Everest 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Akash talking to Nasir. He says he knows Nasir can do summit even in 85 years. He says I can’t believe I m here with all special people. Nasir says yes, is Anjali special. Akash says very special, but I don’t know. Nasir asks what do you mean. Akash says its not possible. Nasir says love does not have destination, as its constant, and love is a flowing river, and it has to meet another river. Akaash says what if we don’t unite. Nasir says it does not roam with upset face. Akash laughs. Everyone sit near bonfire. Chand sings about everyone and their description. They all laugh. Arjun looks at Rina. They all sing along Life goes on…………. with Chand and dance. Anjali dances with Chand. Arjun and Rina look at each other.

Nasir talks to Akash. He asks did you call Ramesh. Akash says yes, don’t know where he is. Anjali introduces Rina to Nasir. Rina says I heard your expedition was saved by Akash. Nasir says yes. She asks Akash about his chain, its lovely. Anjali says Nasir gifted it to Akash. She says maybe Ramesh will come late. Nasir says maybe he won’t come now. Nasir comes to Ramesh’s tent. Ramesh says I was coming. Nasir says I remember where I saw you, I felt it, you also know it, we met in Delhi party, three months ago. Ramesh recalls the party.

Ramesh was praising himself in the party and met his friend Navin. He taunted Navin for being foolish to quit CEO post and going to mountains. Navin says yes, I did Everest Summit. Ramesh was surprised and asks Ramesh how did he know Nasir. Ramesh says I don’t know, my friends got me here. Navin tells him about queen’s assets of 900 crores, which he has hidden in the ice. Ramesh says you are going. Navin says money is not always imp in life. Ramesh says yes, so you were chosen, but if anyone steals it then. Nasir meets them.

Ramesh says I came here with my friend. Navin says I was telling him about my Everest summit, and Rani Sahiba’s assets, and Ramesh was saying anyone can steal it. Nasir says yes, it’s a very big business to steal and sell it. Navin says but this won’t happen, as only I know about it. Nasir says yes, and now even Ramesh and I know it.Nasir tells Ramesh that he has come here for this, his real motive is to get those jewels, and Arjun’s summit is just cover up. Ramesh asks is he waiting for any answer, I hope I m not answerable for you. Nasir says that serpage is someone’s love, how can you sell it to make money. Nasir says you will not do it. Ramesh says who are you to tell this to me, I will tell what you can do, you can get out.

He kicks Nasir out of his tent. Everyone looks on. Nasir says don’t worry, I will not yell them anything, but remember they all will know your truth. He leaves. Abhiyankar asks Ramesh whats all this. Ramesh says Nasir has some misunderstanding and still serious about it, he does not forget things. He sends them saying good night to everyone. He asks Arjun to come to his tent, and tells him about Nasir knowing about serpage. Arjun says I knew it. Ramesh says we would not have been here, its about 900 crores. Arjun says what? 900 crores?

Ramesh tells him about the king loved a queen, and when he made a serpage for her, he had it in his heart, and when he died, she decided to keep it on the highest place of the world, Everest peak. Arjun says is she mad to do this. Ramesh says good people become mad in love. He says madness is reason for love. Arjun says so Nasir knows, so what, do you think he will tell everyone. Ramesh says no, as we promised Navin we won’t tell this to anyone. Arjun asks then whats the tension. Ramesh says Nasir is starting climbing tomorrow, he will serpage first. Arjun says why, he did not come here for serpage. Ramesh says he won’t let us get it, and you know I made this mission for serpage and Nasir will ruin it, we have to stop him. Arjun says calm down, your mind does not work in panic, Nasir has to do summit to get it, he failed every year, whats guarantee this time, 99% chance is that he will fail.

Ramesh says its about 900 crore and I can’t take 1% risk. Arjun asks what can we do. Ramesh says I don’t have the answer. Nasir and his team is leaving. Abhiyankar and his team wishes them all the best. Nasir says when Akash has said it, I will do it. Ramesh and Arjun looks on. Anjali talks to Akash. Akash says Nasir was looking worried, because of Ramesh. He says Ramesh has talent to make people annoyed. Rina greets them and asks Akash about his friend, and praises his work. Akash says I have some work and leaves. Anjali says Gaurav died last year. Rina says I m so sorry. Anjali says they were very close, and Akash got vertigo in that accident, and he has problem. Rina says fear of heights?

Rina tells Anjali that she loves Akash. Anjali says no, we are good friends. Anjali tells Maithili about Akash, he understands her. Sam talks to Ramesh. Shikha Maa says Seema that Akash is not responsible for Gaurav’s death.

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  1. I want akash n anjali togethr plz no rina

  2. I’m sick of Sheekama’s sister. Such a crude character she is! Hate her…

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