Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 8

Kusum: Beta what are you doing here??
Sanchi: This is my house so…
Kabir: You had to buy this house, there are so many other houses in Delhi
Kusum elbowed Kabir
Kusum: Don’t mind him
Sanchi: Not at all I see enough of him at work
Kusum: We actually brought a gift for you.
Sanchi: Thank you so much!! I’m sorry but I can’t let any guests come in until my pooja. Sorry
Kusum: Don’t worry I understand
Sanchi: Aunty you are welcome to come this Friday for pooja, Hitl Kabir can come as well.
Kabir glared at Sanchi
Kusum (giggled a little): sure beta, ok bye
Sanchi: Have a nice day
Sanchi was about to close the door when…
Kabir: WAIT why did you scream??
Sanchi: Ummm you were hurting me??
Kabir: Tell me!!
Sanchi: What you did was wrong? You have no right to even touch me so I screamed!! Also I’m not leaving you for this!!
Kabir: Oh I’m so scared !!

Kabir rolls his eyes and walks towards his car.
Kusum: She’s a nice girl and traditional
Kabir: Maa please
Kusum: What I’m just saying she’s a nice traditional girl.
Kabir: Traditional my foot, Maa mujhe nahi pata kui but I just hate her. She’s so annoying and rude and weird.
He tells everything that happened today.
Kusum: Maybe it reminded her something bad that happened to her. You never know
Kabir: You’re maybe right she did yell bachao
Kusum: Chalo Kabir Malti ne khana bana di hoga.
Kabir: Aap apna diet chart follow kar rahi hai ??
Kusum: Yes now let’s go in, it’s too hot here
Back to Sanchi, she gets a call
Key Shop: Your key is ready ma’am
Sanchi: Ok I will come get it tomorrow. Is that okay??
Key Shop: Ya that’s okay
Sanchi: This Kabir is really distracting me from my main goal. At least I now know everyone’s schedule. Kabir leaves last so at 9PM. Let me check if there is any patient with a surgery after 9. Bingo!! So on Thursday I will go in there. Kunal se main CCTV ka kam kara logi

**Thursday Afternoon…
Dr. Sanchi: “Today is the day, Kunal finally hacked into the CCTV and stopped the Prohibited Room cameras. So surgery starts at 9:30PM and ends at 1:30. Perfect plus I’m not working tomorrow!!”
Dr. Kabir: HELLO DR. SANCHI!!!
Dr. Sanchi: Huh kya hai!!
Dr. Kabir: Where were you??
Dr. Sanchi: USA, kya hai can I not have 2 seconds to myself?
Dr. Kabir: Why are you doing the 9PM surgery??
Dr. Sanchi: Because Mr. Nosy Dr. Shahid wanted to go home early and spend time with his kids!!
Dr. Kabir: So you will do a surgery for other doctors personal reasons but not me, huh
Dr. Sanchi: That was the surgery type that’s why!! This is a appendectomy.
Dr. Kabir: Whatever anyway it’s the intern’s first day on Monday. Be in the main lobby at 7 AM sharp.
Dr. Sanchi: Ok, anything else???
Dr. Kabir: No, also here are the interns emails… if you need them
Dr. Sanchi: I was going to ask for them anyway
Dr. Kabir: Why
Dr. Sanchi: I’m their teacher as well can I not contact them??
Dr. Kabir: You can but I don’t trust you.
Dr. Sanchi: Anyone but you will trust me
Dr. Kabir: Haa …
Dr. Kabir left the office to meet a patient. Dr. Sanchi quickly emailed the interns regarding their orientation day.
Dr. Sanchi: This is going to be so fun. Can’t wait to see Kabir’s face.
Dr. Sanchi also had a family coming in for checkups she was leaving. Dr. Kabir was heading back
Dr. Kabir: Wrong file
Dr. Sanchi: Mehra family hai naaa
Dr. Kabir grabbed Dr. Sanchi’s waist and stopped her from falling. All the papers in their files flew into the air. .Out of nowhere Dr. Madhu took a pic on her phone
Dr. Sanchi;: “awkward!!!”
She got herself situated
Dr. Sanchi: Andhe ho?? Dekh kar nahi chal sakte
Dr. Kabir: I think you should be saying that to yourself
They both grab their papers and leave glaring at each other.
Dr. Sanchi heads to her patients and see that she grabbed Dr. Kabir’s papers.
Dr. Sanchi: If you could excuse me for one moment please.
She headed to Dr. Kabir’s patient room.
Dr. Kabir & Dr. Sanchi: HERE next time look before grabbing
Dr. Sanchi: Huh

Finally both of them settled down and took care of their patients… why don’t we check on the rest?? They are taking a break in the cafeteria
Dr. Sushant: Are you guys going to Sanchi’s pooja
Dr. Pragya: I’m definitely going
Dr. Isha: Obviously
Dr. Veer: Yup
Dr. Garv: Of course yaar
Dr. Sushant: I am too. I don’t know what to give, she said it’s not needed but she did give a color scheme. Did you guys get gifts??
All: Yes
Dr. Veer: I can’t wait until her house party too though. According Pragya, Sanchi throws the best party. I’m the partier here…
Dr. Sushant: I’ll just get a basket of champagne. Meera got her pooja gift. And the kids are going to the pooja too!!
Dr. Isha: Haven’t seen them in a while!! It’s going to be fun
Dr. Pragya: Is Meera coming to the party??
Dr. Sushant: Yup, my mom and Businesswoman of the year is coming too…
Dr. Veer: Who
Dr. Sushant: My sister
Dr. Garv: Wait !! Your sister is Sunidhi Singh!?!?
Dr. Sushant: Ya?!?!
Dr. Veer: Garv tum to uske deewane ho to phir tumne koi research nahi ke
Dr. Garv: The name didn’t click!!
Dr. Sushant: You like my sister!! SHE’S MARRIED
Dr. Garv: Divorced
Dr. Sushant: Oh ya

Dr. Garv: Will she be coming here??
Dr. Sushant: Stay away from here!! No but her son will be coming…
Dr. Pragya: Sanchi ki paas?? Uss Khadoos ko toh maza aayega. When are they coming??
Dr. Sushant: Tonight
Dr. Isha choked on her water…
Dr. Garv: Kya hua?? Koi problem hai kya
Dr. Isha: Sunidhi ka beta Aryan ek number ka aflatoon hai. Jise sirf Sunidhi aur Sanchi sambhal sakte hai.
Dr. Veer: Kabir sir is just going to put him in the pediatric playroom…
Dr. Pragya: Toh phir Sanchi ka gussa bhi dekhe ga Kabir siirr
Dr. Garv: Ek bacha kya bigad sakta hai
Dr. Pragya: Aryan shaitan ka bhi baap hai
Dr. Veer: So let’s me just say that we never talked about Aryan.
All: Agreed, in fact this meeting didn’t happened
They all go back to their sectors…

8:30 PM

Dr. Kabir: Are you sure you can do this surgery??
Dr. Sanchi: I don’t know why you don’t trust me?? Just because I act childish and stupid doesn’t mean that I am not a good doctor.
Dr. Kabir: I was saying that because it’s an appendectomy, that’s why!!
Dr. Sanchi: I can do it, don’t worry
Dr. Kabir: Okay

So Sanchi left to perform her surgery!! So what to do?!?! Let’s follow Sushant today!! We reach Sushant’s luxurious home !!
Rohit and Alia run up to Sushant!!
Rohit & Alia: DADDY YOU’RE HOME!!
Alia: Papa what should I wear to the pooja?!?!
Sushant: My princess will look amazing in anything!!!
Rohit: Dad can we go out to eat after the pooja?!?!
Sushant: Sorry but no I have work on Saturday, but I can order food for you guys !!
Rohit: Deal!!! My football game is next Sunday!!
Sushant: And obviously I will be there
Just then Meera comes in…
Meera: So happy for Sanchi, finally got her own place!! Sushant go and freshen up, I’ll get dinner ready
Sushant: Ok My Queen
Meera: Should I wear red tomorrow??
Sushant: Tum toh kale kurti wali ho
Meera: Shut up Sushant
Sushant laughs
Sushant: You choose mine I choose yours
Alia: If your romance is done
Rohit: then can we eat

Meera: Badmash, Sushant kya seek rahe hai bache tumse
Sushant: I should go and shower bye
And Sushant runs upstairs to shower.
Meera: Ok let’s set the table and let me make some roti
Rohit: Aren’t Dadi, Bua and Aryan coming tonight??
Meera: Yes
Alia: Does that mean we all will be hanging out with Sanchi Aunty soon???
Meera: Yes
Rohit: WHEN
Meera: Tuesday
Rohit & Alia: AWESOME !!!
Meera: Sanchi tum logon ko bahut zayada spoil karti hai??
Rohit: Maa please
Alia: Sanchi Aunty is amazing!! She let’s us do whatever we want as long as it’s quiet and not disturbing her!!!
Meera: Wait till Tuesday
Sushant’s sister Sunidhi, her son and their mom come a while later. They all have dinner and go to sleep. It’s 2AM and Sanchi is on her way to the Prohibited Room. She first puts on some gloves!!
Sanchi: “Finally I will be able to have some actual proof against this Malhotra.”
She opens the door and finds a room with sealed boxes.
Sanchi: “Good thing I brought tape, scissors, flashlights, and a list of excuses.”
She opens box #1 ands pictures of her family and the Malhotra’s. She slowly starts opening boxes and finds a file with her Dad’s name. It says file number 175. And there is a letter.
Sanchi: “ Anand Malhotra did open heart surgery on my dad with it was not needed to murder him!! Papa, I will bring that fraud and murderer to the public. I will fulfill your dream!! I need to get that file!! Maa this is the way I pay you back. After what happened 6 years ago, I can never show my face to you but I will make sure this Malhotra pays you back for all your suffering.”
She quickly takes pictures of all the important stuff. She seals the boxes, places them where they were, looks for anything against her, locks the doors and walks away. She takes off her gloves in her car. And drives back to the apartment.

Friday Morning at Isha, Pragya, and Sanchi’s apartment.
Sanchi: Guys get up pooja is in 4hours?!?!
Isha: So why are you up??
Sanchi: I have to make sure everything is perfect. GET UP. Just saying but tum dono ka hottie shayad aayega aur uski maa bhi!!
Pragya: For your reaction!!
Sanchi: Anyway I’m going so please be there on time!!
So while Sanchi is driving to her house let’s see if Kabir is actually coming… both Kusum and Kabir are out on their morning walk right now.
Kusum: Are you going to Sanchi’s pooja?
Kabir: I don’t want to go Maa
Kusum: Come on, you’ll just be bored at home. You might get to meet new people chalo naa.
Kabir: Maa please I don’t want to go to a pooja.
Kusum: Gollu please stop being a Khadoos and lighten up a little.
Kabir: You’re going right??
Kusum: Obviously
Kabir: I’ll go just to watch on you and make sure you are okay.
Kusum: Thank you Gollu!! “Hey bhagwan please Kabir ko Sanchi pasand aajae!! Mujhe toh voh bilkul perfect lagte hai Gollu ki liye!! Sanchi is the only one who can bring my Kabir back”
Sanchi reaches her home and starts preparing her sweets.
Sanchi: Man I love making kaju katli, ladoos, rasmalai, and gulab jamun!! Let me start making roti sabzi as well. I know I have everything ready for the pooja. After I finish this food then I will go take a shower and change. Ugh I don’t have a lot of time left.

Later everyone starts arriving. First Pragya and her dad, Isha and her dad, Sushant with his family including his sister and mom, Veer came along with Garv. Last but not the least Kusum aunty came with Kabir. Everyone was wearing traditional indian clothes. But Sanchi stood out because she was wearing a beautiful red saree. Kabir was a little star-struck when Sanchi opened the door. So now everyone gathered and started talking. Kusum met Sushant’s mom Anita. And they started talking. Pragya and Isha’s dads were meeting after a while so some catching up to do.

Our gang dragged Kabir away from the elders and asked them to join them with the kids. They took a bunch of selfies then…
Sushant: Toh Ms. Sanchi Mishra,
Sunidhi: When did you become an adult??
Sushant: Why do you always to this huh finishing my sentences DIDI?
Sunidhi: Sushant!! Let me tease Sanchi you probably already annoy her too much!!
Meera: When did you decide to become to laal dupatte wali again!!
Sanchi: Meera please, I start turning red the moment you remind me!!
Meera: But honestly that day was amazing!!
Sanchi: Shh..
Everyone else (including Kabir): What are you guys talking about??
Everyone looked at Kabir.
Kabir: Do I not have the right to loosen up??
Sanchi: Something stupid that happened in college. The day these two became lovebirds.
Rohit: Tell us!! Please
Sanchi: You’re 6!! Sushant what have you done??
Alia: Oh come on Sanchi bua!!
Sanchi: Sushant tumhare bacha hai sambhalo
Sushant: Should I just show??
Meera and Sanchi: Sushant yeh pooja hai not a party!!
Sushant grins,
Sanchi: Sushant please
Sunidhi: Sanchi come on. Sushant will also be embarrassed. I was the one who made that video. He paid me… let’s see if we can find it
Meera: Some other time please…
Sunidhi goes over and whispers something in their ears…
Pragya: I need to see this!!!
Isha: Now!!!

Sanchi: How about when it’s the party?? Next Saturday
Sunidhi: Or Sushant can text it to you?!?!
Kabir: What is even going on?!?! Being the older one here I would like to know what you guys are talking about and I’m speaking for me, Veer, and Garv.
Veer: Spill
Sanchi: Sorry NO, Aryan kahan hai?!?!
Sunidhi: Umm apni Nani ki paas
Aryan: Sanchi Massi why is the rasmalai kept so high?!?!
Sanchi: Aryan!!!
Sanchi sighed out of relief.
Sanchi: I thought you were climbing up!! And that’s because of your Mr
Aryan: Not fair
Sanchi: Bhagwan pehle
Veer: So Saturday!!
Garv: Really?!?!
Sanchi: Chalo pooja ka time!!

Everyone sat down for the pooja. Kabir was really shocked how different Sanchi was behaving at home than at work?!?!
Kabir: “She’s much more mature but way more childish with the kids!! And she handles everyone so well”
Pooja started and ended pretty quickly. Soon everyone was having lunch.
Kusum: Sanchi beta did you make this all yourself??
Sanchi: Yes aunty, just this morning except the gulab jamun & rasmalai, I had to fry the gulab jamun this morning and rasmalai is 1 day old.
Kusum: You must come over and teach me!! It’s so good!! Kyon Go.. Kabir
Kabir: It’s good.
Kusum: Just good
Kabir: Delicious
Kusum: I agree
Pragya: Yaar Sanchi I’m going to miss this food
Isha: Same, now we have to get up early!!!
Isha’s dad (ID): Sanchi isn’t your maid!!
Pragya’s dad (PD): They can hire one.
ID: Also true!!
Veer: Mrs. Kapoor if you don’t mind me asking, how do we get Kabir sir to be less umm well you know
Kabir glared at Veer
Kusum: Even I don’t know
Garv: Veer, tum toh chup hi raho, pehle bhi tumhari vajase hume punishments mili hai.
Sunidhi: You really have to give your recipes to me. My chef needs it.
Anita: Main bhi toh khana bana sakti ho
Sushant and Sunidhi: Maa you can’t do house work anymore!!!
Anita: You guys are really mean
Sushant: Really??
Sunidhi: Maa don’t lie
Aryan: Nani, at least you get to stay home and play my games while I got to school!!
Sanchi: Aryan now will Nani go to school ??
Sanchi brings out all the sweets she made today. Everyone goes out into the patio and enjoys the nice weather and some sweets. Sanchi starts packing the food into boxes to send out. Just then Kabir comes in…
Kabir: Would you like some help??
Sanchi: No, thanks for offering
Kabir: Let me at least help you pack the sweets
Sanchi: No, I’m good. You should go out and enjoy.
Kabir: I like staying inside…
Sanchi: Just say that you don’t know how to make new friends or you aren’t good with kids!!
Kabir: Second option
Sanchi: Come with me,
She grabs his arm and takes him out.
Sanchi: Bacha party come here!!
Kabir: What are you doing??
Sanchi: This is Dr. Kabir. He doesn’t know how to have fun!! Can you help him??
All kids: Come on Kabir Uncle
Sanchi: If you need any help then call Sushant or Sunidhi or me. Don’t tell them what to do, they know what they are doing
Kabir: Sanchiii
Aryan pulls Kabir away
A while later by that I mean it’s evening… Sanchi had also made chai and pakoras but packed everything into little boxes along with the other food.
Sushant: Iske kya zaroorat hai??
Sanchi: Do you think I will be able to finish all of this myself?? You are forgetting that I also follow a diet made by you
Sushant: Ugh fine, Meera won’t be cooking for a while I guess
Meera: That’s good now I can work longer from home…
Sunidhi: Are you trying to take my position as Businesswoman??
Meera: Hahaha no
Sunidhi: I was joking too!! Aryan, Alia, Rohit!!! come in now
Alia: I liked playing with Kabir uncle he was fun
Rohit: You painted his nails
Sanchi started to giggle: Aryan and Rohit what did you guys make him do??
Rohit: We biked and did some tricks

Aryan: I wasn’t interested in him…
Sanchi: What did you do??
Aryan smiled and walked away with his mom.
Sanchi: Maa
Anita: Kya hua Sanchi
Sanchi: Thank you so much for coming!!! It really means alot
Anita: It’s my duty after all you are like my daughter. I do talk to Jaya sometimes, they are proud of you and miss you
Sanchi: Aap toh sab janti hai phir bhi
Anita: Ab kya karu time pass
Sanchi: Accha theek hai bye
Anita: Bye beta
Next came Pragya and Isha with their dads.
Pragya: Yaar we will miss you there
Sanchi: I’m literally 15 mins away
Isha: Ya but we won’t be able to hang out as much na.
Sanchi: We will see each other at the hospital!! Also here some food and I left a recipe book in the kitchen use it!!
PD: Beta good luck!! We are really proud of you…
ID:We really are… Khush Raho
Sanchi hands all four of them some food and they leave as well. Kusum came over to Sanchi. Sanchi handed her some boxes as well!!
Kusum: The food was amazing!! You have to give me the recipes or better come and teach me and Kabir…
Sanchi: Definitely,
Kusum: Sanchi have you seen Kabir??
Sanchi: Last time I saw was before I let him play with the kids…
Kabir: I’m right here !!
Kabir was all sweaty and gross, he was huffing and puffing… his clothes had mud all over them. His nails were painted and a flower in his hair…
Kusum: Kabir!! What happened?!?!
Kabir: Woh bache
Sanchi: I am so sorry “not”
Kabir: Woh normal baccha hai yeh shaitan ki baccha??
Sanchi: Let me get you cleaned up…
She took him to the guest bathroom.
Sanchi: Sit
She quickly got some towels and started to help Kabir while laughing. Kabir was just admiring her beauty!! When…
Sanchi: I know I look beautiful but staring is rude
Kabir: I wasn’t staring
Sanchi: A huh, just wash your hands to remove the nail polish…
Kabir: Thanks and you have a lovely house
Sanchi: Thank you
Kabir: Good Night
Sanchi: Good Night, will you come to the party??
Kabir: I’ll see…

Author’s Note:
So… that went well. Is love blossoming between Kanchi?? Not so soon!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I know I rushed a little in the beginning, I prefer getting to the main point faster!!

So a little information about Sushant’s family. Sushant dated Meera for 3 years and have been married for 6 years, Alia and Rohit are their twin kids. Sunidhi Singh is Sushant’s older sister. She was married to someone for 3 years but that didn’t end well, she’s been divorced for 5 years and Aryan is in her custody. Ever since her divorce she devoted herself to her work and she’s been Businesswoman of the year for the past 3 years back to back!!! Their mom, Anita, lives with Sunidhi but comes to visit Sushant regularly. Ever since Sanchi’s past incidents, Sanchi hasn’t been to her family in fact she’s broken all relations so Anita is like her mom!!

Kusum was talking about the nice and bubbly Gollu when she was “praying” to God!!

Why did Madhu take that picture?? So what will happen on Monday?? The new interns are coming and Sanchi has planned something big!! What’s going to happen?? Oh ya one last thing after chapter 11 I will be skipping one month!! So stay tuned!!!

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