Are you excited to see Pankhudi back in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai?

Pankhudi is returning back to Pyaar Ka Dard Hai and its like getting back to zero point, from where Adi started. When he was accepting Ayesha as his life partner and was getting engaged to her, Pankhudi makes an entry in his life and shocks everyone. The current track shows: Nani asks Sheela to see what all Ayesha did for them. Nani says Ayesha is like Pankhudi. Sheela nods yes. Ambika reacts to this and says Ayesha can never be like Pankhudi. She is just acting to be like her. She says if she knew everyone loves Ayesha here, she would have brought Poonam here for Adi. Nani argues. Adi is shocked knowing this truth that Avantika was planting Poonam in his life, by lying to him. Ambika has a grudge against her, while Poonam is the one who helped Adi is bringing back Ayesha and proving her innocent. Adi thanks Poonam for being a humble friend always. Poonam gives the credit to Ayesha for teaching her how to keep friendship. Nani tells everyone that Ayesha loves Adi a lot and everyone is shocked.

Avantika will apologize to Ayesha and says that she too believe Ayesha is the best life partner for Adi. Further, Ayesha will save Ambika’s life and gets hurt. Adi, Avantika and Harish take her to the hospital. Ambika too will change her prospective towards Ayesha and will accept her. Adi and Ayesha are going to get engaged happily as Adi decides to move on in his life. Avantika says finally Diwaan’s bahu is returning to the family. Aditya tells Ayesha from now on her happiness is his responsibility.But his world turns upside down when he sees Pankhudi back in his life. Even Pankhudi is shocked seeing her look alike Ayesha with Adi. Everyone happily welcome Pankhudi, but are tensed as it will be injustice to Ayesha now. What step will Adi take now? What do you think about Pankhudi’s comeback? Let us know.

  1. We don’t like pankudi to come back.
    As we all have accepted ayesha as adhis life partner

  2. PANKHUDI is the soul of the show as well as PAYA[Adi/Pankhu jodi] the cutest and magical couple ever.

    PKDH is and will always be story about Adi/Pankhu and Pankhu is the best and happy to see her coming back.

    Can’t wait to watch PAYA’s reunion and emotional moments as they are meeting after long 2 yrs.

  3. Pankuri died in an earth slip authenticated by medical reports. It is generally accepted that the medical authorities would not have authenticated Pankuri as dead unless confirmed by DNA .

    The good ess of Pankuri was extremely difficult to match Avanthica thought. Ayesha proved it otherwise. As nani said in the episode Ayesha was not only a look alike Pankuri but Pankuri personified.

    Ayesha being accepted by Avanthica and the entire Devan family gives an example of how TRUTH, and SACRIFICE and patience finally tramphs over all evil manipulations. Dead Pankuri coming back distorts the whole moral of such an interesting story.

    I hope the producers will not be foolish to do that

  4. Return of pankudi will be a mess. After proving her death so perfectly it will be too damn a foolish act.

  5. Lol so stupid. When will Indian shows change??? I remember doctor telling Adi “I’m sorry but this lady is no more” and now she’s back from dead?? STUPID SHOW!!

    1. I agree with you S.
      Thats the stupidity of indian series

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  7. This is why people make fun of Indian shows.

  8. We don’t want pankudi now.
    We need the best tallented ayesha.
    She deserves a rest and happiness

  9. we love pankhudi and we are waiting for pankhudi ,please get her back in adi’s life… and pankhudi also sacrifised everything for deewaan mention so ayesha no need to continue we want pankhudi returns

  10. we want pankhudi back. we don’t want ayesha. pls bring pankhudi back to adi’s life

  11. phankhuri is the best, no one can take her place not even this ayesha

  12. Panku all d way ,I hv stop watching dis show bt wit panku bck I tink I will strt watching it again

  13. i stpd watchng dis show long back..d storyline really got boring.. nd nw by brngng bk pankhudi i really dnt get wat mess goin 2 b created…. hope producers dnt fall in their own pits… 😀

  14. As I had earlier commented PKDH is taking too many twists. What happens to Ayesha if Pankhudi is back assuming one of them will either pass away or alternatively Pankhudi might be considerate as per her nature to give way to Ayesha anyway looking forward to watch these interesting episodes

  15. True luv cannot be replaced ever so my advice is to adi should patch up with pakhuri and ayesha shuld start up with her new lyf as ayesha & adi both were considering their relation has friendship so it shuld continue wid a friend ship.As whole India is watching and the people should knw wat is the difference between frndshp and luv and through these serial we can knw wat is luv ? Luv is so beautiful so dnt give friendship name as a luv.As luv is so pure so adi and pankhuri are made for each other and they should be one Pls. In these World everything can be done if your luv is wid u.Do all thngs wid luv. luv happens only once and dat is true.

  16. I stopped watching the show after pankuri’s death.but now as she is back i will again start watching the show to see what would be the reaction of pankuri after knowing about ayesha and adi. Will she be(u) or will she give her right to ayesha .by the way i want pankuri not ayesha. Luv pankuri.

  17. Srry will she be hart broken or will she give her right to ayesha .

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