Ex Bigg Boss contestants Rahul Roy Recovering after a Brain Stroke

Aashiqui fame and an ex Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Roy suffered a cerebrovascular stroke while he was shooting for his web film “L.A.C – Live The Battle” in Kargil. He is not keeping well and is still seeking treatment in Mumbai. The cerebrovascular stroke resulted in a condition called Aphasia where he is unable to form proper sentences.

One of the producers, Nivedita Basu talked about the entire incident and said,”Rahul has been a close friend of the director and he was the first one on the project. When we were looking for the other cast we already knew he was on board, and after doing a short film called ‘Walk’ with him during the lockdown, Nitin knew Rahul would be a good choice. Kargil had extreme weather conditions and they had gone up to -12°C and -13°C, so it was just a matter of time when someone would have succumbed to the cold, and I think that’s exactly what happened with Rahul. His one day of the shoot was still left but when we got to know about him, we told Nitin that we need to get him out.

Nivedita revealed that the production taking care of all the expenses, and said, “Nitin arranged for him to be airlifted from Kargil to Srinagar and then back to Mumbai. The expenses are being taken care of by the production, he was taken to the hospital immediately by us and was given immediate attention. There was some confusion that we did not take care of, but the whole idea of him being airlifted was ours and getting him to a Mumbai hospital also. We have been covering all the expenses because health comes first. His one day of work is left but how we do it is not important, him recovering well is most important now. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

We wish Rahul a speedy recovery!

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