Everest 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar asking Chand, Tashi and Hema to be ready and also ask Arjun. Chand says fine, we will be ready and tells Anjali and Akash that Abhiyankar is preparing rescue team. Arjun says what, am I going too. Chand says yes, you are good climber. Arjun sees Rina. Anjali tells Abhiyankar that she will also come. Abhiyankar says its different mission, no training is enough for this, it needs experience, which you and Akash don’t have. Anjali asks for a chance, as they are his team. Abhiyankar says I need the best, I can’t risk your life there. I need support from base camp, be here and help me, I don’t have time to talk now, I m sorry. She says fine.

Arjun tells Ramesh that he is going for rescue mission for the people he does not know. Ramesh says they are fools. Arjun asks you want me to do summit. Ramesh says yes, I want that serpage at any cost. Arjun says you have gone mad. Ramesh says its called genius, worth 900 crores. Arjun says nobody owns me, burn the contract, I m leaving. Ramesh argues with him. Ramesh asks him to use all chances for his benefit. He asks him to think about making himself a brand and in two years, he will be worth crores. Rina looks on and calls Arjun. She says she will be waiting for him and smiles. Arjun says situation changed me, life taught me a lot. She says I want to say I m really proud of you, that you are joining rescue team.

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He says I had to, life gave me everything, and thinking to return. She says take care, I know I scolded and cursed you, not loved one’s curse never effects, and you have to return alive Arjun, as I have to settle scores. He holds her and asks do you still…. She says I m from those mad people who love only once in their lives, its not possible with someone else. Arjun kisses her and recalls their affair. He says I m sorry, I can’t do this. He says I can’t hurt you again, I still have that idiot in me when I left you alone. I did not change, I m still selfish, don’t love me. I don’t deserve you. Rina walks away from him and leaves. Rina cries.

Roshan comes to meet Shikha Maa. Roshan gifts her books. She says Akash never calls me. Shikha asks what, I will scold him. Roshan says no need. Shikha says Akash used to talk a lot about you before he went. Roshan says I m just his psychiatrist, not friend, take care. Shikha stops her and asks did you tell your feelings to Akash. Roshan says such things can’t be said in words, and I thought Akash will understand this, and I will tell him when I get a chance, but maybe I got late, as he loves Anjali now.

She cries and says Anjali is very lucky, Akash talks about her and his eyes shine, I saw him happy for the first time after a long time, I have lost, Akash will never be mine. Shikha pacifies her and says the things we don’t get, is not ours. She says I got Akash and he became mine, you have to live your entire life, and I know the one made for you, you will surely get him. Roshan hugs her.

She says someone people love so easily, without asking and saying anything. Shikha says everyone has a story, we all delve in some matters, everyone has some problems. She consoles Roshan. Akash comes to Anjali. He asks is she fine. She says no, I feel like shouting loud on Everest and everyone, I feel like I do something that changes something, I thought my Everest dream will come true and I can change my fate, I was so mad, when I could not change my dad’s heart, how did I hope like this. Akash pacifies her. She says my war is over, I m not ready to say bye to Everest and…. She looks at him. Arjun asks Akash to record. She says I m fine, you go, carry on.

Anjali says its wrong. Abhiyankar says I can’t argue. Sarita argues with Jagat and cries. The team sees the map. Anjali asks Akash to go as the team needs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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