Everest fanfic climb up – Part 7


Recap: Avika falls and aayna scolds sanvi

Sanvi: Excuse me….you cannot talk to me like that
Avika: Who is talking to you dadi ji?? We are talking to each other
Aayna: So don’t come in between…..
Ratika: If you are talking about her then she has a right to talk in between
Avika: Aae you…don’t..

They have a longgggg argument until wardon comes
Wardon: Shut your mouths and sleep…

They all sleep after it immidiately

Next day. Everyone come down for practice session with arjun….

Arjun: Yeah good….keep it up…..well done….wha_what happened!!!

Ratika faints

Rihaan: Rati!! Rati!
Sanvi: Ratika!!!!!
Arjun: Lets take her to medical room….

Col arrives and gets to know everything.

Col: No we should take her directly to hospital
Sanvi: She takes some medicines everyday but yesterday she didn’t!!!
Rihaan: What??? But how…she always takes….

They take her to hospital. Avika and aayna come to office.

Official: Yes??
Avika: We want to registEr a complaint…
Aayna: I am a muslim and our roommate sanvi shah is just discriminating…..
Official: K we will take action..

Rihaan, sanvi, anjali, arjun and col are in hospital…..rihaan is sitting tears rolling down his eyes and everyone is standing….sanvi sees him and puts her hand on his shoulder…rihaan looks at her and they have an eyelock………

Precap: Col says to sanvi that she is expelled from NIM…

Update credit to dia

Guyss plZ tell me you like it or not…..if i dont get any comments i’ll stop writing

  1. No no don’t stop writing keep on writing you are good writer and even fan fiction is nice….
    Please don’t stop writing I like it . It’s my request…..

    Waiting for next fiction….

  2. Thanq pankhuri

    even one comment is worth lots to me

  3. it was really good. Trust me, there are many silent readers who are just to shy to comment. Everyone is loving it.

  4. come on continue writing fanfiction.it’s gud

  5. Hy dia why have you stoped writing???

  6. Hey dr
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