Everest fanfic climb up – Part 4

recap: Abhyankar and ratika talk about her illness all the students are having excercises

Anjali: Yes, one two three four one two three four…. energetically…..yes….well done ratika…….hmmm doing gud…..now have some rest,

then there is lunch time then arjun will be catching up

Rihaan is sitting with his friends having lunch. Ratika joins them.

Rihaan: Friends this is my sister ratika, rati they are my roommates, abhay, shriket and vishal
Ratika: Hye

Ratika sees sanvi alone

Ratika: Heyy…sanvi….come, nd join us

Sanvi comes and joins the group

Ratika: He is my bhai,
rihaan, and they are abhay, shriket and vishal nd she is my roommate, sanv
Sanvi: Hye
Rihaan: Hello

They have lunch and then go out. Arjun is there

Arjun: Good afternoon
Batch: Good afternoon sir
Arjun: Feeling energetic after lunch?
Batch: Yes sir
Arjun: Now, we will have some light excercises, just make as much as you can

All are jogging……after some time only a few are left including rihaan, ratika and sanvi. Col. sees them

Col(thinking): I think ratika is right, her illness is not much serious

Next day morning

Now, today is the day when teams would be made. You all will run and the first and second winners would be the captains. Now ready, set go

all run……rihaan is first and ratika is second…

PRecap: Rihaan and ratika are announced as captains

update credit to dia

  1. nyc dr….. hope the newb teams are as nyc as oldones…………

  2. Plz update nxm soon. And will there be fight btw rihaan & ratika.

  3. THanq richu di nd aparna

    i’ll try to update as fst as i cn

    stay tuned

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