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Shravan was not yet out of the high voltage shock he received just a couple of minutes before and what Mami just said left him in splits.
Mami-‘’Suman take Aditya to your room. You two go and chat together’’
Shravan’s eyes shone with jealously when he saw that Aditya had fixed his gaze so lovingly upon her. Aditya was very much gratified with Sumo. Who will not like her? Afterall she is such a pure soul, an independent woman possessed with so much of natural beauty’
Sumo was unwilling and thus hesitated to be with Aditya. She shot a helpless look towards Shravan. But after Mami’s repentance she squired Aditya to her room.
Mami asked Shravan to have a seat as he was standing since he came. All the time he was eyeing Sumo like a cat whose newly born kitten is being handed around for inspection till he saw the door shutting. His face bored a worried expression as to what the hell Aditya would be doing with his Sumo.
At Sumo’s Room_

Sumo was on pins and needles and twiddling when Aditya asked her to sit beside him. There was acute silence in the room when Aditya decided to break the laconism and land to a conversation.
Aditya-‘’ So who’s Shravan?’’
Sumo-‘’ He’s my friend’’ paused for a while and then continued in a decumbent voice ‘’best freind’’ and was enveloped in a reverie. She was reminiscing how she and Shravan met fortuitously and the time they spent together.
Her abstraction was disturbed when Aditya shook her lightly and she came out of her trance.
Aditya-‘’Where are you lost?’’
Sumo-‘’ No………nothing’’
Aditya-‘’ I wanna tell something. Today is my sister’s birthday so in the evening I have organised a profusive party. I want you and Shravan to consort me there.’’
Sumo-‘’ Ok! Let me ask Shravan……………er……….I think we should go out now.’’
Aditya-‘’ Yup let’s go’’Aditya felt inconsable as he wanted her company for some time more.
On the other hand Shravan was in a tizzy and apphrehensive as to when they will come out. As they came out , he sighed in relief, he stood up and urged to go when Aditya stopped him.
Aditya-‘’ Shravan I told Suman also that today in the evening, I want both of your presence at my sister’s b’day party.’’
Shravan looked towards Sumo. She didn’t said anything but her eyes……..they seemed to be asking Shravan to say yes as she really wants his company at the party.’’
Shravan agreed.
Aditya-‘’ So that’s great! Meet you all in the evening.’’ Saying so he grabbed his car keys , waved Suman bye and headed towards the door.
Sumo was about to say something when Shravan interrupted
‘’Be ready in the evening, I’ll come to pick you.’’ saying he rushed towards the door without hearing her reply.
In The Evening_

Suman was getting ready. She stood erect infront of the mirror gazing at her reflection. She was not at all willing to go but Mamiji insisted her that she should be spending some time with her so called fiancé as day after its her engagement and she don’t have any grudge to go against her will.
So with a crabby face she took out a white saree embroided with a golden border and a golden blouse. She was looking elegant. She applied a light make-up and heard the honk of a car.
A wide curve appeared on her face as she hurriedly went out of the house knowing who it was. Shravan came out of the car and was about to step in the house when he collided with Sumo. His hands immediately caught hold of her bare waist, encircling her in his strong arms, embracing her close to his chest. He couldn’t just take off his eyes from her. She was looking like a divine figure who had been send to the earth only for him. Her enchanting beauty intoxicated him and he could see only her beauteous face, her alluring eyes that were fixed on him so lovingly. Both were trying to find each other’s existence in their their sparkling eyeballs. Sumo snapped her hand infront of him and he came back to his senses’
‘’Shravan…….we should leave now…………we are already late…’’
Shravan escorted Sumo towards the car and sat behind the staring wheel and drove to the party. Upon reaching ther, they went inside. Ther was loud music and nearly everyone were dancing in a drunken state. Sumo was not at all habituated in that environment and she was feeling uncomfortable. She increased her grip on Shravan’s hand which she was holding and he responded equally. They were standing in one corner when Shravan’s phone rang.
‘’Sumo I have to attend an important call. I will be back in a minute.’’
Sumo nodded and Shravan departed. Suman felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to find a completely drunk Aditya.
‘’Hi Suman! You are late!’’ he said, his voice intoxicated with alcohol.
‘’Actually ther was some traffic.’
‘’No mind…..comr I’ll introduce you to my friends and then we teo will rock the dancefloor and have fun all night.’’ He grabbed her hand and tried to drag her when at once she loosened his clutches.
‘’No Aditya……I have to go home early.’’
‘’Ok! But we can have a little bit of dance.’’
‘’No Aditya!!! I don’t feel like dancing now’’
‘’ Just come with me on the dancefloor, your mood will automatically be up!’’ Aditya retorted.
‘’ Aditya, I said I don’t wanna dance…so plz leave me alone.’’
Aditya was now losing his temper. He caught a tight hold oh her wrist, causing her to groan in pain and dragged her.
‘’ Aditya leave me……..Aditya…….I said LEAVE ME.’’
‘’ Why? Suman why? You are my would be wife and I just want to dance with you. What’s wrong in that?’’
Shravan came back and was flabbergasted to find both of them quarrelling over some topic and when he went nearby, he understood what the matter was. ‘’ Aditya, leave her hand, she don’t want to dance so stop forcing her.’’
‘’One minute who are you to command me? ‘’It’s both of our case and I don’t want any invader to interfere in it so just stay out of it…and especially her…I dont’t like my woud be wife to have any male friend’’.
Both ShraMan were taken aback, Shravan was raging in fume. How dare that bustard raise a finger to their bond? For him Aditya has crossed the verge of limit. His brain lose control over his body, he went and slapped Aditya hard across his face. He whirled and fell unconscious on the table. He caught hold of Sumo’s hand and stormed out of the party.
‘’Sumo are you alright?’’ Shravan asked solicitously.
‘’Yes’’ she said in a barely audible voice.
‘’Come I’ll drop you’’ Sumo nodded and silently went inside the car. She was still in the trauma as to how Aditya behaved with her. As the car came to a hault, she stepped out of the car and without saying a word she went inside. Shravan felt benevolence for her. He thought it would be good to give her some space alone. He drove to his house.
At Shravan’s Room_
Shravan was pacing up and down his room with a restless expression on his face. He seemed to be regretting for slapping Aditya. But why should he regret? How dare that Aditya taunt about their friendship?
Only one night to go and tomorrow was Sumo’ s , his best friend’s engagement. But one question kept haunting him. Was she really his best friend? Upon asking this question he was getting two different answers. One from his mind and other from his heart and was in a dilemma whom to choose.

Shravan’s POV
What am I thinking? Am I nuts? She is only your best friend. Come on Shravam, tomorrow is her engagement and you shouldn’t be creating any botch in it. Maybe she loses her trust over you or it may result in losing her only. You two only share a bond of friendship and nothing else.
End of POV
But his heart, it was saying something else, completely different. Tears started welling up his eyes as he reminisced each and every moment he spent with her. Just then Pushkar entered with some files and was awestruck to witness Shravan as a lifeless soul drown in the deep oceans of reverie.
Puskkar’s POV
Bhaiya’s tear strained face told me something was wrong. What could have possibly gone wrong now? I stepped inside his room. Hesitatingly. I walked in and froze at the sight. He was sitting on the couch, his eyes glaze. I rushed towards him and knelt down. ‘’ Bhaiya! What happened?’’ I asked. His eyes were speaking a thousand of words and upon glancing at them I understood what the matter was. Infact, I knew it from the beginning but neither of them showed any interest in it. They thought I am teasing or joking. But now the scenario has changed. His eyes were reflecting intense desire for her, his love evident in it. ‘’ Bhaiya you are thinking about Sumo right?’’ He kept mum and I took his silence as yes. ‘’ bhaiya you know true love is like ghosts which everyone talks about but few have seen. Don’t let this chance go. I have seen how much you two love each other. There is still time just go and get your love before its too late.
‘’ but Chote I don’t know whether she thinks the same. Maybe she doesn’t love me. I don’t want to ruin our friendship’’. ‘’ Bhaiya we don’t have to say everything all the time. I have seen how much love and passion she has for you. You both have locked up your loves in your hearts and lost its key to each other. Go and confess it before it’s too late or else you will regret it in the near future.
End O f POV

At Sumo’s Room_
Sumo was looking at her and Shravan’s photos, they clicked together. She was also going through the same state as Shravan’s , but was very much stubborn to accept the reality which her heart was constantly telling. Just then she heard a sharp knock on the window. She went to open it and saw Shravan standing below it. Shravan immediately leapt in Sumo’s room in order to find a curious Sumo.
‘’Shravan…..you here…at this hour…everything OK!’’
Shravan was not responding. He went near and pulled her closerbu the waist. Sumo was going to say something when Shravan pulled her even closer removing the little distance between them. His hand at her waist was twiddling around with her skin. He tenderly caressed her lips with his index finger, making her lose all her senses. He touched her cheeks and she closed her eyelids. He immediately took her into his arms and hugged her so tightly that none of them could breathe properly. Their hearts seemed to be in touch with eachother and the rapid beats were felt by both. Shravan was crushing her soft font against his. He gazed into her eyes and moved his face forward to meet her lips but diverted into her ear and whispered ‘’ Sumo you can’t marry Aditya!’’
‘’Why? Because he misbehaved with me?’’ Sumo said almost in a whisper as she was still in tje web of magic spell casted by Shravan with his magical touches.
‘’No, because I LOVE YOU!’’ Shravan finally spoke his heart out, feeling much lighter than before. Sumo was flabbergasted , she immediately pulled apart. Shravan was reluctant to let her go. Sumo looked towards his eyes which were darker than usual, filled with immense love, passion and desire for her. Tears started pooling in her sparkling eyes and large drops streamed down her soft, tender cheeks. Shravan was astonished and felt his heart tore apart at the sight. He made her cry. He immediately cupped her face between his palms and made her look towards him. He wiped the tears off her face with his index finger affectionately.
‘’ I’ m sorry Sumo…. I didn’t knew that my confession would make you cry….it’s ok if you don’t love me . It’s not always necessary that whom you love will also love you back.’’ He uttered those few eords with a heavy heart. He was shattered and his heart had snapped into two!
‘’Sumo but one request….plz don’t break our friendship. I don’t wanna lose you because of my foolishness. I ………..’’
Before he could complete, Sumo pulled him close clutching his collar and stifled his mouth with her pink, soft lips. Shravan was taken aback! He was very much surprised at her sudden reaction. But without wasting more time he reciprocated. He wrapped his arms around her waist and returned the fervour of her kiss. It was a comparatively gentle kissed but became violent with each passing second as Shravan poured all his bliss into that single kiss. It was an eternal feeling and neither of them wanted to break this everlasting, blissful moment. He tasted delicate, luscious lips against his cushioned one. After some time they were forced to break the kiss as both were running out of breath. Sumo turned crimson red and hid her face in his chest so that he can’t see her flushing face.
‘’I love you Shravan.’’ She mumbled into his chest and he tugged her tightly in his arms in response. Both were cherishing this mesmerising moment. Their rhythmic hearbeats easrd a lot as they finally found their soulmate and were soon going to tie the knot to become one single soul.


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