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The Episode starts with Vidhaan meeting Anjali and Maithili, and joking to make her smile. Anjali says I did not want to talk on phone, sorry. Maithili asks them to talk and leaves. Vidhaan asks whats the bad news. She says its good news and says…… Akash talks to Roshni. She says she will write some visualization techniques, he can do it on his own in his free time. Akash says he has a girl in his NIM batch, Anjali, she was doing mountaineering for the first time and she made me forget my vertigo, I felt I can do anything being with her, she is part of my Everest expedition, and maybe I will forget my vertigo completely this time. She says she is relieved someone is with him. He gets Meera’s call who says Shikha Maa is critical. He says what, I m coming. He rushes to meet her.

Akash comes to Meera and asks what happened. Meera cries and says she was fine, then said she is feeling short of breath, she is unwell now. Akash looks on. The doctors check Shikha Maa and try to revive her flat pulse. The doctor says her heart valve has collapsded and we have to do her surgery tomorrow. Dr. Aman asks Akash for his consent letter. Akash looks at Shikha Maa and cries. Anjali tells Vidhaan everything. Vidhaan says she is special. She smiles. Maithili comes and asks Vidhaan did he give any idea. She says that’s why we called her, and tells him that Anjali has to go Everest tomorrow. She explains everything. Vidhaan asks what did they think.

Anjali says she can’t tell her dad, if he can tell his dad that they can’t get engaged now. Vidhaan is shocked and looks on. He says Anjali, I don’t want to stop you from going Everest, but I won’t do this, don’t take me wrong, Jagat uncle is giving his daughter’s hand to me, as he trusts me, and I don’t want to do anything to make him feel I m wrong, this is wrong as engagement is tomorrow. He says he can’t lose his respect. Anjali says I m sorry. Vidhaan says no, I m sorry, you have 24 hours, I m sure there will be some solution. She says thanks and smiles.

Ramesh comes to Arjun in between his interview and asks did he think he will never know the truth. Arjun asks the reporters to leave and asks Ramesh how dare he create a scene. Ramesh says how dare you lie to me. Arjun asks what. Ramesh says take a look and throws his orphanage pics. He says about monkey gang thieves, they got jailed, and it was one of them. Arjun asks who told you this, Veena? Ramesh says I don’t know any Veena or Leena, but I make sure I know people with whom I work, my detective got this, think if media knew this. Arjun says cancel the mission, I don’t care a damn. Ramesh says its not your loss, its my loss, why should you give a damn. You cheated me and I can’t bear this. Arjun says yes, I cheated, as I want to forget my past, so what.

Arjun says he got punished by the law, why did he come to judge his past. Ramesh says I don’t care about your past, you lied to me, that is the problem. Ramesh says even you lied to tell about the mission’s motive. Ramesh says I did not lie to you. Arjun says yes, else I would have not done your work, leave now. Arjun asks him to just leave. Ramesh leaves. Arjun looks at the pics. The doctor tells Akash that the surgery is tomorrow morning, don’t worry we will do our best. Ramesh calls Akash. Akash says I know the flight timings, I will be on time. Akash sees Shikha Maa.

Arjun thinks about Ramesh and drinks wine in anger. He breaks the tv. Ramesh calls Arjun and drops a voicemail message, asking him to board the flight tomorrow, call back and confirm, and the issue, don’t worry about it, we will discuss and find a solution. Anjali is upset. Sarita comes to her. Anjali says I know I m not going Everest. She says you did what you could, but it will happen what dad wants, he wants my engagement to be done tomorrow, so it will happen. She cries and sees her flight ticket which is at same time. She says she will call Abhiyankar and tell him that she can’t come. Sarita says no, wait maybe Papa…..

The door bell rings. Sarita says who would come at this time. Vidhaan comes with his parents. Jagat says what a surprise. Anjali greets them. Sarita asks Vijaya whats the matter. Vikram says don’t know what to say, we are really sorry, actually I should have discussed before. Jagat asks whats the matter, you are scaring me, come straight to the point. Vikram says our pandit ji called and said its not a good time for engagement today. Anjali says what and is glad. Vijaya says we can do engagement and marriage next year, and even Tina will join us, we are sorry.

Vijaya asks them not to feel bad, as they believe in family pandit. Jagat says its fine, they have to be stay together all life. He says everyone should be happy, its ok to change dates. Vidhaan winks to Anjali and smiles. Sarita packs Anjali’s bag and asks what will she tell Jagat now. Anjali says she is going, if they got Everest, why to fear of small mountains. Sarita asks soldier ready. Anjali says yes Ma’am, ready.

Akash says sorry, I did not know Shikha Maa is so serious. Maithili meets Anjali. Shikha’s sister keeps Akash away from her. Anjali takes Jagat’s blessings. Arjun talks to his mentor.

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  4. What is the mission’s motive? I am just so curious from day 1…

    Anyway my Vidhaan Sabha(naamkaran done by Mythili) has proved to be a cutie.he solved Anjie problem.
    Hahaha it was so funny in ydays episode when she said they should keep the children names as lok Sabha and rajya sabha

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