Excuse Me Madam 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam acts like Madam’s husband

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Scene 1
Madam asks Sanam if he will become her husband for a day? Sanam imagines romancing madam as her husband. Madam pinches him and asks what were you thinking? Sanam says I am confused. Madam says my ex-boyfriend is coming here, he was very controlling so I left him. She says when he comes here, I will introduce you as my husband, do you agree? Sanam says I am lucky. Madam says you will not try to be inappropriate? He says no. She hugs him and says you won’t get distracted? Chatterjee comes there and pinches madam thinking she has her fuse off. She says I am in my senses, I will call Sanam as my husband and I will call him Rahul. My boyfriend’s name is Aditya so he will come here tomorrow.

Kranti imagines trying to stab Sanam. She says how can I think that.

Sanam tells Addu that he will be Madam’s boyfriend for a day. Kranti comes there and tells Sanam to not do anything wrong as it might put you in danger. I saw a dream which was bad. Sanam says you don’t have to be scared of the dreams. Amar comes there and says don’t fool her. Kranti says you will do something wrong? Sanam says there is a butterfly in the office, she keeps irritating me so I want to throw her out of the window. Kranti says you are telling the truth? He says yes. Amar says I am keeping an eye on you. Sanam says I will shoo her away.

Scene 2
Madam’s ex-boyfriend Aditya enters the office. Chatterjee meets him and says madam is busy with her husband. Adi says you are not joking? She is married? I am talking about Mithoo (madam’s name). Chatterjee says yes I am talking about her. Adi comes to her office and sees Madam sitting on Sanam’s lap. Madam flirts with Sanam while he is tensed. Madam says you are a naughty boy, I want to keep sitting here. Sanam says me too. Madam starts romancing with him, They dance romantically while Adi hides and sees them.

Amar asks Kranti to keep an eye on Sanam. Kranti says why was I trying to harm Sanam in my dream? I was running behind him with a knife. Addu comes there too. Amar says our cousin is coming today, he flew from London today.

Adi comes to Madam and says I just landed from London. Madam hugs Sanam and says he is my husband Rahul. Adi says you wanted a good looking husband so what are you doing with him? Madam says I married him for his beautiful heart, he might not be good-looking but he is very lovely. You were controlling, I was like your cow. Sanam says we love each other. Madam asks Adi to go. He gives her flowers and cries. He says bye and leaves. Madam asks Sanam to move away.
PRECAP – Kranti tells Sanam that our cousin has come from London, his name is Adi. Sanam sees Adi in the living room and hides. He tells Addu that he is madam’s ex-boyfriend and madam introduced me to him as her husband. Kranti tells Adi that she will make him meet Sanam.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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