My evil heart Chapter 13: I’m not sure! (RagSan chapter)

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Chapter 13: I’m not sure! (RagSan chapter)

This chapter is speacially for Nikky, cause she requested me for more RagSan scenes.

Ragini’s pov
I was going to take a shower, when I suddenly felt weak and sick. I went to the bathroom to throw up. I threw up for a few mins, but I hope that I’m not pregnant, cause I’m not ready for it. “Ragini, are you allright?” “Yes, I’m fine Sansku!” “I don’t believe you!” “I’m not feeling well Sanky!” “Can I come in?” He asked me and I replied back: “yes, you can!” He slowly came in, he made me stand up, then he carried me, he layed me down and said: “today, you will rest and do nothing!” “Yes, boss!” Then Sansku said: “I will be staying at home today, will start work tomorrow!” “No, you should go to work, I will stay SwaHa!” “No, I will stay with my beautiful wife!” “Do as you wish Sanky!” “Don’t get angry my darling!” Sanky said to me and I pretended like I didn’t hear anything. “Sorry Ragini!” “No!” “Don’t ignore me, my jaan, I can’t live without you!” Sanky said cutely. I still ignored him, then I went down to the kitchen to have something to eat, but someone disturbed me from eating chocolate and it was Sanskar.
End of her pov

Sanskar’s pov
“You disturbed me Sanky!” “When did I disturb you?” “Right now, from eating my favourite orange choc.” “Solly!” I said. “Don’t solly me, just leave me alone!” “What’s wrong with you Ragini?” “I don’t know!” “Are you pregnant?” “I’m not sure!” “How can you not be sure?” “Cause since today morning I felt sick and I’m not ready to be pregnant.”
End of his pov

RagSan’s scene
“We have the house for us all alone, we could have some fun in here!” A naughty Sanky said. “What is going on in your mind?” “Baby, when you are near me toh mera dil badtameez ho jata hai(then my heart becomes mannerless).”  “Oho, are you trying to be romantic?” “No, I always am!” All of the sudden his lips were kissing hers, he layed her down on the kitchen counter and they started to make out.
End of their scene

Future prediction of the author
“Five children are going to  run around,cause they are going to play hide and seek. These children are going to be: “Nidhi from the reason of my heartbeat(RagSan’s daughter), Namish + his non identical twin bro Rakesh both are from the reason of my heartbeat(RaHa’s sons), Varun and his sister Sam from the reason of my heartbeat(SwaLak’s kids).” “You can read the reason of my heartbeat only in Wattpad and In TU as well.
End of the the author’s future prediction

Author’s note
The future prediction could be true or false?

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