Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 21

part 21:
Hey guys i am back with next part of FF I am so sorry to be late .
But I couldn’t get time to complete.
Guys I expected a lot better feedback for last episode but I was I but disappointed.
Well even if you don’t like something please do let me know.

Ok guys enough of these talks let’s start with today’s episode:
lets start with today’s part but first for those who missed any part:

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The episode starts when RV and prinku are telling their story to Gauri:
RV: that day I was on cloud nine afterall my sister was back with me I ought to be the happiest person of the world but as I saw prinku leave and understood what had just happened I felt something inside me break and I felt a sudden urge to stop her I even went but on the was my inner voice stopped me there was a clear conflict going on in my heart and mind my heart wanted to stop her and apologize afterall she had given me my sister back but my mind told me she was the one who had taken her away in first place so finally I decided against it and went back to shikha.
Next few days I was busy with shikha and we had no contact whenever I was free I would just fall in deep thoughts about her and about us. But I couldn’t make myself to call her​ and apologize. Besides a part of me had held her responsible for all my pain.

As the days passed even shikha noticed and started questioning about prinku.
Shivaye: even we felt it weird but prinku would just answer that RV was busy with shikha and all but we didn’t pay attention to it as prinku seemed normal not only normal but extremely happy chirpy and relaxed. And then I left home and all so everyone got busy with other problems.
RV: then that day I came home I searched the whole house but couldn’t find shikha then when I went to check my room I was surprised to find her there calling someone​ from landline but couldn’t get through
Fb starts:
Shikha is shown she threw the phone in anger after a while.

RV: shikha what happened dearie you here I have been searching everywhere (she didn’t respond so he went closer to her but was surprised to see her face tears were flowing and her eyes were all red he cupped her face) what happened sweetie?
She angrily threw his hands (scowled): get off me?(her raging eyes had fire in them)
RV:(sternly) what is this?
Shikha: leave it you can’t understand I was so proud of you but I was at fault afterall I didn’t think as everything around me has changed then why would you be same?(started leaving)
RV: (angrily pulled her)I was talking to you (but before he could say anything ahead she just gave him a tight slap).
He stood there stoned for some moments.

Shikha: I thought you are ACP the savior of weak and stood up against evil.
But you are nothing more than a monster like those who took me away from you.
RV: what…what do you mean?
Shikha narrates her the incident how she was walking for a rikshaw after her car broke and was spotted by some eveteasers who chased her and wanted to harrass her so while running she came on the road out of nowhere and blindly ran into the car that was coming she got hit and fell down but out of fear she dragged herself to the shrubbery nearby and hid behind it and fainted there.
Fb ends.

RV: I could almost hear prinku pleading me that she had checked and she could not find anyone there that’s why she and om left. But I never believed them and never stopped even for a moment and thought about knowing the truth.
Shikha was still shouting about how she found my diary through which she found everything I had done with prinku and everything she did my sister didn’t understand me she repeatedly called me heartless and monster even refused to call me her brother as she was ashamed of me she was angrily went leaving me to think what had I had done I ran after her but she went straight away to prinku
Fb: near prinku’s college
shikha ran to her crying: Priyanka!! Priyanka!!

Prinku: shikha??? What happened?
Shikha:(hugged her crying badly and wispered): I am sorry.
After some time over a coffee
Shikha: sorry Priyanka you did so much for me and you only got pain and tortures from my brother.
Prinku: shikha baby forget it whatever your brother did was because he loved you if I were in your place my brothers would have especially shivaye Bhaiya wouldn’t have thought even so much but would have straight away shot the person.
Believe me just remember your brother loves you very much. See there he is(pointing at RV who was standing there) believe me go to him
RV moved forward but before he could reach prinku or shikha he fell by the jerk as a strong punch hit him in the face.
Om is seen : (scoffed)how dare you?
Om repeatedly hitted RV they had a big fight RV, prinku and shikha tried to explain but after hearing what RV had done how could he leave him.
Prinku and shikha were crying and shouting om to stop

Shikha: please do something?
Prinku: now only one person can do anything.
Shikha: who?
Prinku called: hello bhabhi please cut the call Bhaiya…????
Fb ends.
Shivaye: yes I can’t see my sister tensed and when I heard her crying on phone I forgot all my plans and ran to her.
Gauri: OMG om got into a fight ? And had beaten you blue and black.
RV: don’t ask (caressing his face where Om’s punch had hit him) thank God shivaye reached there on time . Well actually I deserved​ it.

Shivaye: exactly if prinku and Anika had not stopped me that day I would have shot you.
Prinku: yeah I feared that only thankfully we managed to stop you both and remember you both had given him a deadly warning that if you ever see him near me you would….
Shi: yeah but did he follow it?
Rv: shivaye like you I am also pakka ishqbaaz the moment the shades of misunderstanding got removed I came to know that how much she meant to me ya but she is also your sister no one has any idea kitne papad bilwae h inhone mujhse.
Prinku smiled : so?? Mr husband stop complaining and just be greatful that I agreed otherwise none other girl would have.
RV: well none other girl had a crush on me.

Gauri: wait what ?
Prinku(blushing hard) :well I had crush on him since one day he saved me from goons.
Gauri: but prinku why did you agree ? I mean if I were you I won’t have?
Prinku: di it’s said every girl looks shadow of her father in her husband well that wasn’t the case with me I looked for the shadow of my Bhaiya in my husband and seriously after seeing him with his sister anyone could have said he was second shivaye Bhaiya and when I had I live example Infront of me (shivika) that how much can things change once people fall in love and when RV proposed me I had taken proper tests(winking).. and see I was so right you know what di no one can get better family then me let it my home or my in laws. I mean besides my husband my sister in law is my best friend and my business partner too we have loads of fun. And have all strings of house and the great ACP sab on our fingers (RV bowed “at your service mam any time”)
They all laughed .

Gauri: wow that was like a story of an Oscar wining movie but all is well that ends well.
Prinku: I just hope om Bhaiya too get this and forgive RV from heart.
RV:(sidehugging her) no worries sweetie that will happen pretty soon too now that we have come here.

Shivika cough and priveer part they all laugh.
Scene changes to OM:
Dadi comes to Tej’s room: where is prinku?
Tej turned hurriedly what?

Dadi: where is prinku you went to pick her na?
Tej: n… no I didn’t just tell driver he would go and pick her up from shivaye’s house.
Dadi: ok..wait what ? How do you know prinku is at shivaye’s home ?
Tej: I just hear someone talking just leave me alone I have to work .
Dadi eyes him suspiciously.
So guys that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please give me your advice and reviews through comments below
I will meet you soon with next part till then tada☺️☺️

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