Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 20

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part 20:
Hey guys I know I am a little late but it took me some time to actually form this part as I hadn’t​ thought about it.lets start with today’s part but first for those who missed any part:
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Hope you all like it it’s something that should have happened like in the show I feel.

The episode begins in fb:
RV had accused shivaye for Gayatri’s murder through it he opens up the gate to throughly investigate about oberoi family and he took advantage of the situation to it’s fullest..
RV: I spared no nook and corner of OM I had to find everything I could about this family if I wanted to find who actually was driving the car that day I took on everyone one by one so that I could find who was that weak link. A string I could pull then I found om and prinku or that’s what I thought at that moment.

I first thought it was om so I started torturing him which soon led him back to his path of drugs seeing Om’s condition prinku could not bear and came to me and told me that it was her fault. Firstly I was shocked hearing I could not help but admire the courage she had shown, at that moment I first felt drawn towards her but was pulled back remembering my sister’s condition.
Then I started following her, stalking her and even torturing her I wanted her to get crushed cry and be pained but she hardly ever uttered anything​ everytime I met he she would just smile innocently​ and ask about shikha she herself would visit shikha and talked to her took care of her for hours I used to threaten her by saying that I would turn her and her brother in but she would just smile and reply” if you wanted to do it you would have done it long back I agree Mr ACP I made a mistake I am ready to confess it to anyone this (pointing towards shikha) is my way to redemption don’t worry I will bring her back to you(starting to leave while all I could do was look at he then she would always say) thank you sir for giving me this way .

I would never understand why I would just turn speechless to her attitude why I couldn’t ever turn her in and get her lifelong exile.
I always felt shivaye was so right “prinku pahalwan is the strongest” .

Prinku(smiled): when I found that I can actually find redemption my long lost confidence , and a long lost me found the way back and for doing that I felt that I was ready to do anything. First I was hell scared but then I found a urge in myself to get myself back to a free bird , free from guilt and anxiety back to a strong happy and confident girl . And of course this all happened when I met her (putting her hands on anika ) I always wondered what it would be like to be her she was my inspiration.

Everyone smiled at anika.
Ranveer: I found myself going soft towards her and her new found happiness just multiplied that irritation. I knew I had to do something else something big. Then I thought something worst that day she came home as usual, and I seized the opportunity

Scene is shown:

Prinku is leaving shikha’s room going through the corridor
Ranveer just pulled her into the dark room and latched the door
Prinku: what are you doing?

RV: I am tired of you I am tired of your attitude I am tired of this smile and I intend to go to any extent to scratch it off your face. Miss Priyanka singh oberoi now I intend to give you the pain you gave my sister.
RV went close to her with a knife and was about to tear her sleeve when she just pulled him and gave him a tight slap (anger, fear and tears lingered in her eyes)
Prinku:(shouted holding his collar) ranveer!!! I thought you werea good person but in pain for your sister but no, I was wrong you are a monster a sadist monster who just needs to give pain . A person with a sister would’ve never done such a thing with any girl. I said I am ready to do anything for my redemption I have been lying to my family for past few months I would come here for the sake of her. I have been bearing all your nuisance and tortures just because I felt it was a brother but no I was wrong .
(She just threw him aside and left)

Scene ends.
RV: that day I just stood there knowing everything she said was true.but still there was a blaze of anger inside me.
Next morning I entered OM and gave he an offer that if she married me I would never pester her family again and to my utter amazment she immediately said yes.
Within one day I don’t know how she convinced Everyone but she Everyone was ready for marriage.
Shivaye: it was prinku’s happiness that mattered and she said she really really loved you though om was totally against it but he too agreed when she insisted.

That day she again came to my house to tell me this.
RV(smirked): so the fish has knowingly taken the bait .
Prinku:(smiled) this fish out too big for you to control I am doing everything for my own happiness and I will be here till shikha is fine then I will swim away I am here on my own wish not because of your threats you are forgetting my dear fiance if you are ACP I am Priyanka singh oberoi.
She left for shikha’s room.
Scene ends.

RV : soon the days passed she no longer had to lie to come to my house I even had to drop her everyone thought we were deeply in love.
Shi: even om had settled as we could all see change in prinku’s nature.
RV: and then one day shikha had to be rushed to the hospital I was out of station it was prinku who took her.
When I came back:

Fb starts:
RV enters and prinku’s sitting near on the bench with shivay hugging her and om caressing her hair.
RV just rushed to her.
RV: how is she ? What happened?
Prinku stood up it was clear from her face she was shaken and had cried. But before she could reply doctor came.

Doc: congratulations Mr ranveer your sister is out of coma .
RV couldn’t believe what he heard : what?? Thank you so much Doctor​..
Doctor: I only did my duty if anyone is to be thanked it should be your fiance she did so much for her due to her only shikha is back.
Both brothers looked proudly at her and a layer of tears was formed on both priveer’s eyes.
RV: can we meet her doctor?
Doctor: oh yes of course she is perfectly fine she is too weak so just needs ample of rest.
Now if you will excuse me.

They all entered shikha’s room:
RV ran and hugged her cried.
RV: you..you are ok..ok na?(hugged her again)
Shikha: Bhaiya?
RV: wiping his tears: yes? I am alright I …I am just too happy to see you.
Om prinku and shivaye just smiled from a distance and were about to leave so that brother and sister could have some alone time.

Shikha: wait.(they all turned and moved to her).
Shikha held prinku’s hand : thank you…
Everyone including prinku were surprised.
Prinku: you know​ me?
Shikha: I don’t know much but I vaguely remember your voice and your endless talks and care while I was unconscious.
Prinku smiled .

Shikha: I want to Know you though .
RV: she is Priyanka singh oberoi…
Prinku: his friend and these are my brothers shivay Bhaiya and om Bhaiya.
They greeted with a smile but gave a confused look to their sister who understood and said: shikha you need rest I think we should get going

they all waived good bye and left but she stopped in Midway
Prinku: you both move I will join you soon.
But they just stood there looking at her She went and hugged RV ( as they did in front of family) and wispered softly in his ears
Prinku: bye Mr ACP I fulfilled my promise take care of her(slipped the engagement ring in his pocket softly ) and left with her brothers.

So guys that’s it for today I hope you liked it and please do tell me your feedbacks through comments below ☺️☺️

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      Thanks setu☺️

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  1. Amazing epi

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    At first
    Thank u dr aditi 2 inform me about ur ff being posted
    I m really don’t want 2 miss it by any chance
    Nd coming 2 ur ff
    It is amazing as ususl
    Prinku is bold nd self concerned girl
    This is awesome
    Shikha came out of comma …………wow wow wow
    Poor Ranbir…………..now he realizes his mistakes
    Post de next part Soon nd inform me too ??

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      Thank you so much Amaya I will surely keep you informed about my future episodes​ I am so glad you like it so much

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    Nice one ??

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  4. FANTASTIC epi dear…… Luv d bold & confident prinku…. Post asap….

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      Thanks dear I am seriously tired of meek and scared prinku in the show at least she could be Happy and cheerful some time

  5. Fabulous epi…loved it

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  7. OMG..Aditi dear…its awesome. ..update ASAP!
    I wish CVs read this and take some inspiration

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