Excuse Me Madam 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam hides madam in his house

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Scene 1
Madam says can I come in? Sanam says yes. She enters in his house and says it a nice home. Sanam says but I don’t have a good wife. Madam asks where is your wife? Sanam says leave her, she cursed me and left to her room. Madam says I want to meet you, wife.. they hear Addu shouting hand cursing. Sanam recalls how he had heard Jugan telling Madam to give Sanam a surprise visit and how he had called Addu to cancel the trip.

Amar and Kranti are in the car to go to their vacation destination. Kranti says I met Sanam there, I love him a lot.

Addu meets madam as Sanam’s wife Kranti. Addu scolds Sanam and asks him to go and bring biscuits for her. Madam is uncomfortable and says I don’t like someone being cruel to anyone, you are cruel to your husband. Addu shouts at Sanam that you say a bad word about me? I will beat you and do your pieces. Madam goes crazy and shouts to leave my baby, she throws Addu out of the house.

Amar tells Kranti that I don’t trust these husbands, they wait for us to leave so they can do anything they want. Kranti says they might not be coming behind us? Let’s go back.

Madam stars beating Sanam as his mother. Sanam says Maa I have left that girl. Madam says you are my good son, you left that witch woman? Sanam pinches her and she comes back to her senses. She asks him to call his wife back. Sanam asks Addu to come inside. They all sit. Addu says what are you both doing behind my back. Madam says how dare you to talk to me like that? Addu’s hair wig starts losing so Sanam sets it up. The doorbell rings and Sanam is shocked to see it’s Kranti and Amar. He calls Addu and they both get tensed. Sanam tells madam that Kranti’s brother is here and he is so cheap, he will kiss your cheek and not leave you alone. Madam says I am a black belt so he can’t do anything. Sanam says you can hide in the washroom. She says okay. Sanam opens the door and says Amar-Kranti you here? Bhaisa says I smell madam’s perfume so Mishti is here too? Kranti says why are you still at home? Sanam says I fell asleep, why did you come back? Kranti says I just wanted to come back. Addu comes there without being dressed as a woman and says we were just leaving. Amar says we will go tomorrow. Kranti says I want to go to the washroom. Sanam says why? Are you feeling bad? Should I give you medicine? Amar asks Kranti to go inside. Kranti leaves.

Kranti comes in the washroom and screams. They all come there to see the window open. Sanam says I opened it for ventilation.

PRECAP – Sanam looks at a cactus and tells madam this plant is prickly, useless and doesn’t provide any good feeling. Madam glares at him and says it’s my grandfather.
Kranti tells Sanam that I saw a bad dream and someone told me that you should get married again. Amar says Sanam is going to marry a cactus.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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