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The Episode starts with Nasir saying I can’t believe this, I know him since years. Akash shows the proof. Abhiyankar says he will not admit anything if we ask him. Anjali says we know he will come to the place where he has hidden the stolen items. Abhiyankar asks Chand to call everyone. They all hide and try to catch Pulva. Pulva comes to the cave and they all look on. They all catch him red handed in the cave, and bring him to the tent. Nasir asks him to admit it. My team is going back tomorrow, they have spent lakhs for this, and their expedition is getting cancelled, I know you since 10 years, why did you do this. Tashi says I know Pulva, he can’t do this. Abhiyankar says Pulva acted like yeti, stolen things and hit Akash, we have proof. Tashi says he can’t do this, he is not a thief.


shows his bracelet. He says this is the truth. Pulva says I m sorry, I did not wish to hit Akash, so I made sound to make people come and help you. Akash asks why did he do this, for money? But he just stole food. Abhiyankar says I respect Sherpas a lot, for their honesty and courage, you have accept your mistake and give explanation. Tashi asks why did Pulva do this. Puvla says for Sagar Mata, the people come here and made it impure, changed its name too. He gets angry and says you don’t have any right to make our Sagar Mata impure.

He says its our Devi, go from here. He says we don’t need you. Anjali asks so you made yeti’s fake story? He says yes, I wanted to scare everyone so that you all could not come again, but I could not protect my Sagar Mata. Its morning, Abhiyankar says Akash, now I know why did Ramesh choose you for this mission, you might be happy for what you have done yesterday, but I m not happy, as you went against my warning. They apologize to him. He says you all are lying even now, as you are not sorry. He smiles and says he is very happy as they did not obey his order, but its first and last time.

Ramesh joins them and says Arjun we got a message from news channel. Abhiyankar says this story should end here, and no one will give this news to tv, as I don’t want Sherpa community to lose its name. Rina greets Ramesh, and he introduces everyone. Ramesh says Rina is BN Tv incharge. Arjun is shocked seeing her. She greets Arjun, and he looks on. Abhiyankar asks Nasir did he think about Pulva. Nasir says I called him here. Pulva says they don’t respect SagarMata and they can’t come. Chand says few people don’t, but many love Everest. Tashi explains Pulva that they are our guest, and we earn from them, we run homes by them, we should thank them. Sherpas apologize to Nasir. Nasir asks Pulva to go back in morning, as he can’t take him to this expedition.

He gives the bracelet back to him. He thanks Abhiyankar. Abhiyankar says they did all this. Nasir thanks them, and hugs Akash. Akash goes to his tent and rests. Anjali also sleeps. Its morning, Akash greets Sam. Sam jokes about him being declared hero of basecamp. Akash asks cab to lend phone, and calls Shikha. Seema takes the call and talks rudely to him. She regards Akash responsible for Gaurav’s death. He asks about Shikha Maa and says Meera will stay with her, she loves her, Shikha regards her as daughter. Seema says yes, its her problem as she don’t know to keep strangers away, I m her sister, don’t forget this. Akash says I know you don’t like me, but.. Seema says I hate you, I lost Gaurav because for you, I can’t forget this. She ends the call. Akash cries. Shikha Maa asks whose call was it. Seema says no one.

Akash talks to Pulva. Pulva says Sagar Mata has anger and people who die here get buried in the ice. Akash says I m not mountaineer, but I m still here, trust me, when I hear Everest name, I see love and respect, as its big think for anyone, everyone loves Everest, and even you, as you all allow us to come here. Pulva realizes his mistake.

Rina talks to Arjun. Ramesh asks Arjun about her. Anjali calls Akash sensitive. Jagat talks to Abhiyankar and asks him to send Anjali back. Anjali says I will go Everest, let dad say anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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