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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar and Chand trying to find Akash. Akash recalls Shikha Maa’s words. In FB, Shikha tells him to face his fears, if he values Gaurav’s memories, then he has to become old Akash of whom Gaurav was proud. He recalls the building where Gaurav died. Akash visits the building and cries. He thinks he has insisted Gaurav to come for the lead. He thinks about Gaurav’s death and how his hand slipped. He leans to hold Gaurav’s hand and shouts Gaurav. Akash recalls those things and tries moving under the show. He breaks the ice and Abhiyankar comes to him. They rescue Akash. Akash is brought out of the ice.

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Abhiyankar says Chand find Arjun. Anjali goes to Akash and smiles. She hugs him. Abhiyankar contacts Sam and says they faced the avalanche, they got everyone expect Arjun. Rina worried hearing Arjun is missing. Ramesh says what. They all try finding Arjun. Abhiyankar says we have less time. Dr. Balan asks can helicopters come. Sam says did you hear this before. Lisa says military choppers can come. Sam says we are talking about 22000 feet, who knows they can’t cross this height. Dr. Balan says I m worried. Arjun is under the ice, I know he is physically fit, but he can’t stay in ice, he can be wounded. He says if he does not get urgent medical assistance, then his survival chances are like zero.

Lisa asks Sam to try if this can save anyone’s life. Lisa talks to someone named Tej, and comes to know its impossible to reach there. She says its just one way to save Arjun, else he will die. Ramesh asks her to find someone else. Lisa asks the man and says wait Ramesh. Ramesh says ask him the name. Lisa says Vikram and asks him to try. She says contact the military base and tell me soon. Ramesh asks why are they asking junior rank officers. Sam says she is doing what she can. Lisa says trust us. Sam says he will find some way. Ramesh says I will do everything, now wait and watch, I will get a line of choppers. He leaves.

Rina cries in her tent. Sid says its Tiwari’s call for you. Rina says I will just come and wipes her tears. She says Arjun is not found. Tiwari says the news bits are hit and channel ratings are touching skies, brilliant work. Rina says thanks. He says we believe viewers want to know more, they are waiting and channel took decision that news capsules will be same, and one hour special programme will be hosted by you. Rina says yes, congrats. He says I thought you will be happy, you wanted this, this was your dream. Rina says I agree, but its something else, rescue team is not found after avalanche. He says leave it, I want you to talk to Ramesh. She asks does humanity does not matter to him, anything can happen to Arjun, he can die, you make the programme, profits and TRPs. She ends the call and cries.

Arjun is also under the ice and recalls his and Rina’s past life. In FB, Rina says I could not understand you till now. Arjun says don’t start again, same drama daily. She says I expressing my feelings, I sometimes feel you are close to me and sometimes very far and I don’t know you, I m afraid to think of our relation future. Arjun says why do you spoil all the fun, I m fed up. Rina shows the pics and asks where is he smiling in it. He says yes. She says you are not happy Arjun. He says I feel suffocated in short spaces, you know it, who has seen tomorrow, lets live I present. He says if I die tomorrow then, listen to me, you know everything about me, I spent my childhood without parents. Arjun recalls everything.

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