Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 7

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Monday Morning (9:30)
Isha: Sanchi… wake up you have to be at the hospital in 3 hours
Pragya: Abheo Maharani get up
Isha: Sanchi GET UP
Sanchi: I’m up!! I’ll just scroll through social media and then I’ll go do my thing
Isha: Well we have to go so please be there by 12:30
Sanchi: Don’t worry, I feel much better now!! Did you make breakfast??
Pragya: Yes pancakes
Sanchi: Yummm
Isha: Ok bye
Sanchi: bye, okay so lemme eat first then I’ll brush then shower, i guess i can just wear foundation today, 2 surgeries and then work… ugh hopefully Sushant will manage!!

While Sanchi gets ready let’s head over to Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Dr. Sushant went over to the main lobby so see if Sanchi is coming.

Sushant: Where is Sanchi?? Is she fine?? Did she eat?? Why didn’t she come with you guys?? She’s fine right??
Pragya: CHUP ek dum chup…kitne sawal karo ge, Isha tum jao main ise dekhti ho.
Isha: Bye, appointment in 15 mins
Pragya: Now you… Sanchi ghar par hai, voh bilkul theek hai, usse khana khal kaa liya tha aur ab pancakes, she needs to rest and yes SHE IS FINE

Sushant: Thank you so much
Pragya: Sushant you really need to chill. I understand that you’re like a brother to her and you’ve been through it all with her but please enough…
Sushant: I know and I understand but I’m still worried, at the last hospital it didn’t really matter but now it does… and you know she doesn’t take care of herself.
Pragya: I’m just saying bring it down one level that’s it. Ok i gotta go bye
Sushant: Bye, I’m just looking out for my little sister…

Everyone heads for their duties. The gang decided to not execute their plan because of what was going on… so Sanchi is forgiven. Let’s skip to 11:45, Sanchi just came in the hospital…

Sanchi: Kabir is probably already in the office and he most likely already finished surgery 1. Ugh please just don’t let him talk to me…
Just then when Sanchi was about to enter the office Kabir came along.
Dr. Kabir: You’re here early??
Dr. Sanchi: …
Kabir held the door.

Dr. Sanchi: Thank you
Dr. Kabir: Are you sure you will be able to do 2 surgeries??
Dr. Sanchi: I’m feeling much better now, thank you for indirectly asking if I was okay
Dr. Kabir: …
Dr. Sanchi quietly turns on some music to help her focus. Kabir walks over and turns off the music.

Dr. Kabir: This is not a disco or club… it’s Kabir Kapoor’s office
Dr. Sanchi: It’s also temporarily Sanchi Mishra’s office. And it was quiet
Dr. Kabir: I don’t want you to be falling asleep before a surgery. Sleep at home
Dr. Kabir: You should be glad I gave part of my office.
Dr. Sanchi: I didn’t tell you to give up part of your office.
Dr. Kabir: I don’t have time for your useless arguments. Go and prepare for surgery.
Dr. Sanchi: Listen Mr. Kabir Kapoor, you have no right to tell me what to do. You are my head that’s it. You are forgetting that I’m NOT your assistant. And you were the one who walked here. BYE

Dr. Sanchi left to do her first surgery of the day. Kabir went back to work. Why don’t we check on our gang? (They are important characters and I want to give them equal time)

Dr. Isha: Ok ma’am here is your sonogram. Again I would recommend going to Dr. Sushant Singh just so he can go over on what you should and should not eat. And I would recommend Dr. Pragya Yadav as a pediatrician. But you still have time for that…

Dr. Sushant: Ok so here are you diet charts for this month. I hope you are following this. I can definitely see a change in the weight and body fat percentage.

Dr. Pragya: Ok bacha party, I am very sorry that I have to give this shot to you. But then you won’t get tetanus, so it’s beneficial. I am so sorry. Tum bass apne mom dad dada dadi ko yaad karo aur yeh lollipop khaao. Sorryyyyy

Dr. Veer (phone call) : I would recommend going to our state-of-art Rehabilitation Center, we have the best equipment and you and your heart will be ready to take on the world in no time at all.

Dr. Riya: WHAT ?!?! Kabir took care of Sanchi. I bet she did that on purpose.
Dr. Bala: He didn’t take care of her. All he did was …
Dr. Madhu: Take her on a stretcher and checked her and gave medication.
Dr. Riya: She is definitely trying to get close to her. I’m gonna confront her. Where is she??
Dr. Madhu: In the OT doing surgery on someone, she should be done in 15 mins.
Dr. Riya: 15 mins, Sanchi Mishra you have no right on my Kabir.

So… everyone seems to be busy except Riya, huh, does she not have anything to do… let’s skip 20 mins. Sanchi is now in her office and Kabir is doing surgery…
Dr. Riya barges in: Do you actually think that Dr. Kabir will fall for your stupid tactics??
Dr. Sanchi: What are you talking about??

Dr. Riya: Don’t play innocent with me!! I know you are trapping Kabir in your love game
Dr. Sanchi: Please me and that Khadoos, NEVER!! Listen up Dr. Riya Maalhotraa, I have absolutely no interest in that Hitler. I HATE him and always will… I personally don’t want to get married and I will never fall in love. It’s a waste of time and money. Love is nothing but hurtful. Nothing is sacred about marriage. So you go ahead and flirt with him. I will never have any interest in that man…
Dr. Riya: Oh so you’re good at lying too. I’m watching you.
Dr. Sanchi: Just get out !!
Dr. Riya slams the door and leaves!!!
Dr. Sanchi: Me and that Khadoos NEVER, me with anyone never
Just then Dr. Kabir comes in
Dr. Sanchi: My day was already bad, now it got worse
Dr. Kabir just rolled his eyes.
Dr. Kabir: Dr. Sanchi
Dr. Sanchi: Ab kya

Dr. Kabir: I need you to assist me on my next surgery, I would’ve asked Dr. Veer since it’s his patient but he has his own work
Dr. Sanchi: OMG Yes!!! … I would love to do the next surgery with you
Dr. Kabir: …
Dr. Sanchi: That’s what you want to hear but in reality… Do you not see that I’m also busy?? Do your own surgery, I have my surgery too!!
Dr. Kabir: That’s it!!

Dr. Kabir got up from his chair and grabbed Dr. Sanchi’s wrist and twisted to her back.
Dr. Kabir: Now listen up, do you really think that I would need someone’s help!! I’m Dr. Kabir Kapoor, the best doctor in the best hospital of India. So if I need someone’s help then it must be important. Did your family not teach you anything about common sense or manners or respect?

Flashback to ???:
In a large empty ballroom, someone is holding Sanchi’s wrist and they have twisted both her arms towards the back. You hear the sound of bangles hitting the floor…
Unknown: Did you family not teach you anything??
Sanchi: BACHAO
End of flashback
Dr. Sanchi: BACHAO
She steps on Kabir and runs to the bathroom. She takes deep breathes, she started to sweat. She was shaking so much out of fear. Sanchi splashed her face with freezing cold water to get her out of shock!!!

During that time…
Dr. Kabir: “ Huh I didn’t even do anything. All I did was twist her arm lightly. And she gave such a huge reaction. Something is definitely up with this girl. And I will get to the bottom of this.”
Dr. Sushant was passing by and heard Dr. Sanchi scream and he ran as fast as a spanish bull…
Dr. Sushant: SANCHI!!! Where is Sanchi?? What did you do?!?! Where is she?!?!
Dr. Kabir: S-S-She ran to the bathroom. I didn’t even do anything.
Dr. Sushant: Then why did she scream?! BOLO
Just then Sanchi comes out
Dr. Sanchi: Should I apply my foundation again??
Sushant: Sanchi tum theek ho?? Why did you scream?? Do I need to beat this Khadoos??
Sanchi: Sushant, I’m fine. Can I explain after duty… and I wish you could but I don’t want you to get fired
Dr. Kabir: Why the hell did you scream??
Dr. Sanchi just walked out. She saw that literally every nurse and doctor on that floor was in front of the office
Dr. Sanchi: Yahan koi shooting chal rahi hai kya?? Srk aaye hai?? GO BACK TO YOUR DUTIES
Dr. Kabir: Why did you scream??

Dr. Sanchi kept walking until she reached the patient’s waiting room.
Dr. Sanchi: I’m sorry unless you are the surgeon, you are not allowed to meet the patient please wait until the surgery is over and the patient has gained consciousness. If you would like to meet me then I will meet you 30-45 mins after the surgery … unless you are Dr. Kabir Kapoor.
Dr. Kabir was fuming on the inside but…
Dr. Kabir: Okay I will see you in the office.
Dr. Sanchi: “No you won’t”

So Sanchi went to do her surgery. Kabir started making lessons for the interns. Sushant, Pragya, and Isha are getting worried for Sanchi.
Pragya: I feel so bad, she usually starts getting flashback moments when it’s closer to that date.
Isha: And we still have 3 months till then
Sushant: But your hottie did something to jog it back
Isha: Really?!?!
Pragya: You’re forgetting that Sushant doesn’t trust anyone but us when it comes to Sanchi’s health and mentality.
Sushant: I’m gonna go talk to that Hitler. Can one of you guys put the window cover thingy??
Pragya: Usse marna mat

Sushant: I’ll try…
So Sushant heads to Kabir’s office and he barges in…
Dr. Sushant: What did you do to Sanchi??
Dr. Kabir: Nothing
Dr. Sushant: She never screams or does anything without a reason. You did something… if you tell them I maybe might not be as mad
Dr. Kabir: Are you threatening your senior?!?!
Dr. Sushant: You can assume what you want… I need answers
Dr. Kabir: I was asking her to assist me in a surgery. She gave me a rude reply. And honestly I’m tired if her rude replies and comments. So I … grabbed her by the wrist and twisted her arm ever so lightly.

Dr. Sushant: You didn’t do good. Sanchi isn’t going to forget that….
Dr. Kabir: Her office is almost done.
Dr. Sushant: I can’t believe you did that. Right now a concerned friends is confronting the man who hurt his friend’s feelings, right now I don’t care who you are. If something happens to Sanchi phir main tumhe nahi chodo ga.

Dr. Kabir glared at Dr. Sushant
Dr. Kabir: “Something is definitely wrong, eh as long as it doesn’t interfere in my life”
Dr. Sushant slams the door and heads to the tutoring room.
Dr. Isha: Kya hua, hottie ne kuch kiya
Dr. Sushant: He twisted her arm

Dr. Pragya: Toh tumne usko marna
Dr. Sushant: I prefer to work in the same hospital as you guys. Aur Isha tum yeh kya karni wali thi. Aise toh air bubbles hoge, use this
Dr. Isha: Ok BHAIYA
Dr. Sushant: Don’t call me Bhaiya sounds so tacky

Dr. Pragya: Ok so this room is “done” just the coffee machine, floor changing, desk, projector, projector screen, desks, and decor. Sanchi found this hilarious dartboard…
She pulled out a dartboard with Kabir’s face on it. And they all just started laughing
Dr. Isha: Only Sanchi can make this online…
Dr. Sushant: … true

Just then Dr. Veer comes in…
Dr. Veer: What’s so funny?
They showed the dartboard. Dr. Veer also started laughing.
Dr. Veer: How many are there??
Dr. Pragya: 4

Dr. Sushant: Aur yeh dekho, darts par Dr. Kabir ke nicknames. Sanchi bhi na
Dr. Veer: This tutoring room is going to be amazing. For interns and us
Dr. Sushant: Pretty sure I’ll just hang out here all the time!!
One by one they left the room. Sanchi finished her surgery and Kabir knew she was done. But Sanchi wasn’t heading to the office. She pages Sushant.
Dr. Sanchi: Ok so I’m done with my shift. Can you please get my stuff?? I don’t wanna see that Khadoos.

Dr. Sushant: Already on my way
Dr. Sanchi (on the phone with Pragya and Isha): Be here at 6:30 AM so that we can shoot our video.
Dr. Isha: 6:30 AM Sanchi I need my beauty sleep
Dr. Pragya: Abheo maharani ek din agar tum jaldi uth gai toh kaunsa pahar tootne wala hai
Dr. Sanchi: Exactly, so shut up and be here by 6:30 AM
Dr. Sushant enters “her” office and quickly grabs Sanchi’s stuff and walked out.
Dr. Sushant: Thank god Kabir wasn’t in there, he would’ve definitely stopped me!!
He reaches Sanchi…

Dr. Sushant: Here you go now go and start moving your stuff in…
Dr. Sanchi: Thanks so much for this stuff and for understanding…
Dr. Sushant: NP, now go
So Sanchi heads to her new house and she is super excited about living on her own. Now she has no restrictions. She can decorate, paint, design every room she wants without having to worry.
Sanchi: I love this house so much !!! Now all I need to do is get my furniture here, bring my clothes, makeup etc., and then pooja and PARTY !!!
Just then someone knocks and it’s the furniture guys…

Sanchi: Come in. I gave you all the measurements and places so do your thing… if you need anything let me know…
Moving Guy (MG) 1: Okay ma’am
So the MGs started moving all of Sanchi’s new furniture and putting it together. So while Sanchi is busy, let’s check on Kusum and Kabir. Right Kusum just called Kabir.
Kusum: Kabir I got the order and I wrapped it in wrapping paper. I just saw the moving guys come. Do you wanna go today??
Kabir: Maa that means that they are busy moving in. And I’m busy too, I don’t sit here and time pass maa. I have work to do too.
Kusum: Come on Gollu please try to come early
Kabir: I will be done in 45 mins is that ok??
Kusum: 30 mins
Kabir: 40

Kusum: Fine 40 minutes
Sanchi got her furniture in and she paid the moving people. Kabir was also on his way home.
Sanchi: This is just perfect. Good thing I brought in the fridge before and got some food in as well… now to bring in my clothes…

Kabir: Maa chalo!!!
Kusum: Aagayi beta … chalo
Kabir: I really don’t understand why you HAVE to give a gift. They live on the other side of the neighborhood. If it was next door that would make sense. You know how big this neighborhood is…
Kusum: Come on Gollu, what’s wrong with being nice and friendly?!?!
Kabir just shook his head.
Kabir: Yeh lo 3517
They both got out of the car and went up to ring the bell.
Sanchi: Yeh kaun ho sakta hai, Sushant !!!
Kusum rings the bell again

Sanchi opens the door…
Sanchi: Sushant tumhara dimag ke screw loose karo main… TUM I mean aap!!!
Kusum and Kabir were shocked to see Sanchi there.

Author’s Note:
So… that was a little awkward!!! Thank you so much for reading your guy’s comments give a HUGE boost of motivation. Sorry I take a long time to post. As you can tell, I put much more content and a lot goes on. I prefer to go through at least 1 day in a chapter so thank you guys for waiting. That’s really all I have to say ?!?!

Any guesses about Sanchi’s past??? Let’s see if anyone can guess it?!?!

Precap: Kabir and Kusum at Sanchi’s house. Sanchi gets the prohibited rooms keys and goes in. What does she find in there?? Keep reading Everything Is Fair In Love And War to find out!!

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