Excuse Me Madam 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sanam is sleeping with Kranti. Kranti wakes up and imagines a woman sleeping with them. She screams and wakes up Sanam. Sanam says what happened? Kranti says I saw a bad dream in which a woman was sleeping between us. Sanam says only doubt can sleep between us. He laughs at her and says I wouldn’t bring anyone to sleep between us. Kranti cries and says so you would go somewhere else to sleep? Sanam asks her to stop it and sleep.

In the morning, Madam hits a woman with her car. She asks the woman if she can help her? The woman says you don’t value people walking on the road. Madam’s fuse goes off and she starts insulting the woman, she asks the woman to get lost. She applies cake to the woman’s face. Chatterjee comes there and says what she is doing? He pinches her as the woman leaves. Madam says I said sorry to the woman.

Addu, Kranti and Amar are watching tV. The host says we have a glue that can stick people together.

Sanam comes to the office. Chatterjee brings the same glue. He says Madam wants this. She will glue the lips of the person who irritates her. Sanam takes it from him.

Madam is working in her office. Sanam comes there and says excuse me Madam? Madam says I am waiting for the glue. He says I have it. Madam takes the glue and starts applying it to the poster. Sanam thinks I can stick the glue to my hand and stick it with her hand, I will feel her hands till the evening then I will get it removed. Sanam applies it on his hands but Madam slips from the stool and lands in his arms. Sanam smiles at her and holds her. Madam says if you are done then put me down. He puts her down but his hand gets glued to her waist. She asks him to remove his hand but he can’t. She says what are you doing? Sanam says it’s stuck. Madam says you are such a pervert. She says I am giving the last warning. Sanam says it’s really stuck, you can try. Madam tries to remove his hand but screams in pain. She says how did this happen? Sanam says the glue was on my hand and you fell on me. Madam says we are in deep trouble.

Amar gets the commissioner’s call, he tells her that you have to arrest a woman. The woman is shouting at the commissioner, it’s the woman who was hit by Madam. It’s the commissioner’s wife. The commissioner tells Amar that a woman insulted my wife after hitting her with her car. Amar says give me her photo. The woman gives her a phone. Amar ends the call and tells Kranti that a woman hit the commissioner’s wife. He is sending her a photo. Amar gets the photo and is stunned to see it’s Sanam’s madam. Kranti says it’s Mithoo Bose.

Scene 2
Amar comes to Madam’s office. She comes to Chatterjee and asks him to call his madam, I have to arrest her. He says she is in her office. Chatterjee says why? Amar says she was fighting with the commissioner’s wife. Chatterjee says our madam is a nice woman. Amar asks him to call her.

Chatterjee comes to Madam’s office. He tells Sanam to leave her alone. Sanam says my hand is stuck to her waist because of the glue. Madam asks him what he wants? Chatterjee says Amar has come to arrest. Sanam says this is a mistake, I got stuck to her. Chatterjee says she has come to arrest Madam because Madam had hit the commissioner’s wife. Madam gets tensed and says I don’t want to get jailed. Do something. She asks Chatterjee to take off his pants. He hides and takes it off. Madam uses it as a rope and jumps out of the window which Sanam attached to her. He has taken off his pants too. Amar comes in her office and asks where is Madam? Chatterjee says she is not here. Amar sees the rope and says I will find her.

Sanam and Madam are walking on the road. Amar comes on the road and calls the commissioner. She says I will find her. Madam tells him that he has to do something. A media person follows them.

Addu is watching the TV and sees media reporting Sanam holding Madam and running away with her. He is stunned.

Madam tells Sanam that he can cut his hand as she is feeling weird. Sanam says let me call Addu and he might have some idea. The media is hiding and recording them. Sanam calls Addu and says he is stuck with Madam. Addu says I saw it on TV. Sanam is stunned and says the media is following you both. Let me think something.

Sanam is waiting for Addu. Madam says you are standing with a hot girl. Addu comes running there. He sees them standing close with Madam. He gives him pants. Addu says this glue has no solution, I saw it on TV. Sanam says Amar wants to arrest Madam because she had a fight the commissioner’s wife. Kranti comes there and glares at them.

Amar is looking for Madam and Sanam. The commissioner tells her that she has to find her otherwise he will transfer her.

PRECAP – Kranti gives some clothes to Madam to wear. Sanam is still attached to her. Madam says how can I change? Amar comes there and says I will arrest Madam. Madam says Sanam’s hand is stuck to me so you can’t arrest me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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