Are you excited to watch Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai starting next week on Sony Pal?

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai is the story showcasing the journey of Poorvi (Aparna Dixit), the daughter of a senior government employee and Arjun (Navi Bhangu), the spoilt son of the local coal mafia. The show is set in Patna. Initially, Poorvi and Arjun can’t see eye to eye, but steadily get drawn towards each other and eventually, go on to combat all odds and family antagonism for their love. Unfortunately, both are destined to be apart. Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai is thus the story of two star-crossed lovers, their journey of adoration and hatred. The show will revolve around the complexities they face while taking their love to the height to completion.

As seen in the promo that’s airing on the channel, the show looks fresh and has a diversified love story. Arjun’s friends ask the college students to vote for him, referring him as Bhaiya ji. Poorvi stops and asks who is Bhaiya ji. Arjun gives her a look. His friends praise Arjun saying everything belongs to Bhaiya ji here. Poorvi degrades Arjun and taunts him to grow up first, and then she will see him. Arjun is bowled over by her boldness and tough reply. He smiles looking at her and says it will be fun to meet her. The distinct individuals will finally fall in love, after knowing each other and as Arjun wins her heart by being supportive always. The show is starting on October 16, 2014 at the 7pm Slot on Sony Pal. The show got delayed by some reasons and its better late than never. Arjun and Poorvi are coming to win your hearts, are you ready and excited to watch this show next week? Let us know.

  1. Yeah promo looks cool

  2. Yes i’m really willing. After the promo you defined here. In the promo There is really great love story is going to shown in a tv show

  3. Is it prinyanka from splitsvilla?

  4. No she is not priyanka!

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