Excuse Me Madam 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam gambles with madam

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Scene 1
Madam calls her manager and says I want thousand of posters of Mr. and Mrs. Sanam. Addu comes there dressed as Mrs. Kranti. Addu says I don’t want you to print my and Sanam’s photo in the paper. I don’t want people to know that I am his wife. Madam says you are not that bad looking. Addu says actually the thing is that I was a bar dancer but then Sanam saw me, we ran away together and got married. I don’t want people from bars to recognize me. Madam says it’s okay, I understand. What kind of dance you did? Addu says pole dancing. Madam says you will make me learn that? Addu is stunned.

Sanam comes to Madam. She says I am noticing that you are not complimenting me nowadays. He says your hair is like mandir’s rings. She says what? Chatterjee and Jugal come there too. Madam says we will have a cards party tomorrow at my house as it’s diwali. They all look on. Sanam says it’s a good idea. Chatterjee says I know card games a little. Sanem says I am like the king of cards. Madam says really? Sanam says I don’t lose. Madam says you all are ready? They nod. Madam’s fuse goes off. She acts like an inspector and says I will arrest you all. She scolds them. Chatterjee pinches her. She comes back to her senses. She wishes luck to Sanam. He leaves. Madam smirks.

At the night time, Sanam is playing with Addu. He loses the card game so Addu asks him to take off his pants… it all turns out to be Kranti’s dream. She holds Sanam’s pants and wakes him up. She says promise to never play a card game. Sanam says I don’t want to, I just play with friends. Let me sleep now.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kranti asks him to have breakfast with her. He says I want to lose weight. Kranti says you look fine. Sanam says I want to become fit for others. Kranti says what others? Amar and Addu come there. Addu asks her to come back fast. She asks him to behave and leaves. Kranti goes to make breakfast. Bhaisa says I will keep an eye on him. Kranti gifts a heart-shaped pendent to Sanam. She says my grandfather gave it to me, keep it with you.

In the evening, Sanam, Chatterjee and Jugal come there. Sanam doesn’t bring a gift. They all go to play cards games. Jugal says I won’t play. Sanam chooses his cards after playing.

Amar tells Kranti to keep an eye on Sanam.

Sanam plays the game with Madam and Chatterjee. Madam smirks and recalls a flashback. She made a plan with chatterjee and Jugal to break Sanam’s confidence.

PRECAP – Sanam bets his pendent on the card game. He loses it to Madam. Later Kranti tells Sanam that pendent had their wedding photo. Sanam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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