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The Episode starts with Sam checking systems. He tells Abhiyankar that Nasir and three people are here, they can be injured and tired, they can’t walk and their oxygen supply might be over, I calculated we need eight climbers for this rescue mission, you have 7, and one less, we can take chance with 7 climbers, but someone told me its equal to killing someone by taking chance with his life, it was you who told me. Abhiyankar says you rescued this operation, we need one more climber, but I m sorry, you can’t be that one. Sam says I know, if I was stuck there, I would have wish I won’t come, and my work is here, I have chance to rectify my mistake.

Abhiyankar says our 8th climber, who should it be. Chand asks Anjali to come. Arjun says my Everest summit dream ends here, I was excited like everyone and everything changed in some time, some mountaineers are stuck out there and I have to save them and I m part of the rescue mission, who would save them. I would like to say final good bye to you from the base camp. Akash records this. Tashi says Abhiyankar is calling Akash. Arjun asks Akash to go. Akash says I will just come and leaves.

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Abhiyankar asks Chand did he check equipment. Chand says everything is ready. Akash and Anjali come to him. Abhiyankar says by our calculation, we need another member you both are good climbers and we can take just one, I have decided who it will be. Akash and Anjali smile. Arjun goes to Ramesh and asks him does he really care for the mission. Ramesh says you are either fool or blind. Arjun says you don’t know the problem, Abhiyankar is taking another climber. Ramesh says more the merrier, its good. Arjun says its not good, its Anjali and I don’t want her to come, do something. Ramesh asks why. Arjun says she will ruin everything.

Ramesh asks how will she do this. Arjun says she has something, and gets everyone’s attention. /he says honestly I don’t have any personal problem, but all focus will be on her, she will become the central focus, what about me and century corp. Ramesh asks shall I tell Abhiyankar not to take Anjali. Arjun says yes, ask him to take Akash, he can shoot me, don’t you want proof of me doing Everest summit. Ramesh says its difficult, Abhiyankar is also imp for this mission as you, let him take Anjali. Arjun asks will you talk to him or not. Ramesh says don’t care about it, just focus in mission and bull’s eye is serpage. Arjun says then get Anjali off. Ramesh asks you shock me, you are professional and getting scared by a girl, fear is like rat which bites confidence, get that rat out, you are tiger.

Anjali says you chose Akash. Abhiyankar says yes, after thinking a lot. Anjali says its wrong, sorry Akash I did not had intention to insult you. Akash says Anjali is better climber than me. Anjali says you said I m your best student. Akash says choose her for mission. Abhiyankar says I don’t need to justify my decision and you don’t have right to question it, I don’t have time to argue. She says its wrong. He says its about thinking. Anjali leaves. Ramesh hears this and says I m lucky. Abhiyankar asks Akash to get ready. Ramesh tells Arjun that his prayers is answered, Anjali is not going on this mission. Arjun says thats great news.

Akash tells Anjali that he will refuse and they will take her. She says I don’t want this mission as sympathy. He says I was helping you. She says I don’t want to go like this, you can’t understand what I m feeling now, like losing her only chance. She says her dad was always different and she knew the truth later on. She cries and says I came here to fulfill my dad’s dream and even same thing here, as I m girl and can’t go on rescue mission, I thought Colonel is different. She says go, team needs you, please go. She says just be careful. He leaves,

Rina starts recording and tells about Geneva Spur, and Danish team is stuck here, the rescue team is going to get them, they can’t survive there for one day seeing the bad weather. Arjun gives his interview and acts very helpful and good. He says we have to bring everyone alive, this is our focus. She asks the team members. Arjun names them. Jagat sees the news and says its good this story ends here. Sarita says Anjali will be sad. Jagat says you gave her this idea. She says this was her dream, which even he saw. He says I m army man. She says not every climber is army men. He says no need to call her now. She says you don’t care for her, she was doing this for you. He says I did not tell her to do this.

She asks what happened to you, you were not like this when we married, you changed so much, does a man change after becoming a daughter’s father, why? She cries and leaves. The team is ready to leave. Abhiyankar says don’t take media attention seriously, we have to make our mission successful. Chand shows the map. Akash looks at Anjali. Sam comes and wishes all the best. He hugs Chand.

Ramesh talks to Arjun and argues. Sam tells Rina about rescue teamroute. Anjali sees them. Abhiyankar defends his decision to Akash. Sarita says its victory, not failure and pacifies crying Anjali on phone.

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  2. I think in this rescue operation Anjali will rescue her other members and then she will climb mt Everest and then she will say that she love Aakash and as one of my friend Mehak has written as a comment on 3 January they will climb together. and then they will be together

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