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Hii Guys!! I am back with the next part of my article. Hope you enjoy it. So let’s start.
The Next Day- At Tiwari Killa

Sumo is getting ready in her usual quaint clothes to leave for PCT. As she heads towards the door she clashes with Preeti.
Pretti-‘’ Di where are you going now?’’
Sumo-‘’ Why? PCT’’.
Preeti-‘’ Do you remember we have to go for shopping today to buy a gift for Anjali aunti’s daughter. They have organised a lavish party tonight as she returned India after a long time and we two are invited’’.
Suman-‘’ Oh! I remember. Ok you get ready. I’ll call Pritha and ask her to handle everything’’.
Mean the while- At Malhotra Mansion

Everyone are sitting in the living room and chatting. Vandy sat fidgeting in her bean bag as everybody are teasing her regarding her last night’s amazing cooking where she mixed sugar instead of salt in the daal and she sat with a completely disgusted and grumphy face. Suddenly she remembered,
Vandy-‘’ Varun! Hurry up! Oh God! I just clean forgot about it. We have to go and get a gift for Anjali aunti’s daughter’s birthday party’’. We four( Shr, Push, Vandy and Varun) are invited’’.

Varun-‘’ Sorry Vandy I cannot go I have an important meeting to attend. You take Shravan and Pushkar with you as they are just sitting idle’’.
Vandy-‘’Ok! Shravan Pushkar get ready at once we have to go out for shopping’’.
Pushkar’s eyes shimmered at the thought of going out and he immediately jumped up.
Pushie-‘’ Ok! Bhabs. I am always ready. Bhaiya let’s go’’
Shravan was not at all willing but both of them forced and ensured he comes with them.

Preeti got ready and they drove to the ABC mall and Shravan, Pushkar and Vandy also headed to the ABC mall. They all were traversing in the same direction.
After they reached they entered the counter. Preeti was hyper-excited and running from one shop to another buying exquisite stuffs. Sumo was just roamin around when her eyes fell on an enticing black gown. Her eyes almost shone and made up her mind to buy that one. With this mindset she rushed towards the shop.
At the same time Vandy was choosing some classy and sonsy dresses for her and Pushkar was helping her out. Shravan was feeling suffocated inside the buzzing crowd which was growing on with every passing second. So he excused himself and went out.

Shravan was at his phone when Sumo bumped onto him. She was just about to fall when two strong muscular arms grabbed her by the waist, preventing her from falling. Her hands rested on her chest, feeling the every beat of his heart. They were feasting their eyes as they again got locked in each other’s gaze. They found their eyes so congenial that couldn’t help but again get drown in them. Their eyes were like oceans…in deep were emotions…genuine and heartwarming. They were lost in their own world, a world that was only created by their eye glances away from the hustle and bustle of the mall. Sumo didn’t showed a bit effort to unravel his clutches and remained in their mesmerizing position

Pushkar and Vandy came out of the shop and were greatly eschewed to see both of them in such an awkard position. For Pushkar it was implausible that Shravan has fixed his gaze on a girl so lovingly. He coughed and they came back to the living world. Sumo’s all stuffs fell from her hand and got scattered all over the floor. Shravan looked solicitiously towards Sumo.
Sumo and Shravan together-‘’ You here!’’
Sumo-‘’ Actually I came here for the purpose of shopping’’.
Shravan-‘’ Me too’’.
‘’ You both are known to each other?’’asked Pushkar astonishingly.
Shravan-‘’ Yes, we just met last night’’.
Shravan and Pushkar helped Suman by gathering all her stuffs. Vandy excused herself so as to rush to another shop and dragged Pushkar by his hand.
Sumo-‘’ Really I don’t know how to thank you after all what you did for me. How stupid of me, yester day I forgot to ask your name’’.

Shravan-‘’ Ok! I am a lawyer of Malhotra Associates. What about you?’’
Sumo-‘’ My name is Suman Tiwari and I am a chef and run a tiffin centre, PCT’’.
Shravan-‘’ Oh! I just thought last night that I just can’t let you go like this. You have to give something in return of my help’’.
Sumo-‘’ Yes sure. Ask whatever you want’’. Suman was curious and at the same time very anxious as to what Shravan will demand from her. But to her surprise he forwarded his hand towards her.
Shravan-‘’ I want to make friendship with you. So Miss Tiwari will you become my friend?’’
Sumo was very delighted with his charming personality. She smiled and grabbed his hand at once.
Shravan-‘’ But one condition you have to supply me with delicacies eveyday’’.
Suman laughed and agreed. They roamed around the mall hand in hand. They are trying their best to know each other and they will not feel it when love will envisage and entwine them in a relationship of lovebirds

Precap- SURPRISE!!!

So done! Hope its worth of reading. Please let me know through your comments. Next part will be posted on coming Monday. Feel free to express your views.

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    1. Beas

      I m on cloud nine that you liked it. Thanks for wasting your precious time and reading this gibberish. I’ll post the next on Monday as it’s my birthday so till then bye ?

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    Beas! Such an adorable episode! That eye-lock and everything was wonderful..
    Pushkar , aww! For the first time Shravan looked into someone with that LOVE!
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    Loads of love,

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