Excuse Me Madam 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam comes back to her senses

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Scene 1
Madam is sleeping with Kranti in her room. Sanam comes there and says I can’t sleep. Madam says we can make him sleep here only. Kranti says no, I am with you here. She asks Sanam to go and sleep in the living room. Sanam starts leaving and thinks that I have to do something. Madam tells Kranti that they pinch me so much that I am immune to it. Can you pinch me? I feel relaxed after that. Kranti is about to pinch her but Sanam comes there and screams. He pulls Kranti from there and flirts with her. He says I want to spend time with you. Kranti says I have to be with my sister. Sanam says you don’t have to worry about her. I have a headache. Kranti gives him medicine and says I know you are just being naughty, she leaves. Sanam goes to Addu.

Addu tells Sanam that why I got such a dangerous wife. Sanam says Kranti has made her sister.

In the morning, Amar talks to Kranti. She says they are sleeping into the porch.
They come there and ask them to wake up. Kranti asks Sanam to wake up. Addu and Sanam wake up. Kranti says I am sorry that you had to sleep here but my sister Anju (madam) slept with me, she is taking a bath. Sanam says she is fine? Kranti says yes. Amar says you are worried about a stranger? What’s the matter? Sanam says you keep doubting me. Amar shouts at Addu for ditching her on the date. He says I am really sorry. Madam comes there. Kranti asks how is she? Amar looks at her and says I feel like I have seen you somewhere. Sanam gets tensed and tells Addu that I am worried. Madam says my aunt and uncle keep beating me and keep me locked up. Kranti tells Amar to write a report against them. Amar recalls meeting her in her car. Amar asks if she was in her car and it broke down? Were you with your boyfriend? Madam says what is a boyfriend? Kranti cries for her and says she is so innocent. Madam says I can leave if there is an issue. Kranti cries for her. Amar asks if her car brokedown? Madam says I never saw a car, I just have an old scooter. Amar says I must have confused you with someone else. What your aunt and uncle did with you? Sanam admires Madam. Madam says I am getting irritated on the back. Kranti sees an ant there and pinches her. Madam comes back to her senses so Sanam hides. Amar asks Madam what her uncle and aunt do with her? Madam says what? Kranti says what happened Anju? Madam says I am not Anju and I have no uncle, she leaves from there. Kranti is confused. Sanam hides as Madam leaves.

In the office, Sanam comes to Madam. Madam says what can you do for me? He says what? I can do anything for you. Madam says them jump from the balcony. Sanam says I can’t. Madam says will you be my husband for a day?

PRECAP – I want you to introduce to my boyfriend as my husband. Her ex-boyfriend comes there so Madam introduces Sanam as her husband.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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