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Hi dears….am really sorry so so so sorry for typing such things in my last plot coz I was upset yes I was and the reason was a day before had an face to face final interview was frustrated with that and tensed for the result yet dint receive any mail or phone calls that made me too upset and that was the outcome in my last plot……so pl do bear with my ff and yup it’s quiet boring but then also pl do comment and support and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHO ALL COMMENTED AND SILENT READERS FOR COMMENTING AND PL DO SUPPORT AND COMMENTS PLEASE GUYS………………

Few said character sketch was clumsy but im sure u will definitely get cleared when further parts are uploaded……so pl do wait and read and comment pl…..i pretty well know that am bad in writing so pl do tolerate and do give suggestions…

This is purely a shivika based plot as to how he confessed how they married and what all happened in their last three years….quiet long since it is an flashback……so here goes the next plot..


It was late night when Shivay reached home oly after the confirmation of pinky’s arrival and well being…when he reached hme it was hell dark and directly headed towards their room…… His lady love was eagerly waiting for him to come and finally he came

Anika: finally Shivay u got to knw the route to this house??? ( Without letting him to answer she continued) pinky aunty reached hme and she fine now and along with her Shakthi uncle also is fine…….

Shivay: ( shocked but very well know abt who wud hav told her) yeah my dear biwi she is fine and yeah all are doing good…. I think u are fast in updating urself……

Anika: yup wat to do my pyaari pathi is not having time to tell or to discuss his plan to his biwi that’s y I myself doing updation…..( Said with fake anger)

Shivay moved towards the bed and soon rested on the wall near the bed and like a kid waiting for her loved ones to take them in their protective embrace Anika went towards her protective, lovin, caring and most importantly her pyaari pathis chest…

Anika: Shivay do u remember how our lives changed into something unexpected nd how this great taadibaaz Shivay changed into Romeo taadibaaz????? I still can’t forget all those days and ur proposal though it was unromantic yet it was romantic……

Shivay: ( one hand placed around her and another hand entwined with her’s) yup I too remember that how can I forget???? It took one year for me to propose you and u showed ur taadi to me and made me wait for another one long year and finally u accepted and v married and now waiting for our children who wud complete me……

Anika: Shivay do u know what took time for me to accept you coz I wanted to knw whether u still believe in ur idealogies and still stuck in the same cd abt middle class ppl etc….. And yet do u want me to see as ur child’s mother???? I knw very well u changed but somewhere I was afraid and that fear won and finally took one year after ur proposal to accept you…..

Saying so she closed her eyes and started to thnk three years back….

Flashback- 3years back…..

Author’s Note: this part ll start where Shivay went to Ankia’s hse after receiving the call from sahil’s school…..

Anika’s pov:

As soon as I opened the door I was hell shocked to see the great Shivay Singh Oberoi to stand in front of me and tat too this is not my hse but how come he came to knw tat am here??? And wait wait he’s looking very much tired and little exhaust and yup little worried not exactly little more worried…… what can it be or wait does he knew the truth????? I don’t think so he might have got to knw the truth but looking at him in this state I feel myself torn apart and want to hug him and console but to my surprise he hugged me and and he cried like a small kid who is found after he or she is lost…..But soon I took him over and consoled him though he is a kid now……

End of pov…

Anika:( forwarded a glass of water towards him and sat beside him) Shivay I don’t knw what happened but all I wanna tell u now is jus go and have some rest( saying so she pointed towards the direction of the room)

Like a kid he obeyed and went to the room and just made his mind heart and all the thoughts away closed his eyes jus remembering the one who have birth to him and the one who brought him and the one who supported him….

He jus woke up oly the next day dreadful incident and he saw a set of clothes beside him soon he got freshen up and reached the hall of that small house…..soon his eyes widened not in shock but a mixture of both shock and surprise…..recovering from shock sry sry surprise…..he asked anika…

Shivay: Anika what is happening and why the hell all the bags have been packed???? Are you shifting the house????

Anika: no shivay we are not shifting but moving out…..(taking a pause) well not moving out of this house…. Moving out of this city…..

Shivay: (hell shocked now) what y the hell are u moving out of this city and where and why and what is the need????

Anika: yeah we are moving out!!! WE are moving out…… none is my own and I jus received oly pain frm ppl whom I considered mine that’s y….

Shivay: okay fine wherever u r going am also coming with you….. no more questions regarding this and this is final….

Anika: (after a lot of thinking she finally spoke) ok then u will also come with us but on one condition….not exactly a condition it is a deal kinda deal…. Are u sure u r ready for the deal???

Shivay: sure ready for the deal!!!!!


Shivay: ( to anika’s surprise) yeah I agree to the deal…. Will go with the flow without any complains and regrets….

Anika: No second thoughts of returning….. I hope u understand now…..

Shivay: Once decided no stepping back…. Coz shivay singh….singh…..(words lost) coz shivay doesn’t like to step back(doing his signature step)

After few mins they heard someone knockin the door….anika went and opened the door…and a boy stood in front….

Boy: Ma’am here are you tickets to lucknow….totally five tickets…..

Anika: five tickets but I just booked oly three tickets and how come five I thnk there is a confusion just check with the ur manager….

Boy: but ma’am it is our manager who sent five tickets……..

Haan beta it is for us that extra two tickets…..(someone came frm behind the boy and stood in front of anika first she was shocked but later on she understood)and soon anika acknowledged the boy and sent him..

Anika: Am sorry aunty ji but I don’t know who you are????(she is not aware of that lady)

But didi u know me right after all I guess im ur sister……(came another voice behind the lady….)

Anika: Saumya???????(shocked to the core)

Saumya: haan didi it’s me saumya and she is my aai(mother).. will u not call us in..

Realizing that they all are out anika asked them to come inside and soon entered shivay was shocked to see them but they both were very casual…

Shivay: saumya how are you? Where you went?? And what are you doing here with your mother here???

Saumya: bade bhaiya.. who actually I got transferred to another institute in lucknow and when I went to travel agency to book tickets I saw anika didi there booking three tickets for lucknow and when I enquired the manager about the passenger details he said did’s name along with yours and sahil….. then I got to knw something is fishy and informed aai and decided to move along with you guys… coz I got used to stay with a big family after such a long time and now to stay alone I find very difficult so if u guys find it okay then we all will stay together if not fine then me and aai will stay alone…..(completed her justification I one go controlling her tears)

Anika:(went near saumya and holded her hands) saumya I know what u exactly want to tell but I don’t thnk so it will work out I myself new to the city and right now no job and even sahil is with me..but moving along with u both will create a burden for u and I don’t want to be a burden for anyone….

Sita: (saumya’s mom) Anika beta I know what u r trying to say… but no mom will ever tell her children as burden… saumya told a lot abt u and shivay and sahil too so my children will never be a burden to anyone….and regarding place to stay I do have a frnd there I spoke with her and she offered us an rented house so no need to worry abt it and n regarding work I do have some savings and u both (shivay and anika) can start ur own business….(soon after this shivay and anika opposed this but they were cut off by sita) u can take this money as loan and can return it with interest when u get enough profit.. now get ready it is getting late for our train…..

Accepted the help sorry sorry loan from saumya’s mom they five departed to railway station and moved out of the city…and reached a new city with new hopes and new beginning…..

After few months everything was getting back to its place and shivay began to realize that what ppl are, what life is and what money is and most importantly who anika is……..

One year later………

One fine evening all five were having a small family chit chat along with a cup of tea and it was indeed an important day in shivay’s life…

Shivay: Anika I need to talk to u..(looked straight into her eyes when she turned towards him) I Love You…..will you marry me again????

All were shocked especially anika was the one who was shocked to the core….shivay continued..

Anika I know I’ve hurt u a lot frm the day we met but all those times u never gave up and showed me what is right and what is wrong and after I married u in such a terrible way then also u stood with me and made me feel strong and made me to differentiate between right and wrong….and even then I just gave u immense pain I concluded that u cannot become the mother for my children coz of my ideologies about naam, khoon, kandhan… but when I found myself not worth of those ideologies I jus realized that I was totally wrong and then I moved to you u consoled me and without any questions u gave me new life and made me understand that no what how much rich one can be he/she is still a human being with same color blood and with same two hands and two legs….money is not everything a persons thinking and the way he look at ppl and things differ…..with money we cant get sleep, love, friendship, a person oly with a good heart we can get anything( sleep, love, friendship, person)…. I learnt to sleep peacefully, learnt to smile, learnt to thank ppl, learnt to apologize, learnt to make friends and most importantly learnt to live life……( taking a deep breathe) I need to still learn what is life and that too with you so will you hold my hands and teach me what is life is will you?????

Anika: (whose eyes filled with tears after listening to his confession spoke finally composing herself) Shivay I need some time… please I know you understand so please give me some time……

Shivay: I know anika take your time I will be waiting throughout my life..(saying so he left frm that place and after few mins anika too left)

Days, months, and a year passed by…yet anika dint accept shivay’s proposal….but bith of them were excelling in their own business and both were successful but they did not reveal their identity……shivay Is known as shiv and anika is known as anu to their business partners…..they made no business rivals but oly business partners cum friends….one day the employees from anika’s event organizing company and they were decorating their whole house….leaving others confused….

WHY IS HER EMPLOYEES DECORATING??? To know pl do read and wait for next part…….

You can definitely bash me for showing such a condition from anika let me clear that she has done with some hidden intention and whether it has become successful or not have to wait for the next plot…..

That’s all for today friends….. hope I dint bore you and yup its quiet long coz wanted to cover the past of shivika that’s y…..do comment both positive and negative…. Kindly ignore grammatical and typo errors……

Sorry for such a long boring chappy pl sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy………..

Take care friends….


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