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Hii Guys! I am back with the next art of my shots. So let’s start. Please ignore my mistakes and typos.

ShraMan were roaming around the mall hand in hand.
Shravan-‘’ So you came here with your sister. I also came here with my brother and bhabi’’.
Sumo-‘’ Yah! I saw your brother is very cute and a cheeky one’’.
Pushkar saw them from the shop. His eyes nearly popped out of the socket seeing Shravan and Suman interwining their hands and walk with so celerity.

Pushkar’s POV
Who is she??? I never came across her before. They both are enjoying each other’s company such that they are known to each other since ages. As far I know Bhaiya is not a chivalric guy. I’ll ask him once we are back home’’.

Preeti came out after cherrishing her shopping. She was holding a huge number of bags in her hands. She bought a chickly wrist watch for Diya( Anjali aunti’s daughter) and was searching for Suman. She spotted Suman with Shravan and was astonished to see her di with such a handsome looking guy.
Preeti-‘’ Di who is he?’’
Sumo-‘’ Oh Peeti! Come meet him. He is Shravan . Yesterday when the goons attacked me, he came to my rescue’’.
Preeti-‘’ OH! Shravan thank yiu so much for saving my di’’.
Shravan-‘’ It’s ok’’.
Sumo-‘’ And now he is my friend’’.
Preeti-‘’ That’s great. Please come to our house one day, we will introduce you to our family. Dadu will be very contempted to find a lawyer as he too was a renowned lawyer’’.
Shravan-‘’ Oh really! Then I’ll surely come’’.
Preeti-‘’ Di let’s go’’.
Sumo-‘’ Yup. Bye SHRAVAN’’.
They waved each other but Shravan knew he was not going back so soon as when the shopkeepers will pull their shutters, Vandy will leave the mall then.
( Note- ShraMan do not know that they will be going at the same party)

In The Evening- At Tiwari Killa
Suman and Preeti were getting dressed in their respective rooms. Sumo decided to wear a bright saree with a silver border and silver blouse. She looked at her reflection in the mirror.‘’WOW! Sumo you are looking amazing’’, she said grinning sheepishly at herself.
Preeti wore a yellow chick gown with light makeup and was looking adorable. Both the beautiful ladies’ came out and after complimenting each other bored into Sumo’s car and headed towards the party.
At Malhotra Mansion
Shravan was getting ready. He wore a blue coat and was looking damn handsome. His hairs were settled perfectly increasing a degree in his appearance. After having a last look in the mirror he went downstairs and saw everybody waiting for him. They went out, got into the car and raced to the party.

At The Party
Sumo and Preeti have already reached. Preeti went in search of Diya to hand over her gift but freezed there only, chatting with her.
Sumo was all alone. Many boys wre staring at her with lustful eyes and were literally mesmerised in her beauty. They went one by one to ask her for a dance but returned with crestfallen looks as she refused everyone.
Suddenly her phone beeped and Mami’s name flashed on the screen. She picked it up but couldn’t hear anything cause of the loud music and so rushed out of the party. As she was dashing out she clashed with Shravan and her phone fell on the ground.

Shravan didn’t notice her. He immediately picked the phone and was about to apologize when he recognised her as Sumo.
He couldn’t take off her eyes from her. His heart was beating faster and her beauty engulfed him. He looked down at her smiling and continued to enable his eyes wander over her figure. He stood rooted to the spot. Sumo was standing infront of him clad in a gorgeous saree and was looking like a goddess. He looked up at her eyes again and saw her face flush, her eyes shimmering.
Sumo tapped on his shoulders gently and he came out from his reverie. Shravan handed over her phone.
‘’ I didn’t know that we will meet here also. I must say you are looking gorgeous today’’ He scoffed trying to pretend to be unaffected.
Sumo- ‘’ Thanks. You are also looking handsome. Let’s go inside’’.
Shravan was very much mesmerised by her cute antics. He always conjured that girls only know how to put huge makeups and look artificially beautiful. But this girl was so different from the rest. Her simplicity, her eyes that spoke a thousand of words and her cute face so adorable. She was naturally beautiful.

After entering Shravan’s eyes fell on the dance floor. He hesitated to ask her but after gaining some courage he forwarded his hand.
Shravan-‘’ Will you mind dancing with me for a while’’.
Suman looked at him. She could see the eagerness of dancing with her through her crystal clear eyes. She nodded in affirmative and reached out for his hand. Thy together went on the dance floor.

The Music Began-
Shravan caught hold of her bare waist. Suman shivered as currents ran down her spine as an effect of his touch. She could feel the warmth of his hand across her skin. Her one hand rested on his shoulder and they were dancing gracefully with small, light steps. He twirled her and pulled her close. Now they were dancing really close. Their noses almost touched and they could feel their warmth breaths on each other’s face. They were totally enraptured in each other and continued their fantabulous dance. Shravan pulled her apart and ended their dance. Eveybody were surprised to see their brilliant performance and complimented them as the best dancing couple. But they were residing in their own world and Shravan continued holding her in the soothing position, They wanted to remain like this forever, till eternity.

Precap- Need to think.

So done! I hope I write upto your expectations. Once again thanks for all your wishes. They were sooo sweet that I am overwhelmed with them. Feel free to express your views. Love you all to the core.

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  1. Diya

    Awesome episode…u r damn awesome Beas !! I’ll surely stop writing !! Ur words…ah..amazing !!

    1. Diya

      U used my name in ur story…aww..so sweet !! Thank u!!

      1. Beas

        Thank you sooo much my love ❤. And don’t dare to stop writing or else u know what will happen ?

  2. Angel20

    This was so awesome!! I just loved it and their dance OMG!!! Heart throbbing!! Really superb! Post the next one soon please!!
    Love you and Happy birthday! This was a real birthday treat!

    1. Beas

      Thanks Maria. Glad that you loved the treat ? Love u

  3. _pari_alisha

    Hey beas! Awwwwww this was soooo adorable sharman <3 their dance <3 sharvo mesmerized by her beauty everything was described so beautifully….

    Loved it post soon take care 🙂

    1. Beas

      Thanks Alisha.?

  4. Prettypreeti

    Beoooo happy bday against. Ur bday cake yummy and this is fantastic just too good u r awesome nani jaan superb.
    My well wishes.
    Tell me why u wished.
    Post soon.
    Love u

  5. Beas

    Thanks my prettypreeti. Glad that you loved the ? ?

  6. Hey beas it was superb! Awesome!!!!!!!!
    Pls post next part ASAP! Please.

    1. Beas

      Thanks Christie. Will post soon. Love you ?

  7. Alina

    Nice episode dear..

    1. Beas

      Thanks Alina ?

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    awesome episode … too good

    1. Beas

      Thanks a ton di ?

  9. just awesome yaar. it was so fabulous..
    post next one soon.

    1. Beas

      Thanks Reema? Will post soon ?

  10. Nikita

    I expected a party on your birthday, but this is no less!
    Really beautiful..
    I must say again and again that your. vocabulary is amazing…
    Really adorable..
    That breath-taking dance, the ShraMan moments, extraaaa beautiful..
    You’re a gem for English…
    You engulfed me in your ff…
    Really loved the episode and waiting for more..
    Much love,
    Nikita ..

    1. Beas

      Thanks a bunch Nikita di. Love ❤ you to the core ?

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