Excuse Me Madam 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kranti makes Madam her sister

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Scene 1
Madam tells Kranti that they will beat me. Sanam says I have a headache. Kranti says I will call Amar to handle this. Sanam says no need for that. Madam says my uncle and aunt will come to beat me. Kranti asks Sanam to call Amar. Sanam leaves. Kranti asks if she will eat something? Madam says can I have some water?

Sanam tells Addu that Madam met Kranti but her fuse went off at the right timr. Amar comes there and says we are going for dinner. Addu says right now? She says yes, I will go and wear a saree. She leaves. Chatterjee calls Addu thinking it’s Kranti. He says I called to say sorry, I came to your house following you. Can you please come out to talk to my mother? She is with me, if you have a problem then we can come inside. Sanam tells Addu to go and handle him before Amar gets ready.

Madam is eating and then screams that someone will beat me. Kranti says I will not spare them, there is no one here. Amar is coming here soon. She will handle Aunt and Uncle. Sanam comes there and tells Kranti that Amar and Addu went on dinner. She says it’s okay. Sanam says let her go home now, it’s late. Kranti says it’s hell there, I am not sending her there. Madam cries and says I don’t want to go. Kranti says she is staying with me tonight.

Addu gets ready as Kranti and comes to meet Chatterjee. She says what are you doing here? Chatterjee says hi baby, I want you to meet call my mother. Addu says you are behind a married woman? He says no it’s for my mother. Chatterjee video calls his mother and asks Addu to talk to her. His mother asks if she can cook and clean the house? Chatterjee ends the call.

Kranti asks Madam what you will wear? I will bring some clothes, she leaves. Madam blushes at Sanam, she moves closer to him. He smiles at her and thinks why she is blushing? Madam says brother in law you are very handsome like Ranbir Kapoor, do you believe in the extra-marital affair? He says what? I am an innocent man. Kranti comes there and says he looks naughty from his face. Madam asks where he works? Sanam says it’s a company. Kranti says he works in a travel agency, his madam is very strict. Sanam says she is a stranger so don’t say all that. Kranti says she is my sister now, Madam hugs her and says I love you sister. Sanam says let’s go to sleep, she must be tired. Kranti says she will sleep with me tonight so Sanam you can sleep in the lounge. Sanam says but she is a stranger. Kranti says she is my sister. She leaves with Madam. Sanam is tensed.

Addu comes in the house dressed as Kranti. He comes inside Bhaisa’s house. Amar comes there wearing a saree. Addu comes out of the dog house. She says what were you doing here? Addu says he was not sleeping so I was pacifying him. Amar says I was calling you but you didn’t pick up so this dinner is canceled, you will stay here all night.
PRECAP – Amar looks at Madam and says I might have seen you somewhere. Kranti sees an ant on her back and pinches her. Madam comes back to her senses but Sanam and Addu hide.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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