Everest 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ramesh saying he has written his name on the serpage. Arjun asks you think its boardroom deal, the weather expert will guide us, and its first step to leave for summit, what if storm comes, I did not come for suicide mission. Ramesh says its not risky for you. Arjun asks how can you say. Ramesh says you focus on your work, I just have to get this serpage. The Sherpas do the puja and ask the team to leave the pain and problems here at this step, and don’t regret to lose anything, as Everest takes what belongs to it. The do some rituals. The team takes dinner at the mess, and Abhiyankar talks to them. He says maybe we will come back from Everest, and I want to say this journey is the hardest one of your life, and challenges will increase at every step, and imp thing is training, experience will help 95% and remaining 5% is unknown.

He says the imp one is fate, I m with you to fight with it, its my responsibility to get you all back here safe and I will risk my life in doing so, but if anyone loses there, forgive me. He says all ready for the expedition. They say yes. He says we will not lose and face all challenges, we will win. He says we won’t have telephone service after this step, talk to families and we can’t turn back again. We are leaving early tomorrow, good night. They all leave and go to their tents. Rina records the team leaving and tells Arjun to come back safe. Arjun smiles. Ramesh asks Arjun to come back safe. The team starts leaving, and stop seeing another team come asking for help. Abhiyankar says take them to medical camp.

He asks how did they come bad. The man says weather is bad, its stormy. Sam says I checked, the system said its all clear. The man says two people died and Nasir does not have any communication. Abhiyankar says we are going to do summit. The man asks them not to go. Arjun looks at Ramesh. The people are treated in medical camp. Abhiyankar scolds Sam and says I did big mistake by trusting you. Sam says believe me, I have guided 5 teams, I know the risk and responsibility, so I try not to make any mistake. He says I checked reading many times, I m as shocked as you are. Ramesh looks on.

Ramesh says when we believe on machines, people die, and see the weather, its impossible, who can say this will happen, I understand. Sam says I will check my systems and leaves. Ramesh says I m sure weather will be fine, team should leave. Abhiyankar says its not possible to reach camp 3, I did not get my team to put them to die. Ramesh says its my team, I m paying the money. Abhiyankar says I quit right now, I m expedition leader. Chand talks to Anjali and Akash and says summer season will end in 2 weeks and we won’t get permission in rainy season, I think this mission will be cancelled and we can try next year. Sam tries connecting to Nasir, and his team ask Sam to do something, else they will die. Sam asks how many people are there.

The man asks Abhiyankar to save Nasir. Abhiyankar says fine, and sends him to doctor. He recalls Tara’s death. Chand says we can lose more lives if we go to rescue. Sam says we can’t leave them to die. Lisa says it will be suicide, be practical. Abhiyankar sees Tara’s pic and reminds Chand that it was storm that night and if anyone came to help us, I would have saved Tara, maybe they thought it will be risking their lives. He says I will go even if I die.

Abhiyankar asks Chand to get ready. Ramesh asks Arjun to use every chance for him. Akash says your all dreams will come true Anjali.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Arjun and anjali are the best looking couple ☺️

  2. Superb epi!akash anjali n arjun r too gud but akash n anjali r d leading couple n d rock! 😉

  3. Anjali n akash r d best!arjun is a mean guy,i just dnt lyk him!

  4. Arjun is not a mean guy,he is nyc

  5. Anjali n akash mast hai

  6. I also love Akash and Anjali

  7. I love Arjun and Anjali . Pls make Arjun and Anjali together .

  8. Anjali and Aakash you r the best love both of you

  9. Anjali n akash r d best!

  10. Anjali n akash r rocking!

  11. Akash n Anjali r d best couple. 🙂 n Arjun n Rina is also a good couple. bt dnt get Arjun into Akash n Anjali.:-D 🙁

  12. Akash n Anjali r d best couple. 🙂 n Arjun n Rina is also a good couple. bt dnt get Arjun into Akash n Anjali.:-D 🙁

  13. Everest is wasting too much of time in showing useless tracks at base camp the actual thing we r waiting for is the climb which they will cancel cause naturally its v difficult to show and in the end all of us will feel cheated

  14. They wont be climbing a real mountain but wil surely climb an unreal mountain to justify d title of d serial EVEREST!

  15. Yes u r right natasha!
    It wil get more interesting nw as arjun wil come face to face with his death but wil be saved by anjali n akash!
    Abhiyankar might die!
    Ramesh n nasir wil also die,all d three leaders ANJALI AKASH ARJUN wil reach d top n thn anjalis dad wil realise d love for her n thn anjali wil marry akash n arjun wil marry rina!!

  16. Mehak,u r too gud!
    Tujhe toh iss serial ka writer hona chahey tha! 😀
    lol 🙂 !
    Joh bhi ho,this serial is different from all n is one of my favourite!

  17. Thanks fr d compliments!
    Its my favourite serial too!

  18. Anjali n akash r awsom

  19. Anjali and Akash Rockzzz….Don’t separate them…..Guys ,i think that vidhaan will fall in love with mitaali….Aisa hua toh akash aur anjali ke love story phir se shuru hoga…

  20. bt i’ve thought that agaar everest pe voh lok char jae & anjali akash ka shadi ho jae toh serial ka baki kaya hoga? 🙁

  21. Anjali+Aakash, Arjun+Rina , Vivan+Mathili. bt i bet jagat will angry for anjali & akash. he’ill ask for saparetion. 🙁

  22. in d 1st add ,a woman was chating online with her parents i think.she was dumb & her son also.i think it’s a prt of EVE.

  23. Natasha and mehak you both are correct but in the interview of ashutosh gowariker he told that the team will not climb Everest peak they will climb one of its part which is comparatively shorter

  24. Mehak seriously you should be the writer of this show and Natasha you should be the director of this show And This Show is my favourite but a bit HATKE and not like a simple love story

  25. Love u akash and anjali you both are the best
    Everest is the best TV serial
    Love u Everest
    Love u shamata anchan ( Anjali) and rohan gandotra ( Aakash)

  26. Shivali thanks for d complements!

  27. hi. i m also a fan of everest. i m ur new friend elisa. call me eli.

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