Excuse Me Madam 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam praises madam’s beauty in front of her

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Scene 1
The madam and Sanam are in the lift. Sanam says these dogs like teasing each other. The madam’s eye twitches and screams that this man is eve-teasing me. A man beats Sanam. Sanam pinches the madam so she comes back to her senses and asks the man to not beat Sanam. He is my employee. The man says this woman is weird. He leaves. The madam tells Sanam that you will enter the office when your dog says sorry to my Mishti, you can leave for now.

Kranti is calling her father and tells him to follow SOPs. Sanam comes home and tells her that I was thrown out of the office because of your Bhaisa. Kranti imagines a snake biting Sanam and screams. She asks him to sit on the dining table. He does and says Bhaisa kissed my madam’s dog. Kranti says my Bhaisa can never do something like that. Sanam says I love Bhaisa, he is my friend. Kranti says don’t cry, I might agree that Bhaisa might have done it. Sanam says I know him and he kissed her dog. He should say sorry to her, it’s about my job and I will lose it. Kranti says okay let’s talk to him.

Bhaisa is sitting in his dog-house and dreaming about Mishti. Kranti comes there. Sanam says wake up your dog. Amar comes there and asks if Bhaisa is fine? Sanam says he is but he is making us all worried. Kranti tells Amaar everything. Amar asks Sanam when Bhaisa kissed the lady dog, did she runaway? Sanam says but her owner didn’t like it. Amar says no law can make Bhaisa sorry to him. Sanam says it’s my boss’ dog Mishti. Amar says she can be Governer’s dog and I don’t care. Amar tells Kranti that I am being suspended for 4 days, she leaves. Sanam tells Bhaisa that I am losing my job because of you. He calls Addu.

Scene 2
Addu comes to meet Sanam. Addu says I went to buy veggies because of my wife. I was arrested by Amar and that’s we got married as family pressurized. Sanam laughs and says I married Kranti in helplessness too. They are sitting in a restaurant so the madam arrives there too but they don’t see her. She listens Sanam telling Addu that I am losing my job because Bhaisa won’t say sorry to Mishti. Addu says she is weird. Sanam says she is pretty but crazy. She is hot and when I got close to her, it feels the hot breeze. The madam hears all that. Sanam says she is a bitter gourd wrapped in sweetness. The madam laughs and they see her. Sanam says you here? The madam says people call me many things but you called me a bitter gourd and it’s my favorite. I am still adamant about Mishti and Bhaisa’s matter. I don’t want to see you in the office till then, she leaves. Addu says she is a pretty snake. Sanam says I have to save my job.

In the night, Sanam calls Addu and says I will meet you once Kranti is asleep. I will meow to hint you. He says don’t do that. Sanam says I will make a noise like a parrot. Addu says just sing teri jawani mast. Sanam says weird and ends the call. Kranti comes there and eyes him. Sanam says don’t doubt me, I was talking to Addu. He sadly sits down and says you don’t worry about me and just Bhaisa. Kranti says you don’t be that woman’s slave, we can break our FD for you to open the business. Sanam says the madam is not that bad, Bhaisa was wrong. Kranti says to hell with her, she leaves from there. The madam calls Sanam and says you were sleeping? He says yes. She says you were sleeping when you are about to lose your job? He says no I am bringing Bhaisa tonight.

Scene 3
Amar is in the room with Addu. She scolds Addu when he is not letting Bhaisa watch TV. She asks Addu to bring his sacred thread from his kennel.

PRECAP- Sanam comes to Bhaisa’s kennel but Kranti comes there and Amar with Bhaisa.
The madam is in the office with Sanam. Sanam looks away so she can’t see him. The lift breakdowns, she says we should scream. He covers his face and says there is no use.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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