Excuse Me Madam 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam proves that he is not an animal


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Scene 1
Addu moves away from Chatterjee. Madam says Sanam how dare you to kick your wife in front of me? I will call the police. She is about to call the police but Sanam stops her and pleads her. He says her back had a sprain so I was making it fine. Madam says that’s all bullshit. Sanam says if you don’t trust me then come to the park in the evening. Madam says I can’t see anyone abusing a woman. Sanam says I want to see how you react when a man is being abused.

In the evening, Sanam and Addu are waiting. Sanam asks him to kick him when Madam comes. He chews bubble and sees Kranti and Amar coming there. They both hide. Amar tells Kranti that if you wear a short dress then men would go crazy on you. Kranti says I love Sanam. Addu talks an ice-cream seller. Kranti takes Amar from there to get the ice-cream. Sanam spits chewing gum and it falls on Addu’s hair. Sanam starts taking it out. Addu cries in pain. Madam and Chatterjee come there. Madam thinks Sanam was pulling on his wife’s hair. She says disgusting, I will file an FIR against you. Sanam pleads madam and says her hair had chewing gum. Madam says you think I am blind? You were pulling on her hair hard. Madam angrily leaves. Chatterjee flirts with Addu and says you can find a decent man to marry.

Scene 2
Amar becomes a man and acts like an electrician. They see Sanam coming inside. Kranti flirts with Amar and says I can’t run away with you, I have a husband. Sanam hides and thinks Kranti is having an affair. Amar woos Kranti and they joke about Sanam’s fat. Kranti calls Amar Suresh and says I love you Suresh. My husband is useless. She sits in Amar’s lap. Sanam enters there and glares at them. Amar runs from there. Kranti says Suresh be careful. Kranti is tensed. Sanam says I didn’t expect this from you. Kranti says Sanam I have been trying to tell you that I have an affair with that electrician Suresh, he has abs. Sanam says I saw that. Kranti says he is loving, cute and cuddly. Sanam gets jealous and leaves. Kranti says his animal didn’t wake up.

Sanam cries and tells everything to Bhaisa. Bhaisa says that can’t be happening. Kranti comes there. Sanam calls Suresh/Amar and tells him that my wife is very nice, you both can go and live a happy life. Amar says it’s me, there is no Suresh. Kranti says we were taking your test and see if you would get angry. Sanam says I was about to leave the country being so dishearted. Amar says sorry. Kranti says I am sorry and hugs Sanam. He says it’s okay. Kranti says I will massage your head, she goes to make food. Addu comes there so Sanam asks him to not make any mistake tomorrow. Addu says you had thrown chewing gum in my hair.

In the morning, Addu and Sanam come to the office. Addu is dressed as his wife. They wait for madam to come out of the lift. Addu starts slapping Sanam thinking madam is coming out of the lift but it’s someone else. Addu says you wasted my slaps. Sanam says I got slapped. They see Madam and Chatterjee coming there. Addu pulls on Sanam’s hair and sits on him. She beats him and says I will make you eat leftover today. She leaves from there. Madam is stunned.

PRECAP – Sanam tells Kranti that tomorrow is our anniversary. Addu says he was saying he has got a sweet wife and I don’t. Amar glares at him.
Madam tells Sanam and Chatterjee that the competition is to slap each other. Whoever wins will become my temporary boyfriend. Sanam slaps Chatterjee hard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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