Excuse Me Madam 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam wishes to hug Sanam

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Scene 1
Sanam comes to madam’s office. She asks him a riddle and he can’t solve it, she laughs at her own joke. She says what you did for my Mishti was very nice, I appreciate that you tried to kidnapped Bhaisa, I appreciate your efforts. Sanam says thank you. Madam says I want to hug you. Sanam starts dreaming and smiles at her weirdly. She says Mr. Sanam? I really wish to hug you. She is about to hug him but smells him and says this is very cheap. He flirts with her. She says who suggested this perfume? He says my friend, he is a boy. She says I will show you what good smell is. She applies perfume to him and says come on.. Chatterjee comes there and pinches madam. She says I didn’t get shock. She says I wanted to hug Sanam for Mishti. Her eye twitches and acts like a begging girl. Chatterjee pinches her and she gets back to her senses. She says we have to prepare for a presentation, whoever makes a better presentation will get a GM position. She says the presentation will be in Hindi only.

A peon talks to Chatterjee and says Sanam’s hindi is good. Sanam comes there. Chatterjee says my hindi is not good.. Sanam says it’s worst. Chatterjee asks if he can help him? Sanam says you are my competitor. Chatterjee says I will take my friend’s help. They both glare at each other. They both challenge each other.

Scene 2
Sanam comes home and Kranti images him getting shocked from the doorbell. She hits him with a stick. He screams at her. She says sorry and hugs him. She smells his perfume and says it’s not the perfume that I gifted you. Sanam says it’s the same one. Kranti says it’s ladies’ perfume, whom did you hug? Sanam says no one. She screams at him. Sanam says I am getting a headache. Kranti gets worried and goes to bring the water. Sanam gets an idea. Kranti comes back. Sanam says you want to know about this perfume? This is Addu’s perfume, he uses a lot of ladies’ items. Kranti says Amar didn’t tell me? Sanam says she doesn’t know and don’t tell her, please. Addu used to live with a lot of women and he started wearing a lot of women items. Kranti cries and says my sister is stuck with him. Sanam says it’s nothing to worry. Kranti says I don’t trust your words. Sanam says this is the truth. He says I will go and meet Addu.

Sanam comes to talk to Addu and tells him to wear saree in front of Kranti to save his lie. Addu says if Amar knows then she will make me dance like girls. Sanam says Kranti won’t tell Amar, it’s just one time. Bhaisa comes out of his kennel. Addu tells Sanam to not let him know. Bhaisa drinks milk and asks Sanam if he sent mutton to Mishti? Sanam says yes. Bhaisa says take cake to Mishti tomorrow otherwise I will bite your madam.

PRECAP- Sanam tempers with Chatterjee’s speech for the presentation.
Addu dresses up in saree and Sanam can’t recognize him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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