Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 24

part 24:

Hey guys I’m back i m so happy my os won the second prize in the os competition
Well no more bakbak today let’s just start with the episode
.lets start with today’s part but first for those who missed any part:
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Episode starts at OM:
Shivaye returns to his room and sees Anika leaning on Pinki while Pinki was caressing her hair and talking about something shivaye felt happy but soon he had a naughty idea to tease his wife.
He ran there and pulled Pinki slightly to his side and himself put his head on his mom’s lap
Ani: what is this billuji?
Pinki: yes beta what’s this?
Shi: hawww ma so you got your bahut so you will forget your heera beta.
Pinki: are it’s not like that.
Ani: you are such a cheepda you are emotionally​blackmailing my mom.
Shi: hey she’s​my mom first so if I want to sleep here I will
Ani: no I was here first .
Pinki tries to interfere but does not get the chance .
As they continued arguing Anika slightly pushes shivaye to which he overacts and falls down the bet both the ladies cup their mouth.
Ani:I am sorry I didn’t pushed that hard.
Shi: oh so you mean I am weak or I am lying.
Ani: hey you first started this.
They both sit up and continue fighting like Tom and Jerry and Pinki just sits there is holiday her head.
After some time they both are interrupted by the hit on their heads.
Shivika: owww. What was that mom.
Pinki: shhhh…
They​ both turn to see omika and rudraksh sleeping on Pinki’s lap .

Pinki: they will wake up.
Shivika look at each other and bust into laughter.
Pinki:(smiles and nods her head giving and impossible​ expression):hushhhh.
Shivika stop and mouth sorry and look at each other and continue smiling at their stupidity.
Anika wakes up after some time find shivaye sitting on the table deep in thoughts over something. She tries to go to him but as soon as he moves her feet she feels a strong jolt of pain and a weak cry escapes her lips which draws shivaye’s attention.
Shi: Anu are you ok? Who told you to move?
Ani: shivaye I am alright I was just coming to see you what are you doing shivaye ?
She looks at the time it’s nearly 9:00 time for dinner.
Why had no one come till now? Ok leave it what were you doing so seriously?
Shi: oh ho so you started again your bossing around
Ani: shi?

Shivaye shows her some papers and she smiles : I was waiting for this.
Shi: I knew you would understand.
Ani: what’s there not to understand it’s perfect you want to give your​family what belonged to them .
Shivaye smiled: well. You were right it’s getting late and no one is here to call for dinner. Wait I will go and see.
Shivaye comes to the dining area and then to the hall but finds no one
Bhaiya!!-prinku called as she entered the mansion.
Shi: are prinku, RV and shikha you 3 here?
Prinku: actually yesterday dad was going to pick us up for lunch but maybe he forgot(dadi and tej are shown listening to entire conversation from a hiding
and dadi looks at tej and tej looks down hearing his daughter) and honestly we too had forgotten so I thought we will come for dinner tonight and we will meet Anika too . (Shivaye smiled) how is she now?
Shi: she’s​ fine she just needs rest.
Prinku: well then what are you doing here you ought to be with her?
Shi: actually it’s dinner time so I came to see why no one’s here?

They see a servant pass by with a food trolley
Shi: Mina Didi !!
Md: ji shivaye baba?
Shi: where is everyone? It’s dinner time.
Md: yes I was coming to you only what would you like to eat?
Shivaye​ looked at he confused: whatever everyone eats.
Md: baba lot has changed since you left this family no longer has the tradition to eat together I am taking food to their rooms only. Initially when you left they did but after Priyanka baby’s marriage it also ended.
Shi: what? So noone sits and dines together?
Md: om baba and rudra baba’s family done together in pool area or in one of their room as they couldn’t bear to sit with oberoi sir Pinki Mam and shakti sir prefer soltitude and so they done in their room and jahnvi mam and ma ji dine together in maji’s room. And oberoi sir eats in his room alone or earlier with swetlana madam.
Shivaye looks down guiltily prinku keeps hand on his shoulder .
Md: baba shall I say something?
Shi: ofcourse mina didi since when did you start asking?
Md: shivaye baba you only can bring these needs together as one OF please everytime I see them they all seem so incomplete.

(Scene changes to dadi and tej:
Dadi looks at tej hoping if he understood. His face did soften a little to which dadi smiles but seeing the smile it changes back)
Shi smiled: mina didi I will try. Do one thing take this food back and serve everything on the table.
Mina nods and leaves.
He turns to prinku and she nods I will call Papa and dadi .
Shi: RV and shikha you both sit I will be back soon.(dadi and tej leave for their rooms instantly.)
After some time whole family was sitting on the table like old times and shivaye was Standing.
Pinki: I am so happy today after a long time .
Everyone smiled.
Just then prinku walks in with tej Everyone stands up omru wanted to leave but a firm hand on their shoulder stops them and makes sit back in their seats.
Their was utter silence in the room as all got seated .
Prinku:(taking her cue ) so Shivani, rudraksh how is everything going in school?
Both kids looked at their parents nervously but shivaye smiled at them and signalled them to answer.
And that was enough soon both the kids were jumping about telling school tales and arguing over petty matters and what not…

Everyone was enjoying their antics​ and the environment lightened they started talking to each other and to RV and shikha shivaye and prinku moved back and gave each other a HiFi secretly.
Shi tried to leave silently to Anu.
Pinki: shivaye beta where are you going?
Shi: wo I have to go to Anu she is alone with omika .
Omru got their chance om: yes bhabhi is alone
Rudra: yes om let’s go we will eat with bhabhi
Shivaye Understood they were trying to escape tej he now has no choice
Shi: no you both will sit here you want bhabhi na she will eat with you I was going to take her only.
Om: but she has got hurt.

Everyone silently Understood what was going on so the smile vanished from their faces.
Shi: thanks for telling me om but I will handle it. And she hates eating alone she will feel good with everyone around
After few moments shivaye returned with Anika in his arms and omika was following him at his heels he carefully made her sit in the chair and made her Carefully place her leg on a mound so that she doesn’t feel any strain Everyone smiled seeing his concern he then took omika and sat down himself with a victorious smile .
Om: this guy is impossible .
Rudra: seriously I don’t​ believe him he is behaving as if nothing happened.
Anika: coughed a little guys he is shivaye.
Om and rudra realized she was hearing them and fell silent while anika controlled her laughs.
Finally the day was over.
Shivaye: prinku can you come tomorrow? I have to discuss something important.
Prinku: ok Bhaiya
Shi: GN and RV drive safe.
Prinku: GN and bhabi take care
The family returned to the rooms.

Tej returned to his study and pondering over the day’s events.
Dadi observes from distance: you are not a stone within 2 days this is the effect within 7 days you will realize my words .
While in shivaye’s room:
Ani: good going dear at this rate your family will be together again.
Shi: yes the oberoi family will be back again.
And leaves
Ani: don’t worry shivaye as I said your family will be together again.
So That’s it I hope you liked it and please do tell me your feedbacks all roses and chamelis accepted ??
So sorry do ping me if you are finding this story boring.

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