Excuse Me Madam 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam becomes Madam’s BFF


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Scene 1
Madam tells Sanam that I miss my best friend, she cries. Sanam says I had a best friend too but she went away. Madam says we miss our BFFs so we can become friends. Sanam says for sure. Madam laughs and shakes his hand. They both dance like friends.

Kranti calls her Mausi. She says Sanam is in the washroom. Mausi asks her to romance with him, she says yes and ends the call. Sanam comes out, Kranti says I am bringing the warm milk for you, don’t sleep. She leaves. Madam calls Sanam and talks like a frank friend. She says I am outside your house to get you, we will have ice-cream, she ends the call. Kranti brings milk. Sanam says my office colleague was not feeling well, I will go and check on him. He leaves.

Sanam is driving the bike, Madam is sitting behind him. they both dance together. They come to the ice-cream shop. Sanam says it’s difficult for me to come out at night time, my wife doubts me. She says you don’t trust my friendship, she drives away leaving him.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sanam tells Addu that I have a good friendship with Madam. He calls her and puts on the speaker. Madam says bring some breakfast for me, come and hug me. She laughs and ends the call. Addu asks Sanam what was this? Sanam dances around. Sanam asks Kranti to bring more food, I want to take it for my friend too. She says okay. She leaves. Addu says you are a big jerk. Sanam takes lunch and leaves. Kranti tells Amar that Sanam has a new friend, Amar says I will find out.

Sanam comes to Madam and they both greet each other like BFFs. Madam says don’t compromise on work, he says never. Sanam says let’s have breakfast together, she says I can’t. Sanam says you will get fat, Madam says you are a fatty cow. They both run around like friends. Madam asks him to show his belly. Chatterjee comes there and pinches Madam. She says what the hell? Sanam says he just wants to touch you. Madam says Sanam is my best friend now, you can leave. Chatterjee leaves.

Kranti is worried. Amar tells her to eat something. Kranti says we have to find Sanam’s friend. Mausi says he might be cheating on you. Sanam comes there. Mausi leaves. Kranti is worried. Sanam asks what happened? Amar asks how is his friend? He says fine. Kranti says your friend didn’t eat lunch? Sanam says I couldn’t give it to him. He nicely talks to Kranti and says we will have dinner together. She hugs him and says I love you.

Chatterjee is jealous that Sanam is Madam’s best friend now.

PRECAP – Amar tells Kranti that she will catch Sanam red-handed. Kranti, Amar and Madam come to the park at the same time. Sanam gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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