Everest 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anjali asking Akash why does Jagat not know her, if she is amazing. Akaash says humans make mistake, we are not Lord, and we curse ourselves and punish, but our victory is in our peace and freedom, maybe its chance for your dad to get everything what he lost. Jagat hears the news of rescue team stuck in Avalanche, and there is no news about them, we pray for them. Jagat gets worried for Anjali. Jagat comes to Anjali’s room and is upset. The rescue team moves ahead. Siddharth talks to Rina and asks her what she told to Tiwari. She says see me and learn. She goes to Ramesh and says she spoke to Tiwari, and tells him what she told Tiwari, about the news bits.

She asks him for additional cost and his approval. Ramesh agrees and excitedly names the serpage. She asks whats it. He says nothing, I m going mad. Ramesh says about two people who feel they are made for each other and indirectly gives her a lesson. He says it does not happen as we think, as memories break with time, and she gets sad. Rina recalls her past life and talking to her friend in FB. Her friend asks why did Arjun not tell this. Rina is shocked. Her friend says Arjun is here, its fine, when will you come back. Arjun comes home and Rina confronts him what Sarika told. Arjun lies to her.

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Rina asks him to come with her to meet her parents. He asks her does she trust him or Sarika, I told them this. He says you know them, how they ask questions, I just said that. He tells his plan that he will tell them that we have change of plan and going somewhere. He says he regards her his everything. She asks promise. He says yes and hugs her. Rina cries thinking about Arjun. Siddharth says everything is ready. Rina says coming. Rina gives the news bit that rescue team is fine now. Sarita is glad and wants to tell this to Jagat. She looks for Jagat and says where did he go.

She sees Anjali’s room open and goes there. She sees Jagat there seeing Anjali’s memories and pics. Jagat asks her about Anjali’s childhood trips and other things, showing his interest now. She is glad and tells him. She happily cries and says I will make tea, come. He says I will come. The finance staff of hospital ask Shikha to pay amount soon, else they will make a case on her. He asks Seema did Shikha talk to her son. Seema says he is not her son. Shikha says we could not talk to him. He says I came here to prevent you from coming sufferings. Akash proceeds.

Abhiyankar says fear makes us keep eyes open. Anjali asks why do he want them to stop from going ahead.

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