Excuse Me Madam 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam marries a cactus

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Scene 1
Bhaisa is missing Mishti. Amar comes there and says I think he is not feeling well. She says I will check his temperature but Bhaisa runs away. Kranti says I wish we could hear Bhaisa like Sanam does. Amar says then we would know their secrets. Kranti says Sanem doesn’t hide anything from me. A woman comes there and says you are an innocent wife. Kranti says Chanchal bhabhi you? Sit here, I will make tea.

Sanam tells Addu that we got saved last night. The flashback shows how madam had jumped from the window and left. Addu says your madam is a snake. Bhaisa comes there and talks to Sanam. Sanam says Mishti has sent a bone for you, Bhaisa runs to it.

Kranti imagines Sanam coming to the house with another wife, she screams. Chanchal says you are right, girls must be wandering around Sanam but I have a solution.

Madam talks to a cactus and calls him grandfather. She says when I lost you, I got this cactus so I thought you are my grandfather now.

Amar tells Kranti that we can break Sanam’s legs so he can’t marry again. Chanchal says no, we can marry him to a cactus.

Sanam calls madam to say sorry. She says today is my grandfather’s birthday. Sanam wishes him birthday and says I am embarrassed about last night. She says are you gonna kill yourself? He says no, madam says be there on time, she ends the call.

Scene 2
Madam has decorated the office for her grandfather’s birthday. Sanam comes there and says he has already blessed me. Where is your grandfather? She shows him a cactus, he says this is prickly, cheap and useless cactus. Madam glares at him and says he is my grandfather. Sanam says wow, you are a good person. They start celebrating his birthday but madam gets crazy and thinks she is going to free India. Jugan pinches her so she comes back to her senses. She cuts the cake and Sanam pushes Chatterjee away to eat the cake.

Sanam comes home and thinks a pooja is going on. Amar says Kranti thinks you are going to marry again. Sanam says what nonsense.. Chanchal comes there. Sanam says I will not bring anything from outside.. I mean you are my wife and will remain my wife. Chanchal says you are going to be 3 now. Sanam thinks Kranti is pregnant and dances but Kranti says it’s not like that. Chanchal gave me an idea to get you married again. Sanam says what? I don’t want to. Will you be able to see me in other arms? Amar says it will pain Sanam to be in her arms because his wife is.. a cactus. Sanam says what? Addu snickers. Kranti says please marry him for me, you have to do it for me. Sanama sighs and looks at the cactus. They make Sanam wear a sehra.

PRECAP – Chanchal tells Sanam that you are married to this cactus and will have to hold it for a whole day without dropping it.
Madam tells Chatterjee that someone stole her grandfather, he says Sanam did it. Madam comes to Sanam and sees him holding a cactus, Sanam says this is not your grandfather, she is my wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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