Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 31

Episode 31
It was four in the morning, Sujata could not sleep after yesterday’s events. The things were going out of control now. She wished to speak to her son yesterday night only, but he was no condition to listen.
At this time she went to kitchen to drink water when she heard some footsteps….. But before she could get out and see she heard the garage been opened and saw Lucky’s favorite car BMW gifted to him by his father getting out of gate. And she knew she was too late…….
Just then she rushed to his only to find a letter on his table,

Dear all,
Sorry for what happened yesterday, it was never my intension to embarrass you all. I am a bit confused and stressed now so I am going somewhere to clear my head. Please don’t search for me I will be back soon.
Mom and bhaiya I know you are hell angry with me but I promise to make it good as soon as I come back.
Bhai Mrs. D’Costa has complete details of my meetings please attend them for me I promise I make good for it when I come back.
Kavya I know you have hell lot of questions for me and I promise I will answer them all on my return.
Pari bhahi take care of yourself and child till I am back.
Again SORRY for what I am doing, but can’t help.

Swara’s eyes had bags as big as salt sacks in the morning, but still managed to cover it up with makeup as much as possible and dragged herself to office. She did not want that Arrogant Maheshwari to get satisfaction that he is affecting her. She had decided to move on and that’s what she will do……
When she went to breakfast both her parents were having a grim face, like someone died.
Swara: What happened mother India why are so sad?
Shomi: You don’t know shone!!
Swara: And what must I so importantly know?
Shomi: Well Lucky just ran away……
Swara: What!!!!!!
Shomi: What you didn’t knew?
Shekar: Well she left early yesterday…..
Shomi: And you didn’t tell me…..
Swara: But mom yesterday his engagement was announced……!!
Shekar: No beta that did not happen.
Swara: But why??
Every preparation for the announcement special cards were printed with date and venue. Loads of champagne were stocked to pop on the announcement, even celebrity dance was booked. As for the engagement everything from menu to color of curtains were decided, then what changed Swara thought….
Shomi: Well when Adersh was about to announce engagement Laksh was nowhere to be found. But later we found him in the study but he too drunk even to move. So the engagement announcement was cancelled.
Sawra: But I heard the fireworks….
Shekar: But that was for the child.
Swara: But where did he go?
Shomi: Nobody knows he just wrote a letter and went away today morning. Didi is really upset. Do you where he went?
Swara: How would I know ask his girlfriend maa…..
Swara was really puzzled by Laksh’s move he was not a person to run away from a situation. He believed in holding to his ground and fighting.
It had been two days since Laksh was missing nobody seems to know where he went. But what irked Swara the most was Ragini was also not reachable. After the function her phone was switched off and she had not even come to office. It was enough; today Swara was going to visit her at her home talking a half day. Just then…..
Ragini: Hey….. had you been crying again? (Seeing Swara’s puffed eyes)
Swara: No just spend few sleepless nights….
Ragini: Me too….. (Said without thinking)
Swara: Hey what happened?
Ragini: Arre nothing important yaar….. You tell how is Anarkali holding after the engagement announcement of Salem?
Swara: Shut up b*t*h……
Ragini: Hey its office no abusing….
Swara: Well for your information engagement announcement of Salem was not made……
Ragini: What???? Come again
Swara: Ya it didn’t happened.
Ragini: And why so?
Swara: Well he was too drunk to attend it that day and after that he just diapered…..
Ragini: What?? You mean he just ran away….
Swara: Ragu…
Ragini: Just conforming man….
Swara: Hmmmm….
Ragini: Well then tell me where is he and what happened between you?
Swara: What?? Why is everybody asking me about his whereabouts???
Ragini: Well last time you two met, you made a disappearing act, and it’s him. There is definitely some ting fishy. Come on puke out lady….
Swara: Ragu you are……
Before she can finish her sentence, she heard a knock on the door and then door opened to revel Kavya standing on the door.
Kavya: Hello Swara. Can I talk to you………privately?
Swara: Yeh….. (A bit nervous)
She just pushed Ragini out of the who went away mumbling under her breath….
Swara: Come have a seat. Is everything alright?
Kavya: You tell me…. (as if interrogating her)
Swara: Well I think Laksh will be back soon and everything will be alright
Kavya: Listen Swara I don’t have the habit of going round and round I will come straight to the point. Laksh will come back in a day or two, but when he comes back I don’t want you anywhere near him or his family…..
Swara: What??? (Shocked)
Kavya: Well I know about your little fling with him… (Making a knowing eyes)
Swara: Listen I can understand about your concern regarding Laksh, and on that front you can rest assured. But why should I stay away from the family?
Kavya: Well till you are there, they will always compare me and you it’s not that I am afraid about the competition, but why complicate our lives.
Swara: Fine but where is there any competition, I am just a neighbor and you are after all their future daughter in law…..
Kavya: Well that’s the problem you are neither daughter of that family nor just a neighbor. You are somewhere in between……. Why would you want this half baked relationships. After all you have a family o your own…. (Sarcastically)
Swara:(In her heart because this half baked relationships for you is family for me)
Kavya: And I don’t want Laksh to seek you in any week movement….( She finished with a scrawl)
Each word Kavya said was like a dragger to her heart but Swara knew somewhere deep inside she was saying truth….. As she had seen many week movements for her own comfort.
Swara: Sorry Kavya I never thought my presence was hurting you so much. It was not intentional, but still sorry.
Kavya: Its fine Swara. I am happy that you understand me without any hard feelings….. Hope you don’t take it personally.
Swara: Ho never. (Taking all the efforts not to cry in front of her)
Kavya: As we have reached an understanding I think I must leave now. I have wasted enough of your time already….. (Getting up )
Swara: Bye…. I will leave you till the door..
Kavya: Ho no need why should you show me out in my own office, now do you need that…… (Smirking)
Ragini: 99.9% of times its sons, daughters and grand children who are named in the WILL, daughter in laws just get a joint account or sometimes even not that (Huffing in anger)
Swara: Come on Ragu listening to someone’s talk is not good manners…
Ragini: Come on Shona don’t talk about manners at least in case of that b*t*h….
Swara: Ragu….. Avoid yaar.
Ragini: What does she think of herself when she could not manipulate Laksh’s family or Laksh she makes you her soft target. How mean.
Swara: But what she said was true Ragu, you can’t deny that
Ragini: To hell with the truth Shona…… Leave that moron Laksh, but know how much that family means to you and what have you done for them. Just don’t think of leaving them all for that b*t*h…
Swara: But Ragu she is too going to be the part of that family.
Ragini: Shona but……
Swara: I am done Ragu. Really…..
Ragini: What do you mean for that b*t*h you are going to press some button and disappear for ever or are you going to just pop in some cyanide and die….. (Her anger raising)
Swara: I am not going to commit suicide dammit. I am just done with this place as a whole…..
Ragini: What do you mean…..( Now getting scared)
Swara: Well I am thinking of resigning and moving out the city or even the country……
Ragini: But Shona…..
Swara: Well that’s what you wanted me to do few days back, now why are you sad when I am acting on your advice…..
Ragini: Ya I wanted you to move forward but at your own will, not for some b*t*h like Kavya…… (Trying to make Swara understand)
Swara: I have decided Ragu and there is no moving back now………

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