Excuse Me Madam 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam thinks Sanam kidnapped Mishti

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Scene 1
Sanam and Addu come to Bhaisa’s house and the door is locked. They knock on it and the door opens. Bhaisa comes out and glares at Sanam. Sanam says if you don’t say sorry to Mishti then I will cut your tail in pieces. I have spoiled you a lot but it stops now. Bhaisa says go away. Kranti and Amar hide and see it. Sanam asks Bhaisa to come with him. Bhaisa comes out of his house with a gun. Sanam and Addu get scared and run away.

Kranti tells Sanam that how could show a knife to Bhaisa? You threatened him, we have never talked loudly to him and you did that? Sanam says wow, he threatened me with a gun too. Kranti says I love you but I can’t believe you showed a knife to Bhaisa. Kranti imagines someone strangling Sanam and screams. She says we will sleep on the sofa.

Amar puts Addu in her room’s jail and interrogates Addu for showing a knife for Bhaisa. He says I am sorry, I will never do it again. She asks him to do sit-ups. He says I am your husband. Amar says that’s why I am leaving you with this only. He does sit-ups. She says we didn’t have romance, turn off the lights and we will play thief-police.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kranti imagines Sanam drinking poison and screams. Sanam says I am just drinking water. Kranti says I thought you would do suicide. He thinks a good idea. He says I will do housework from now on, I have lost my job. Kranti says no, you will keep this job, Bhaisa will say sorry. Amar comes there and says Bhaisa is our elder so he won’t say sorry. Kranti says but he is husband and he is losing his job. Amar says but.. Addu says there is nothing wrong with Bhaisa saying sorry. Amar glares at him and says whatever Kranti says. Sanam and Addu are happy.

Madam is working in her office. Chatterjee comes there. Madam talks to him like a Tamil. He is stunned. She says you want dosage for your piles? I will give you this medicine. Lie down so I can do a check-up. Chatterjee goes and pinches her so madam comes back to her senses. She says Mr. Chatterjee please sit down. He asks if everything is fine? You look sad. Madam says my Mishti is missing since the morning, she was sleeping in my arms and then.. around 4 AM she wanted to go to the washroom but then I couldn’t find her. Chatterjee says Sanam must have done it, he thinks Mishti is the cause of this confrontation, his dog misbehaved with Mishti and you wanted him to say sorry to your dog. Sanam asked Bhaisa but Bhaisa said no so Sanam got an idea that if there is no Mishti then he won’t have to say sorry that’s why he planned to kidnap Mishti. Madam says I will kill him. Chatterjee says you shouldn’t dirty your hands for Sanam, you should file an FIR on him. She says you are right. He says I had a request for promotion. She says I will think about it, he says yes. She goes from there.

Scene 3
Sanam asks Bhaisa to come outside. Kranti says he is angry at you. She asks him to come out. Amar says they are here to say sorry. Bhaisa doesn’t come out of his house. Amar looks inside and says Bhaisa is missing. Amar says you both must have kidnapped him, you threatened him. Sanam says we didn’t do anything like that. Amar says I am arresting you both.

Amar locks Sanam and Addu in her lock-up. She asks where is Bhaisa? Sanam says we didn’t hide him. Amar says I have been patient with you both, I will put you both on ice naked and beat you so much. Kranti comes there and says they will feel cold. Amar says this is about the law now so you can’t stop me. Kranti says I just want him to drink kadha so he won’t feel cold. She makes Sanam drink it and he coughs. Amar gets her father’s call. Kranti says don’t tell him anything. Amar tells her father that everything is fine. He says make me talk to Andolan (Bhaisa).

PRECAP- Sanam barks like Bhaisa to talk to Kranti’s father. Madam comes there to file an FIR against Sanam, she says he kidnapped my daughter Mishti. Sanam shouts from his cell that he didn’t kidnap her. Madam is shocked to see him there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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