Everest fanfic climb up – Part 10

Part 10

Rihaan and sanvi in boys’s room.

Abhay: We know sanvi, u cannot do anything like this
Vishal: Those girls, avika nd aayna….how could they??
Shriket: Ratika would be knowing the truth but she……..

Sanvi is in statue position, sitting as there is no life left inside
her……rihaan is standing, thinking about how to solve the matter nd
also his sister….his friends, who just got to know about the scene
just now, were shocked and spoke in sanvi’s favour

Here, arjun (in nim) nd anjali (in hospital) are talking over phone….

Anjali: Yeah, ratika is alright, she even gained consiousness….she
is sleeping…..yes m in her ward….
Arjun: Anjali, u know sanvi shah, the girl who was in the hospital
with us, she is expelled
Anjali: What? Sanvi shah! Expelled? Why…how…arjun tell me….
Arjun: Her roommates complained that she is discriminating against one
of them because the She is a muslim
Anjali: I can’t believe it….
Arjun: Me too anjali…she has 1 hour to prove herself…anjali, i’ll
talk to you later…..col is calling me
Anjali: K by….

She hungs up and sees raika awake…

Ratika: Plz anjali ma’am plz tell me what happened…y is sanvi expelled….

Update credit to dia

  1. nyc dr … OMG!!! Sanvi expelled but m confused y??

    1. what only monday AAWWWW so sad just now i was using my mail but didn’t get any mail of this saught 🙁

  2. Di her roommates (excluding ratika) complained that she is discriminating on religion basis

    nd di i jst recieved a msg frm TU that all articles would be published only on monday

  3. Superb…..

  4. Thnq pankhuri dr

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