing her attitude but she was too adamant. “A successful person deserves to keep a little attitude. It is a sign of his journey from tolerating other’s attitude to showing attitude. ” Kunj replied and move out after greeting him.

“Mam, We finally get this tender” Pia said excitedly while walking beside her while she glared her like that she is going to eat her up. “We don’t get tender, we just get a small piece in the form of compensation” She replied gritting her teeth. “But What’s the problem in sharing with Sarnas?” Pia asked meekly from getting scared of her response. “I want that for us only. I never like to share anything with anyone when it comes to Business” Twinkle replied. “But that is not fair,” Pia said unknown to her reaction. She glared her and replied straightforwardly “There is nothing like morals, ethics in business. If you want to play fair, then you shouldn’t come to this field. Business is the name of using and betraying each other for our own profit.” She wears her shades while moving toward her Car.

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Note – Please don’t bash Twinkle’s character as she is neither good nor bad. She is practical and flawed.

Do you like starting?

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The role of Yuvraj as Twinkle’s husband is very small. It is going to be emotional revenge thriller. Please do share your views that you want me to continue it or not.


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