Are you excited for a short leap in Dil Se Dil Tak?

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Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak will be soon having a short leap in the story. Teni misunderstands Parth and Shorvori. She decides to leave the city and go far from them. Parth admits to Shorvori that he really loves Teni. Shorvori doesn’t hold him responsible for spoiling their relation, as she was the one who replaced herself with Teni in their lives. It was Shorvori’s wish to get Teni in Parth’s life. When she was dealing with her critical illness, she just wanted Parth and Teni to become life partners. Shorvori feels her wish has turned true only when she got her relationship back. She gets remorseful over her loveless relationship with Parth. She doesn’t limit Parth’s feelings and instead lets him live in peace.

Shorvori decides to unite Parth and Teni. Soon, they learn about Teni leaving the house. Parth files a missing report to trace Teni with the help of police. Shorvori wishes Parth to find Teni. Teni will be seen beginning a new life in some another city. Teni will be paired up with her new love interest. Teni will be stepping in a relationship, unaware of Parth’s feelings. The show will have a new entry of actor Iqbal Khan, who is currently seen in Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya. Are you excited for a short leap in Dil Se Dil Tak? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Parth loves Teni??!! I mean seriously?? Then this would be the most idiotic show I have ever seen. And this won’t encourage surrogacy . Henceforth no woman will trust a woman. Go to hell

    1. Idiotic? Haha no. I mean.. This show is best. Parth love teni is not mistake. She also him wife before. I love this show 🙂

  2. This show needs to end. All this show has done is shown that hey it’s okay, you can fall out of love and in love with another person in a matter of months and it is okay. No issues the wife is cool with that as well. I thought people thought PPK was sick…….if that is the case then I don’t even have words for this show. I mean Parth was deeply in love with his love to the point that he could not think of anything else and the. lo behold he fell out of love and in love with his child’s surrogate mother. BRAVO!!! This show is sick!!!

  3. Excited for a leap ?? If this would be for closing the show then the answer would definitely be yes

  4. blo*dy serial and bad message to soceity? i can feel shorvari pain parth is totally wrong i hate him he want all the girls.. i will stop watching this shit show as soon as shorvari disappears she deserves a good serial with a neat story line…. this serial only made for teni mata only teni’s land such a sl*t she is..

  5. This shows that faith in love is a foolish thing because someone do good for you doesn’t lead to you to fall in love with the person. Stupid show. And thank God old parth is gone as he know where his character is going directionless, baseless. And at the same time shorovori should leave parth and take her baby and live life happily ever after

  6. Why this serial exists!!!

  7. Without shorvori , the show has nothing interesting and shorvori deserves Parth love as she is also mother of his daughter and her life only revolve around Parth and ipshita .. on the other hand tenny is single and she can start her life again..

  8. This makes no sense .

    Since Teni cane cane into the show , all she wants is Parath. Teni broke a happy marriage and this surrogacy thing … he left Shorvari for Teni. Seriously!! It’s best to keep your love ? And adopt a kid . Than sharing your man with another woman . Hate this show .

    What’s happened to Shorvari. She did so much for Parth and he dumped her for Teni. When Ipshita asked who her mum is ? So they tell her it’s Teni or Shorvari?

  9. This is a crap serial which is showing no sense. How can some one love a new girl and betray his own wife. it is showing how much relation of husband and wife was weak . That some other women can take her place. This is really crap. They should shut down this serial and the family bull shit is also supporting the Parth.

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