Everest fanfic climb up – Part 8


Recap: Avika and aayna complain about sanvi. Ratika is in hospital lying unconscious.

Nurse comes out of the ward.

Nurse: Don’t worry….she is alright….she just needs one night observation….u all can’t stay here only one can be here…..
Rihaan: I’ll stay
Nurse: I would prefer a lady.
Sanvi: Can I stay?
Anjali: No, sanvi….u r a student….i think i should stay
Arjun: Yeah that’ll be alright
Col.: Yes
Rihaan: K

They all leave except anjali
. In NIM Avika nd Aayna are speaking about sanvi discriminating against aayna because she is a muslim.

Aayna: It all happened last evening only.
Avika: She seemed so nice to us before but now…..
Official: We will talk to col. He will take suitablE action.

Precap: Col. expells sanvi.

Hey guys now i’ll post these weekly on wednesday and thursday.

Update credit to dia

  1. Superb dia…. l thought you stoped writing everst.
    Dia continue writing its awesome…..

  2. I thot u stopd dis series, its superb dr 🙂

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  5. Dia you have said that you will post on wed. and thursday weakly then where is yesterday’s ff .
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