Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 32

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Episode  32

Swara: Well I am thinking of resigning and moving out the city or even the country……

Ragini: But Shona…..

Swara: Well that’s what you wanted me to do few days back, now why are you sad when I am acting on your advice…..

Ragini:  Ya I wanted you to move forward but at your own will, not for some b*t*h like Kavya…… (Trying to make Swara understand)

Swara: I have decided Ragu and there is no moving back now………

Ragini: But Shona….

Swara: Yes Ragu…. I have decided…. And I mean it. To move ahead in my life first I have to move away from my past, my memories which are holding me back. And this place has too many memories all over and I will never be able to move on if I am here and there is Laksh’s marriage coming……. I don’t have such big heart.

Ragini: You are saying correct Shona, but I am not ready to let you go….. Yash needs you and what about your parents….. ( almost crying)

Swara: Come on you don’t cry now….. You are my strength…… If you break down like this what will I do?

Ragini: But what are you going to do?

Swara: Well for starter I would move to Mumbai with my cousin Reema, and then I will decide whether to work there or move to USA with my uncle to complete my masters….. I already have passed the exasms and have nearly 85% scholarship.

Ragini: You have it all planned right…. (Almost giving up)

Swara: Well I am not going to die. I will call you and Yash everyday…..

Ragini: Like I would stay quite if you won’t……

Swara: Ragu…..

Ragini: Well what are you going to tell your parents?

Swara: Welll…..

Ragini: Don’t tell me they will be last to know? Or would they even know till you reach Mumbai….?

Swara: Ragu please…… I don’t have any other option….. You know maa na…

Ragini: Well what can I say when you are already decided. But what are you going to tell Laksh, he won’t keep quit once he hear about your resignation, which he will or better Adresh Bhiya……

Swara: Well today is Thursday, I will send resignation letter on Saturday 6 pm after Mrs.D’Costa leave at 5 pm. So she would see the that only on Monday….. and has Laksh has gone for few days I can bet my life on the fact that he won’t be back before Monday. And by Monday I would be gone…..

Ragini: Wow great plan, fully sorted…… (Sarcastically)

Swara: Ya and I know you would not do anything to sabotage it….. Right Ragu…. (Giving her a questioning look)

Ragini: My lips are sealed I promise…… (Showing a zipping gesture by hands)

Swara: Well I am going home early. I have to prepare CV and do packing. Bye…..

As soon as Swara left, Ragini was left thinking……


Ragini’s POV

I cannot let you go Swara. Not for that b*t*h anyways….. You deserve better Swara much better…… I won’t mint to be a villain to you now just to save you…. I know Laksh you are an ass but at this movement you are the only one who could help me. You need to know she is going and only you can stop her madness…… But to tell you without breaking her trust……. If she come to know, irrespective of result, she will kill me first and then ask the reason. Thanking me will come in next life……

Just has Ragini was thinking she saw Heena Khan the HR head and her devil brain formed an idea……

Ragini: Hello…. Mrs. Khan….

Heena: Hi…. Mrs. Nair

Ragini: Well its right that we can submit our peer managers resignation….

Heena: Ya are you resigning? (Smiling )

Ragini: No why would I do that? I am not eye sore to any one……

Heena: Well then you mean Mahesh is resigning…. He has always been on the wrong side of Mr. Maheshwari……

Ragini: No man I am just asking???

Heena: Ho you mean….

Ragini: Well I hope it remains just between us….

Heena: Ho come on Mrs. Nair you know me. And everything is quit in HR department.

Ragini: Well I knew you would never break my trust. Thank you Mrs. Khan….

Heena: Well I take your leave now. Bye…..


Well as she left Ragini congratulated herself for not seeing certain some one behind the door and listening to the conversation.

Ragini: (In her mind) Good…. Work is done agent X.


It was Saturday 2 pm…..

Ragini: Just pick up the dam phone Shona….

Swara: Ya I am doing that… Don’t shout.

Ragini: How long will I shout at you. (Pouting)

Swara: Please don’t start again we are over this….

Ragini: Fine just pick up the hell phone…

Swara: Hello…..

Mrs.D’Costa: Hello Miss Sharma. Is the file of Ahuja Industries completed along with presentation.

Swara: Ya..

Mrs.D’Costa: Well can you bring it me…. It’s a kind of urgent. Mr. Maheshwari will look into it the first thing when he comes on Monday we have an meeting.

Swara: Well I will drop it by the evening (Feeling relived that Laksh is not there yet)

Mrs.D’Costa: Well Miss. Shrama I am kind of leaving early today. Could you send it to me just now.

Swara: Ok fine.

Mrs.D’Costa: Thank you I appreciate it.

Ragini: What happened Shona?

Swara: Well Mrs. D’Costa need the file of Ahuja Industries now…. (Almost scared)

Ragini: Well what’s the matter go and give it to her

Swara: Well can you please go and give it…

Ragini: Come on Swara see my hands are kind of full now…… You can send it with someone else from the team…..

She said it knowing fully well that entire team has gone out to celebrate birthday of their team mate Reema. As soon as Swara left the cabin she too remembered that….

Swara: Well Ragu….

Ragini: Come on Swara just go and give the dam file it’s not like you are going to give it to Lucifer himself.

Swara: Well your imagination is crazy.,…. And ya what’s harm I will go and drop this file and run back….

Ragini: You are such a kid woman…..


Swara went to top floor and saw Mrs. D’costa trying to manage a huge pile of files….

Swara: Can I help you?

Mrs. D’costa: No everything is under control…..

Swara: Ok here is the file….

Mrs. D’costa: Well can drop it on my desk….. Better can you drop it on Mr.Maheshwari’s  desk. See my hands are kind of full now…..

Swara: Well…. (Looking with fear towards Laksh’s office)

Mrs. D’costa: Why…. What happened?

Swara: Well is he back?

Mrs. D’costa: No why?

Swara: Then why is his office open?

Mrs. D’costa: Well I was cleaning it. Why Miss. Shrama any problem?

Swara: No nothing…..(with a blank eye)

Mrs. D’costa: Then please keep the file there in the green box towards the left of table thank you…

Swara went to the cabin with baby steps. Once inside the cabin she dropped the file and looked towards Laksh’s chair. She was involuntarily drawn towards it. She went near it and tried to take in as much as possible…..

Swara:(In her mind) Even when you are not there this dam place smells like you…. Its too much….. But now I am going away from all this….. all this madness….. I love dammit…… But I am sorry….. Sorry for everything…. Bye….. I hope we never meet….

Just as she was she turned she was frozen by a husky voice….

Voice: I heard it all Swara…… Why are you running away……

A heart felt SORRY to all my readers…. I could not update this story for nearly one month SORRY…… I had my exams and was pretty busy. But I promise to make up for it and also promise to give you regular updates please bear with me…..

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  2. nd plz move the story on and bring laksh and swara romance plzzzz

  3. hey i almost lost hope that u will update but now as u r back am so happy but plz move the story and bring some romantic scenes

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